REX | BRB from Battle Ready Boyz dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, Battle Ready Boyz allowed participants to submit questions beforehand via a Google Doc and rewarded chosen questions with an NFT AFTER their mint!

If you would like more information about Battle Ready Boyz, please visit their website at and their Twitter at


BugzKG: Welcome everyone to our AMA with Battle Ready Boyz. I will be your host today. Just a few quick things before we get started. There are two segments. The interview and the question segment. You are muted for both segments. When we get to the question segment, Battle Ready Boyz will answer questions submitted BEFORE the AMA. This is to prevent bots from winning. 5 questions will be answered and those chosen winners will win an NFT each paid by Battle Ready Boyz AFTER their mint in their discord. Please be patient. Thank you.

Welcome Battle Ready Boyz team!  Can you introduce your project?

REX | BRB: Thank you for welcoming us, we have been waiting for this moment with great impatience, all the beautiful projects of Cronos have passed through your hands!

After playing a lot of play2earn on different chains and thinking they were really cool we realised that Cronos wasn’t lucky enough to have enough of them. Battle Ready Boyz combines two areas that we see as the future of the crypto universe: NFTS and games. We wanted to offer several games in different universes that will satisfy the adventure desires of some or the betting desires of others. Cronos is the perfect place to undertake this kind of project, however we find that there is a lack of games that allow members to enjoy themselves, with more adventure and this is the goal in the second part of our project, we will reveal our ambitions in our roadmap 2.0 which will be published in December.

We would like to acknowledge Marbleverse (which has a designer called REX too haha) and for example which allow you to play safely.

BugzKG: Exciting! It’s trye that cronos doesn’t have many play2earn games. People love NFTs and games so why not do both? Everyone loves adventures 😊 How is your team composed?

REX | BRB: Only old people! I hope you don’t mind me quoting our Medium, but it is perfect for introducing our team: The core of the team is 5 people between 31 and 65 years old who have known each other for 15 years. We met on CS 1.6 (and before) and we are all passionate about video games, notwithstanding our wives!

  • IBRA who is 31 years old and an assistant designer, he is very sporty (especially in the head). He is a big fan of rap music which he sings (as best he can) all the time during our games. Listening to him he launched the careers of Tupac and BIG but had to refocus on his work to avoid being dumped by the love of his life.
  • GOYAA, our 32 year old lead developer who keeps telling us that the world would be better off if everyone was aware that the majority of hacking problems are between the chair and the keyboard. GOYAA is 32 years old, physically, but 95 years old in the head. On Counter Strike, if you’re looking for him, check behind every box. His favourite movie is Blade Runner “the real one not the other one” and he can listen to hard rock from morning to night (literally, it’s his alarm clock).
  • Islander is 38 years old and is also one of our designers, who believes that Love is master of all arts. He makes no noise, works with classical music in his ears but makes treasures with his fingers! His favourite film is Minority Report because he feels like a Precog and has been able to predict crimes in the past. Of lesser importance, of course, but still!
  • Our next talent and our dean, JohnGO D., 32.5 years old (x2) is our chief designer and the brain behind every artistic idea!
  • REX is our project leader, community manager, handyman. He’s 35 but actually 25, has an incredible face, a perfect body, a crazy sense of humour, a barely real charisma and as you might expect it’s me. My favourite film is 300, because “Spartans, What is your Profession?”

BugzKG: I love how much experience you all have! It’s great to see a team passionate about their project. ❤️ Your project is GameFi oriented, what does that mean?

REX | BRB: We think that the time has come to give NFTs a different kind of use. Indeed, we believe that an NFT project where holders have fun playing would give more fun and monetary value to NFTs than projects based on speculation alone. Our NFTs will allow people to play in different ways, either by betting (the more NFTs a holder has, the more likely he is to bet) to earn CRO (and our own token), or by risking his own NFTs to earn even more. In short, these NFTs will not be, as with the usual NFT projects, a mere object of speculation but rather a way to design the game differently. This will, we are convinced, make the NFT even more valuable.

BugzKG: This is great to hear. So many NFTs have no utility. I really like your approach. It’s something new that Cronos needs. Can you tell us about your first game? What is it?

REX | BRB: Our first game is : Battle Ready Boyz – The Quest! The game is simple to understand but complex to win. The goal is simple, you are in charge of different gorillas that have to go in search of a very rare and important mineral for the community. This search is done in the Aurora forest, but the forest protects the treasures in its heart like a mother.You will then have to bet by placing 1 or more tokens on each of the paths you ‘believe’ in.You will be selected for the next round if AT LEAST 1 of your tokens has been placed on the correct gorilla and this BOYZ has taken the correct path.

Obviously, the more gorillas you bring across the river, the more you have to “bet” on the next round and therefore the better your chances of winning.

