Ice Mike, Co-Founder of CrocosNFT, dropped by to talk to Kahoobb about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win 5 NFTs!

If you would like more information about CroCrow, please visit their website at and their Twitter at

CrocosNFT Interview

Kahoobb: Welcome everyone to our third AMA of our AMA Marathon! Happy to have everyone here! I would like to welcome project lead @DoniceMFMike from Crocos!

Ice Mike: Hello

Kahoobb: How’s it going? I hear it’s late where your at right now.

Ice Mike: Doing Very Good, Yes its 03.00 am here. But i will be fine, thank you.

Kahoobb: Great. So I see on your roadmap, there will be a release of your own token $CROCOS, will this token bring utility to NFT holders, or is that something completely separate?

Ice Mike: Correct. The launch of the token is not too far down the pipeline, its actually next up, followed by the Christmas Holiday Drop.

In regards to the $Crocos token, it will provide our holders the opportunity, to “stake” their NFTs, to get $Crocos in return. Also, all our NFT holders, will get an airdrop of the $Crocos token upon launch, but the exact allocation is yet to be announced.

Kahoobb: Wow that is amazing! Good to hear.

Ice Mike: Very exciting!

Kahoobb: Personally, I was most curious about the CRO Credit Card Integration, can you give us any more details on what this means exactly?

Ice Mike: The CRO Credit card integration, is planned to invite more people into the blockchain itself.

This means that people, who are not familiar with the Cronos-chain for example, could have the opportunity to directly swap, from their CRO card, to purchase NFTs & tokens in the future.
From our point of view, this out change the game, and invite more people in, to the DeFi world. Since it isn’t everyone who is familiar with the process of swapping tokens to a wallet, and then to another third party.

Kahoobb: That’s a very good point. It’s cool to see that crocos is trying to be as beginner friendly as possible!

Ice Mike: We want to help as many as possible, to build a strong and friendly community

Kahoobb: I see that Crocos has plans to have a game release, what type of benefits can $CROCOS/NFT holders expect from playing this game?

Ice Mike: Yes, so. The game that we want to release is a Play2Earn game, as we’ve seen grown very popular in the DeFi Space. We want people to be able to compete, to earn crypto.
Brings two beautiful worlds together – Making money and playing video games!

Ice Mike: Also, the NFT would be used in the game, so all the physical features, will be present.

Kahoobb: I completely agree! I’ve always loved playing video games growing up, so making money from playing them would be a HUGE bonus. That is very exciting! Speaking of GameFI, with it booming lately, what will make crocos unique to compete with other GameFi projects?

Ice Mike: Time to spill the beans…

The Game we want to release, is a fighting game.
Everyone from the team is fairly competitive, when we game, so we’d want a fighting game very much like: Tekken, Street fighter And mortal combat.

This type of game allows you to really get good at the mechanics, and therefore win more and ultimately earn more. We want to distance ourselves from this “Pay2Win” aspect of games – Since we find it potentially toxic for users.

We do see, why people would worry about this, since it’s not everyone who has time to really practice a lot. – Because of this, there will be different levels people cant play at (Speaking of AI).
But for PVP, players will be divided into different tiers, based on their skill level.

Kahoobb: Wow! Not only will there be PvP but also a tiered ranking system for online battles, as a competitive gamer myself, that is huge! Especially when it comes to play 2 earn. This game sounds like it will be very fun.

Ice Mike: Very glad to hear that! It is something i, personally really value highly in a game, so we are very happy to provide that opportunity

Kahoobb: So it seems that you guys are very generous with wildlife charities which is amazing! What are your current/future plans for helping charities?

Ice Mike: As for now, we will donate a percentage of the revenue to wildlife preservation.

For the future, we’d like to make NFTs exclusive to the main collection, and have 75% of the revenue go to a certain charity – These NFTs would have a special tag of THAT charity. In regards to which charity in particular, we will take votes within the community, so that everyone gets a chance of choosing the one they find the most pleasing. If its very equally divided, we would split the allocation, between the multiple charities chosen.

Kahoobb: Wow very benevolent of crocos! That’s very warming to the heart to hear. Lastly, I noticed you guys recently had a major change of how your NFTs are minted and priced, would you like to explain how it all works now?

Ice Mike: Sure! Seeing as the Cronos Community is growing and growing, we want to limit the supply for now. We want to divide the collection into different batches: Some will have 2000, some 1000.

