CRODrakeMaster, Founder of CroDrakesNFT, dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win 5 NFTs!

If you would like more information about CroDrakesNFT, please visit their website at and their Twitter at

CroDrakesNFT Interview

BugzKG: Hello everyone!! Welcome to our AMA with CroDrakes!! I’m pleased to introduce @CRODrakeMaster! Can you introduce yourself for our tg members?

CRODrakeMaster: Hello everyone, first of all thanks for having me today and thanks to @BugzKG for hosting this AMA! People from Discord knows me as Drake Master and i’m the Founder and Dev of CRODraks. I can’t wait to share more details with everyone about the project!

BugzKG: We can’t wait to hear!!! Before we get into the interview, I want to let our audience know that during the interview you are muted, but we will open the chat up for questions after. There is 5 NFTs being given away to the top questions. Please pay attention and come up with great questions for the project!

Can you tell us about CroDrakesNFTs? Assume we know nothing please.

CRODrakeMaster: CRODrakes is a fairly small collection on the Cronos Chain (only 666 Genesis Drakes) and at the moment we have over 300 CRODrakes already Minted. The core value we had in mind when creating it can be resumed with 1 word: Utility. We’ll get to that shortly 😉

BugzKG: Wow! 300 already minted! That’s awesome!! Why did you decide to launch on Cronos and not another blockchain?

CRODrakeMaster: Since we packed a lot of features in the Collection that will keep you entertained, we were looking for a Blockchain that has fast transactions time and low gas fees. Plus, we wanted it to be accessible for the people interested in our Project.

Cronos was a no brainer there, with the awesome community that it has and the very easy to use apps from

BugzKG: The community is wonderful! I’ve worked with teams on BSC and Polygon and I’ve never felt as strong as a community as I do here.

Moving onto your NFTs. Can you explain some features that set your NFTs apart from others on Cronos?

CRODrakeMaster: Sure! As I said before, Utility is N°1! In fact, if you own 2 CRODrakes, you will be able to breed them and make a Baby Drake NFT! Keep in mind that every CRODrake can only breed once.
Also, you will be able to upgrade the Baby Drake to an Adult version of himself that will be able to breed 1 time. We are the First Cronos NFT Collection to introduce a Breeding mechanic!

BugzKG: Breeding is interesting. Can you tell me a little more about that? We have some newbies here.

CRODrakeMaster: Well, I can say that the look of the Baby Drake will depends on the Parents that you use to breed him! There is a 50/50 for the color to be one of the parents you use. If you use 2 Parents of the same color, that goes up to 100%. Also, it will have 1 out of the 2 most rare Traits that the Parents have 🙂

Cool Drakes will breed Cool Baby!

BugzKG: I love that! Also it will entice people to want to buy more Drakes so that can breed super cool babies. 😉 Where can one purchase a CroDrake?

CRODrakeMaster: That’s an easy one! You can Mint your CRODrakes clicking the Mint button on our website or directly at .
Hurry up before they sell out 👀

BugzKG: Perfect! Check it out guys! I see that you have a $FLAME token. When will your FLAME token launch? Can you explain how that works with your NFTs?

CRODrakeMaster: First of all, each Genesis/Adult CRODrake will earn you 20 FLAME tokens per day. You don’t need to Stake them, you will be able to claim the amount that you earned just by holding them in your Wallet.

Once they breed, the amount goes down to 10 FLAME Tokens per day. Baby Drake won’t earn any FLAME untile they are upgraded to Adult. Once upgraded, they will start to earn 20 FLAME per day. FLAME is the utility token of the collection. For every Breed and Upgrade, there will be a cost in FLAME associated other than the other requirements.

FLAME is scheduled to launch shortly after we Sell Out the 666 Genesis CRODrakes

BugzKG: Sounds like you have a great plan in place. Speaking of utility….with NFTs, utility is important for investors. How will owning a dragon benefit them? What can they do with their dragon? Anything else you haven’t mentioned yet?

CRODrakeMaster: Earning FLAME every day could be seen as a nice Passive Income. Supply and Demand will decide the price on the Market for each token, but everyone can follow his own Strategy!

Maybe you want to stock up on FLAME early to make a Baby Drake on Day 1 buying from other people, or maybe you just prefer to hold your CRODrakes and make a Baby when the time comes. Neither of those is wrong or right, you get to chose.

Consider that FLAME will always be relevant, even in the future when, eventually, all CRODrakes breeded and all the Baby are Upgraded.

BugzKG: These are great benefits. Yes looking long term and doing your own research is important. Security is also important to token and NFT holders. How will you ensure your project is safe to invest in? Any audits in the works? Or future audits?

CRODrakeMaster: We care a lot abou the security of our Project. To make and example, we made so that the API that gives the Metadatas for each CRODrake can’t be exploited to look “in the future” of the collection to see CRODrakes that are not minted yet and snipe rares.

Speaking about the Smart Contract, the source code for CRODrakes is Verified on the Cronos Scan! That means that you are able to see that Breed and Upgrade function are coded in, so those aren’t promises, those are FACTS!

FLAME contract isn’t LIVE yet but, as said, will be deployed shortly after Sell Out!