You will easily understand that there are several strategies if you are a “big” holder: if you have for example 100 NFT (and thus 100 Tokens to “bet”), you can dispatch your chances on all the paths and thus maximize your chances to be at the next turn or bet everything on your intuition, it’s a question of strategy. With each turn, the number of players still on the track decreases, fortunately the number of possible paths also decreases.

The further the game progresses, the fewer tokens you have left in your pcoket and so the pressure mounts! In order to allow everyone to play, each stage will last 12 hours. A countdown timer will be displayed on the game site and if you haven’t bet your tokens at a stage you won’t be able to bet for the following stages. Fortunately, there will be about 10/12 hours between each stage so you will have time to log in and make your choice.

Sorry if I was a bit long I did my best to summarize and make it understandable, the video posted previously in the twitter link may help to understand ❤️

BugzKG: It’s totally fine! I’m so excited for this game. There’s so much to it, yet it’s easy to follow? Haha The concept is great!

REX | BRB: Really easy 🙂

BugzKG: Do you have any ideas about the following games?

REX | BRB: Of course, we have a very precise idea of the next 3 games, they are already in progress and screenshots of one of the next games have already been published (Poker Ready Boyz) Beyond that, what people need to understand is that we don’t just put games at the disposal of our community but a team of game enthusiasts (gamers, designers, and coders). We will of course listen, via our DAO, to the desires and aspirations of our holders to make the games they want.

Making the games is not the most complicated thing, our guys have been doing it for years out of passion, it’s more the interconnection with the blockchain and security that are important

BugzKG: I like the prioritization of interconnection and security aspects. So important for investors and overall good for long term growth. Your roadmap is complete, can we discuss it?

REX | BRB: Our roadmap perfectly represents the idea of our project. A small village but with everything available, it feels like Pallet Town! In May we were able to set up the project by creating our very special website which will allow you to visit a typical Aurora village, if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit it, you should really try it out (use your directional keys:

In June we mainly focused on designing and developing our game The Quest and to be honest with you there are 2 versions, one with a design similar to the new pokemons and one more in the spirit of pixel art and our heart swings between the two! We have also taken the time to develop our NFT Staking platform and we have created our first token, I am pleased to announce that this platform will be launched at the same time as the mint.

In July we will have the chance to present our entire collection of 7777 NFTs to our community, we will be mining on Ebisu’s Bay on July 10th!  The Quest will be launched and your NFTs will provide the only access to this game.

In August, we plan to launch our second game and we’re looking at different ways to do it, like poker, chess or a Mario Bros style game where every week we hope to see records shattered! We will also have an Airdrop of our special collection: Battle Retired Boyz, to our members. To introduce this free collection we asked ourselves the following question:

  • What happens to our war heroes when they are too old to fight?
  • Are they relegated to cooking and cleaning or are they locked up in retreat huts?
    • Well, no, they live a peaceful and idle life in the community, becoming well rounded and losing their minds gently until their last breath.

This collection will probably have a different graphic style than the first one and will be offered to our most loyal holders, those who have never listed their precious NFTs on the secondary market. Also in August we will activate our Blacksmith Workshop which will allow you to upgrade your NFT (we can present this upgrade in more details if needed). And finally you will be able to use your tokens, among other things to receive the official BRB deck (in physical form).

In order not to be too long, I will cover September, October, November and December. You can count on us to have access to a free online publication of our first novel: The Sons of Aurora. Other games will be launched and others will be in development, Generation 2.0 will be announced and our most loyal supporters will be rewarded.

I hope I didn’t lose anyone, sorry if I was long again!

BugzKG: It’s all good. I really like your roadmap. It’s clear you thought it through. So many roadmaps are just collabs or marketing or gen2. Your Battle Retired Boyz sounds really cool.

REX | BRB: Thank you ! 🙂

BugzKG: I’ve been to your website and was blown away. I can move around? And visit things? It’s super neat. Check their website out everyone! Can you tell us more about your NFT collection and its uses? How will the funds in your mint be used?

REX | BRB: Feel free to visit a village on Aurora using your keys! 7777 unique NFTs based on our Gorillas and statues of our emperors ! The vast majority of the funds will be used to pay for game rewards of course. We will allow our players to earn 100,000 CRO in the first few weeks of The Quest. Then our DAO will decide how much money to allocate each week for the rewards of the different games. Part of the funds will also be used to purchase TOP NFTS from the most prestigious Cronos collections and these NFTs will also be up for grabs each week: who doesn’t dream of a top 100 MMB or a nice Croskull?

A significant part of the Mint will also be used to finance future games and the exceptional use of external services (Freelancers, purchase or rental of Metaverse plots, designers with particular styles, editing of promotional videos, VFX, launch of a merchandise collection …) and the various contributors who will complete the project.