The reason behind this, is the bringer our community together, and when we spoke of this, as a whole, people heavily voted for the idea. Aside from this, it also makes total sense for the $Crocos Token airdrop, As well as the Christmas Special Crocos Airdrop, This makes it much more exclusive, therefore our holders feel much more rewarded.

I just want to say that coming together as a community and deciding things together, are some of the most beautiful things in the NFT space.

The Croconians, will always have a say, when it comes to making decisions, that has an impact on the future & Development of Crocos.

So that played a huge factor in our decision.

As of now, the first batch is at 751/2000 minted, and the numbers are growing larger and larger, for every day of this journey. The Pricing is at 400 $CRO, but this will only be for this first batch.

Kahoobb: Great to see how involved crocos is with everyone! Really cool to see how a community can have such a great impact on bringing out the best of crocos.

Ice Mike: We are all in this together! 🐊🐊

Kahoobb: Okay so before we dig into the community’s questions, would you like to share with us your social media links, website, etc.?

Ice Mike: Sure!

Kahoobb: Crocos is also listed in our project directory, if you’d like to support them, you can go give them a vote and a comment at this link:

Okay, I am now going to unmute the chat for a few minutes and give the community time to ask questions, @DoniceMFMike please go ahead and choose the top 5 questions you’d like to answer, and those will be the winners of the giveaway today! Crocos is sponsoring the giveaway and our winners will receive from the prize pool of Crocos NFTs

I’ll then mute the chat back up for you to answer their questions. We will DM the winners, collect their wallet addresses, and then we will post tx id’s as soon as our accountant does our weekly payroll.

Ice Mike: I’m Ready!

Kahoobb: Once the 5 questions have been answered, feel free to stick around and chat with the community if you’d like, we’d love to have you here!

Alright everyone, chat is about to open up, please add an EMOJI to your question, so we can know you are a real person! Please make sure to do this.

Alright, chat is opening up now.

Community Questions

Community Question #1

John Walfer, [11/15/2021 8:51 PM]
In terms of vision, what is your long-term vision about the industry you are working on. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and are you afraid a better technology will arise that will topple your project?

Ice Mike: We don’t see technology outdating us at any time. We will adapt to the situation that we are in, and work as hard as possible, to provide the best technical solutions for our project.

Community Question #2

DirtyWaterCrypto – Neil 🧑‍🚀: 😀 Why did you select CRONOS and what brought you to select Crocs for your project? Why not ETH or SOL?

Ice Mike: We’d like the opportunity, to have a great impact from the get go, an be part of developing a great community for the entire blockchain, that is why we chose Cronos. We wouldn’t want our project to get in the mix of just “another NFT collection”.

Community Question #3

thepaperpusher: I love your art, what were you guys inspired by?

Ice Mike: Thank you so much!

We essentially wanted something that people would use as profile pictures, but also something that can adapt to other things, such as the game!

We found crocodiles very cool, and the also the best, to provide as many options for us as possible, so there werent set a limit for us.

Community Question #4

Buddy: Will there be any crocos breeding?

Ice Mike: This is a funny one, because it hits close to home.

While the team was under development, we were brainstorming, in regards to what we wanted these cool crocodiles to do. There was someone, but i cant remember who, that said they should be able to lay eggs. Unfortunately, this didn’t make it, it wasn’t suiting for what we wanted to bring the Cronos chain. – But a super cool idea!

Community Question #5

Greg: 🐊🐊🐊 Hi Mike! What are some of the unique challenges/benefits do you expect building an NFT community on a new chain? #welikethecrocos

Ice Mike: Hi Greg!🐊🐊 Starting a project on a new chain was very challenging, especially at the time we actually started showing up on social media. Not a lot of people knew of Crocos, and therefore, it was not only the introduction of Crocos, but also Cronos.

The Marketing Aspect of it, can be tricky, since the NFT world mainly Shifts towards ETH and SOLANA. We definitely want Cronos on the map as well, and we will do our utmost best to make that happen

Kahoob: Awesome that is 5 questions! @DoniceMFMike Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to tell us about your project! I know you stayed up late for this one! Feel free to stick around and answer any more questions if you’d like!

Ice Mike: As some may know i have got Covid-19, Therefore i’ve got to get tested at 10.00 AM, that is in six hours. I would love to stay for some more time, but i am running out of it tonight… 🙁

I will definitely Be in here, hanging out with you guys in the future! So i will See everybody around!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, and congratulations to the winners of the NFTs.

Goodnight everyone!

Kahoob: Good night! Hope you get better soon!

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