D$T, Founder of CroCrow, dropped by to talk to Kahoobb about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win 5 NFTs!

If you would like more information about CroCrow, please visit their website at https://crocrow.com/ and their Twitter at https://twitter.com/cronoscrocrow.

CroCrow Interview

Kahoobb: Welcome everyone to the CroCrow AMA! We are glad to have everyone here who was able to make it! I would like to welcome @destructioneth!

d$t: Hi! Caw caw!

Kahoobb: How are you doing

d$t: Excited for this 🙂

Kahoobb: That’s great to hear! So how has building on Cronos been for you and your team so far? I see on your website it says that Cro Crow is the first token minted and deployed on cronos, that sounds pretty exciting, where can we look to see that on chain for ourselves?

d$t: Indeed! On the explorer, it can be seen our Contract was deployed and the edition #1 was minted on Block 946. We haven’t found any other NFT contracts before that stamp! It was just 1 hour and like 34 minutes after the Cronos first block

Kahoobb: That’s quite an achievement! Being first always seems to have a great advantage!

d$t: We are loving it here on Cronos! Feels like a small community and the start of something

Kahoobb: I completely agree, this community has been very warm welcoming. I noticed that some of your crows have cryptocoms signature debit cards in their mouths, are the NFTs with the midnight blue card more common while crows with the obsidian black card more rare, just like how it would be in real life? Or how does that work with the crow debit card NFTs

d$t: Indeed! Some of the Crows hold the crypto.com metal cards, and just like in the real app, the Midnight Blue is the most common and the Obsidian is the rarest with only 10 editions holding one!

Kahoobb: Wow that is really cool! I’ve always really liked the crypto.com metal cards so that definitely is a big attraction for me.

d$t: Same. I personally have the Ruby but actually with the Jade Green stake benefits hehe

Kahoobb: Nice! So for each CROW NFT someone mints, how many attributes and rarities can they expect?

d$t: The lowest amount of attributes is 3 and its extremely rare. Those crows have no eyes, only background, body and beak. The range is from 3 to 7 attributes! We will release more information on rarities soon 🙂

Kahoobb: Wow! Sounds like they are some really cool looking crows. Speaking of rarity, I noticed on your roadmap that you have plans to launch the Crow Inspector on the website, what will this allow investors to do and is there any specific date or time for this to launch?

d$t: Yep! This will allow to inspect each crow and get detailed information on the attributes and rarities similar to rarity.tools. We actually just released a very basic attribute inspector at our discord server so you can share or inspect any minted crow! I will attach a picture

d$t: The website inspector is being worked on right now and we can expect something similar in the following days!

Kahoobb: Awesome! Sounds like your team is very busy hard at work.

d$t: Yeah. We are a really small team and doing our best 🙂

Kahoobb: Do you guys have any plans to add utility features to your NFT’s, or will it stay strictly as rare unique artwork NFT’s?

d$t: We don’t have any plans right now. We don’t want to create any kind of tokenomics without being really sure about what we’re doing. That being said, we’re completely open to update our roadmap as our community grows!

Kahoobb: Understandable, and that is great to hear that your team is very involved with the community. For only 100 CRO to mint a CROW NFT, it almost seems crazy NOT to mint at least one! I will have to go pick some more up before it sells out!

d$t: CAW CAW!

Kahoobb: So I’d like to open up the chat for the community to jump in and ask some questions, before I do though, would you like to share with us your social media links, website, etc.?

d$t: Of course!

Kahoobb: CroCrow is also listed in our new project directory, so if you’d like to support them, please go give them a vote, comment etc. https://thecronicle.com/cronosprojects/

Okay before we go into the Q&A section of the AMA, I would like to inform you how we do it. I am going to unmute the chat for a few minutes and give the community time to ask questions, @destructioneth please go ahead and choose the top 5 questions you’d like to answer, and those will be the winners of the giveaway today! CroCrow is sponsoring the giveaway and our winners will receive from the prize pool of CroCrow NFTs!

I’ll then mute the chat back up for you to answer their questions!

d$t: I’m currently sitting next to our Artist Alemf so feel free to ask her questions too!

Kahoobb: We will DM the winners, and collect their wallet addresses and then we will post tx id’s as soon as our accountant does our weekly payroll. Once the five questions have been answered, feel free to stick around and chat with the community if you’d like, we’d love to have you here. Okay, chat is opening up now for questions!

Community Questions

Community Question #1

DirtyWaterCrypto – Neil:
Why did you select CRONOS for your project and what was the inspiration for your artwork? It’s different than most projects.

d$t: I’m a smart contract developer and have been using crypto.com for a long time, when I heard they were launching an EVM I knew I had to do something. We weren’t really expecting to be first so we’re extremely happy with it 🙂 And the community has been great. Cant wait to see what Cronos has to offer in the following years!

Community Question #2

Greg: Hi destruction and Alemf! What are some of the unique challenges/benefits do you expect building an NFT community on a new chain? #cawcaw

d$t: Hey! One of the main benefits is being early and create something in the first few days. It will be the OG stuff in the future! One of our main challenges is the blockscout explorer haha #wewantCronoScan

Community Question #3

Blue_axolotl: How did you get the crows to be the first of chronos?

d$t: For the first hours, the only way to bridge CRO to Cronos was using IBC transfers. We had a really kind contact that helped us bridge CRO and gave us just enough to deploy the contract and mint the first edition! By the way, we ended up donating this first edition to him since after all, he’s the one who made it happen 🙂

Community Question #4

AP -: How does CROCROW compare to many NFT based project offering a very advantage to artist & collector, and why would investors choose it over other NFT based project?

d$t: Our art is completely original, not a derivative of other project and we also have the first NFT on cronos title which could be really valuable for collectors in the future

Community Question #5

Sneaky (Reece): One for @destructioneth – what is your aims for promoting this NFT launch. Are you relying on the fact it’s the first NFT minted on Cronos, or do you have future marketing goals ? One for Alemf, having seen the crows posted in the discord there’s a huge amount of variation, where did you get your inspiration from for the random attributes ? 🐦

d$t: At start I wanted to go with the creepy halloween aesthetic because thats my kind of art type and then I went for more random stuff to have more variety in the collection.

Alright awesome, that is 5 questions! @destructioneth Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to tell us about your project! Looks like it’s time to go load up on way more crows to form a V like they do in the sky!

d$t: Thank you so much for this AMA! And thanks for all the questions! 🙂 I guess the last thing I will say is…CAW CAW!

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