BugzKG: This collection sounds great! I like how upfront you are about the behind the scenes costs. Like designers, etc. They look sooooooo cool!

REX | BRB: Maybe I should have grouped these images together  😅

BugzKG: Now that we’ve seen the images, I want you to share the site. Your website is innovative, can you present it to us?

REX | BRB: Indeed, our 3D website is innovative. We wanted through this site to show our game development capabilities and at the same time to make everyone understand that the Web world is evolving (the old static sites are behind us) to leave room for dynamic 3D sites allowing to play. Our NFTs will bring to the NFT ecosystem this same evolution by allowing all our holders to play while potentially earning CRO (and also our own token). This will ultimately, we are sure, guarantee our NFTs a market value that will increase with time. The expression visit a website takes on its full meaning here!

BugzKG: 3D sites are really refreshing. Changing how we interact with information is honestly pairs with crypto well. It’s something else, and together we need to grow. How do you plan to involve your community with your project? You mentioned a website, the game, but how else?

REX | BRB: Glad you like it, really! In order to allow our community to get to know each other and ourselves better we will be launching our Twitch streams, which will initially be used to draw the winning paths of The Quest game. By not automating this task we say a big F to hackers and other bug exploiters.

BugzKG: That’s a good move. Yeah hackers and bug exploits can happen. Glad to see you have a plan. Livestreaming is always fun too.

REX | BRB: We are already doing it, with a catastrophic level on a lot of games haha

BugzKG: Second to last question for this portion. What are your future goals for Battle Ready Boyz? Anything exciting down the pipeline? Besides the games and nfts?

REX | BRB: As mentioned above we have big plans for BRB, with the creation of our staking platform, our tokens, the possibility to upgrade our NFTs, the creation and shipping of merchandising such as BRB poker card packs, the redistribution of 100% of our royalties, partnerships with important Cronos projects (I can’t say more at the moment), I think we have a complete project! But as a team we go further, I will be very happy to hear the community’s opinion on the evolution of this project!

BugzKG: Last question and the easiest. Can you share your socials so others know where to find you?

REX | BRB: sure !

BugzKG: Check these out everyone! Let’s move onto the question segment of our AMA. Battle Ready Boyz will answer some submitted questions for us! Winners will receive an NFT AFTER their mint. Any winners will be contacted by the team in their discord as we already have your discord names. Please be patient. Are you ready REX | BRB?

REX | BRB: Ready!

Community Questions

Community Question #1

Will NFT rarity play a role in the staking, and will there be a limit to the amount of NFT’s one holder can stake?

REX | BRB: At the moment we hadn’t thought about it, but the idea is good, I’ll take it! There will of course be no limit to the staking, why disadvantage members who believe very strongly in us!

Community Question #2

In the stage 5 of the roadmap, can you give more informations about « the Poker ready Boyz » (is it a simple poker or there are specifics rules ?)

REX | BRB: Unlike the Battle Ready Chess game we are developing (despite the fact that it is an ancient game, it is the most complicated to develop), Poker Ready Boyz will be a classic poker game, probably in “espresso” which means that there will be 3 players and that the games will be shorter than traditional ones. There will be different game tables with some low ranking NFTs and some high ranking NFTs as bets. The specificity lies in the Risk (Your NFT) to earn (their NFT). Beware this game is for the discerning player!

Community Question #3

Wen collabs?

REX | BRB: We have already had the chance to do some interesting giveaways with established partners and are working behind the scenes with others. In the future we may partner with projects that want to make games available to their community, our tokens would be the key to entry!

Community Question #4

Do we have a date set or a rough idea on a date set to when the first game will be available

REX | BRB: A light version of The Quest will soon be available to allow access to our Whitelist, the final game will be ready for the mint! We will be minting on July 10th on Ebisu’s bay!

Community Question #5

It was decided by the whole team that 100% of the royalties will be distributed every week to randomly selected members.So how about the Royalties and revenues for the Platform?Do you have revenue streams for the Project?

REX | BRB: We are all established in our personal lives, no one lacks anything. This online project and the project that brings the 5 of us together, finally, after so many years. So we could be satisfied with that without any worries! A small part of the tokens issued will be allocated to the team and I think that will be more than enough!

BugzKG: That’s the final question. Thank you so much Battle Ready Boyz for taking time out of your day to tell us about your project! The AMA recap will be posted in a day or two. So please be on the lookout everyone! Timezones make it hard for people to attend. 😊

Winners will be contacted via discord by the Battle Ready Boyz team for your prize AFTER their mint. If you would like more information on Battle Ready Boyz and want to learn more please check out their discord and other socials listed above! Their website is super cool! 🔥

Have a wonderful day/night everyone! Unmuting chat now!

REX | BRB: Thank you for making it possible for our project to reach other communities! Thank you for your kind words!

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