BugzKG: That’s great hear!! Source code verification and transparent contracts are always important to investors. 😊 What are you future goals for CroDrakesNFTs? I saw that you were just added on Ebisu’s Bay NFT Marketplace as a Founding Member NFT. Congratulations! Anything else exciting down the pipeline?

CRODrakeMaster: We doubled down with 2 VIP Founding Members NFT from Ebisus because we believe that they will be the OpenSea of Cronos. Devs are skilled and super friendly!

For now all our focus is to make the Launch as smooth as possible and have FLAME token with Breeding + Upgrade live.

On the longevity of FLAME token for the future, I want to add that there will be a Gen2 Collection of CRODrakes that you will be able to mint using FLAME!

BugzKG: Wonderful!! We just had an ama with Ebisu’s Bay. The devs are great to work with! Before we dive into the community questions, can you share your socials so others know where to find you?

CRODrakeMaster: Sure!

BugzKG: CroDrakesNFT is also listed in our Cronos Project Directory. If you’d like to support them, you can go give them a vote and a comment!

Okay I am now going to unmute the chat for a few minutes and give the community a chance to ask questions. After that time is up, @CRODrakeMaster please go ahead and choose 5 questions to answer. Take you time. We ask that you add a 🐉 emoji to your question to avoid bots. The winning questions will receive 1 NFT each. @CRODrakeMaster are you ready?

CRODrakeMaster: Ready! Bring those 🔥 questions!

BugzKG: Here we go!! 🔥

Community Questions

Community Question #1

Marco Pitanti: Hi Drake Master and thank you for your amazing project on Dragons! Hi BugzKG and many thanks for your work in Cronos ecosystem. As a dragon lover and a real passionate about dragon mitology all over the world for me the CRODrakes NFT are really a temptation. They are in China the owners of knowledge, in the old Inca Empire a fearful demigod, in Italy the simbol of the devil in many medieval rapresentations. I would like to ask about your passion for dragons. The question is simple and has nothing to do with the crypto world: there is a particular reason why you choose dragons? 🐉🐲

CRODrakeMaster: Many people asking on “Why Dragons” but I selected your answer because I can feel the passion that you have for Dragons! There are many answers to this question, but the best I can give you now is that: Dragons are COOL! 🔥🐲 Who doesn’t agree?

Community Question #2

KX Yeo: 🐉 Hi! I read that if I breed 2 genesis drakes, I get a baby which can grow up to be an adult (and genesis) drake. Does that mean the supply of genesis drakes will just keep inflating? Or can you explain further on whether there will be a maximum cap? 🐉

CRODrakeMaster: That is correct. If every Genesis breed, and the Baby gets upgraded, and Breed again, and you keep going with the Breed-Upgrade-Breed it will come to a point that the Max Supply will cap because no more Drakes can breed or be upgraded. I don’t have the exact Math but we are looking at around 1200~

Community Question #3

Harribel NFT: What are the rarity of the dragons? What is the most rare attribute? There will be a rarity chart? 🐉

CRODrakeMaster: Like in every randomly generated collection, there will be Traits that are more rare than others. If you are looking for the MOST RARE attribute, that is definitely the Rainbow Dragon. Only 6 exists in the whole Genesis collection and I guess someone minted the 2nd during this AMA 😀 Other very rare attributes are the Halo, the Dragonball Scouter, Laser eyes are rare and the Big Horns with the Rainbow Band is rare as well! I’ll make sure to have a Rarity Chart up as soon as possible before Trading on Ebisusbay starts.

Community Question #4

Bear: Will there be future development like creating games using CRODrakes – like having PvE games with them fighting some monsters or boss? 🐉

CRODrakeMaster: We aim to be one of the OG NFT Collection in this Chain, looking at the long term. The first step will be to launch the Gen2 collection later this year and then we will look forward of what our community asks! I’m not a Game Developer, but if people want’s it we could definitely sort something out!

Community Question #5

Benny N.: 🐉 Hi, already bought a drake earlier since I am bullish on the NFT and they look nice. Question on the tokenomics. Are there already more info on this and how much does breeding/upgrading cost in Flame token? Thanks!

CRODrakeMaster: So, speaking about the Breed, currently (those might not be the final prices in FLAME) it will cost 1250 FLAME tokens. For the upgrade, you are looking at a cost of 750 FLAME. That brings the final cost to make a Baby and upgrading him to 2000 FLAME token. or 50 days if you hold 2 CRODrakes. We aim to put a fair cost that will give longevity to the breeding mechanic

BugzKG: That’s 5 questions!! Thank you so much @CRODrakeMaster for taking time out of your day to tell us about your project! It will be interesting to see how your project grows! The recap will be posted tomorrow! Looking forward to Baby Drakes! Feel free to stick around and answer any more questions if you’d like! 😊

I will DM the winners and ask for your addresses. Prize payments will be made the following Monday by end of day EST! We will post the tx ids here for transparency.

CRODrakeMaster: Thanks again @BugzKG for hosting this and really appreciated for the opportunity to let people know more about our Project!

BugzKG: Of course! It was great chatting with you! Thank you to everyone who attended! Have a great day/night! I will unmute the chat! 😊

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