Cronos Championship Wrestling dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, Cronos Championship Wrestling allowed participants to submit questions beforehand via a Google Doc and rewarded chosen questions with 50 CRO & a WL spot each!

If you would like more information about Cronos Championship Wrestling, please visit their website at and their Twitter at


BugzKG: Welcome everyone to our AMA with Cronos Championship Wrestling. I will be your host today. Just a few quick things before we get started.  There are two segments. The interview and the question segment. You are muted for both segments. When we get to the question segment, Cronos Championship Wrestling will answer questions submitted BEFORE the AMA. This is to prevent bots from winning. 5 questions will be answered and those chosen winners will win 50 CRO & a WL spot each paid by Cronos Championship Wrestling in their discord. Please be patient for payment. Thank you.

Welcome Cronos Championship Wrestling team. Can you introduce yourself to our tg members?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: Hi! Happy to be here. My name is Gio, I’m a co-founder of the project alongside my other co-founders @Saul_Val and our dev Moses. We also have present today some of our team members @Beanugz and @OTCCryptoMama

BugzKG: What are their roles within your team? What kind of experience does everyone bring?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: @Saul_Val acts as the CEO, I oversee Business Development, Moses is our dev extraordinaire. @Beanugz and @OTCCryptoMama both manage our communities. 

We’ve all been a part of projects in the past, both token projects and NFT projects on other chains, and Saul and I both run a real-world business together as well. We’ve also as a group known each other for a long while, and have been a part of large communities within the crypto space both as investors and team.

BugzKG: Awesome! It’s always nice when a group comes together to create a project! Can you tell us about Cronos Championship Wrestling? Assume we know nothing please.

Cronos Championship Wrestling: In a nutshell, CCW is a wrestling themed NFT project comprising of three lines, the first will be 4000 Male wrestlers NFTs, the second will be 4000 female wrestler NFTs and the third will be a Stadium with 10,000 seats in the cronoverse where holders of V1 and V2 lines will be airdropped a seat number for free within the stadium itself.

BugzKG: That sounds really cool! I love the whole idea of the stadium in the cronoverse! Why did you decide to launch on Cronos and not another blockchain?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: Cronos is supported by a leader in the blockchain industry,  Not only is the exposure on this new network growing daily, the ecosystem is maturing and users can take advantage of the stability and low cost transaction fees.

BugzKG: Being supported by is a huge plus. They really tackled some challenges other blockchains faced. Can you explain some features that set Cronos Championship Wrestling apart from other NFT projects? How will you benefit the Cronos ecosystem?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: We want our NFTs to have inherent utility, and while our future plans include gamefi, we will also be providing the liquidity in CRO for people to stake their wrestlers to earn passive income in the short term. They’re also super fun! 

NFTs in and of themselves are so much more than just images. The future of proof of ownership is NFTs and we truly believe that, which is why launching this project with the roadmap and plans we have is so exciting to us, it’s not JUST about the art, but the utility and future potential in this evolving space as well.

BugzKG: Utility is important to investors. What kinds of benefits can one expect to get with this project? Staking, etc.

Cronos Championship Wrestling: The first thing we will do is we will be providing liquidity from live mint sales into a Staking pool for holders to be able to stake their wrestlers and earn CRO. Eventually down the line we plan to create a game where people can wrestle each other for prizes on the blockchain including NFTs, CRO, etc.

BugzKG: Can tell me more about the game? Gamefi is always something people seem interested in. Any hints or game play mechanics you can tell us about?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: At this point what we’re aiming for is a game where people can create a wrestler using the traits that their own NFT has to wrestle other holders and other non holders for prizes on the blockchain. As the project grows we will be able to give out more finite details for sure, but at the moment we’re keeping the vision and mechanics high and tight 😉

BugzKG: Good idea! I’m looking forward to it. Love the concept.

Cronos Championship Wrestling: Maybe even real life prizes like a toy of their own wrestler 🤫

BugzKG: Toys? Wow! Now I really can’t wait to see it! Moving on…can you share your roadmap?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: Sure! 

  • Level 1 – Introducing…
    • Establish Community and Release CWO Socials (Discord / Twitter).
    • Website Launch 
  • Level 2 – Main Event
    • Mint!
    • NFT Staking on Crodex 
    • Factions + Secondary Sale Share 
    • V2 – CCW Women’s Line 
  • Level 3 – The Championship
    • Cronoverse – CCW Stadium – 10,000 – Seats – 1 Seat Airdropped to each holder, remaining sold – Holders get the best seats based on rarity of the wrestler, remaining seats sold to public
    • Gamefi 
    • Off the Top Rope!
  • At 25% sold, 10 holders will be airdropped a CRO Wrestler for free!
  • At 50% sold, 10 holders will receive 100 CRO!
  • At 75% sold, factions will be created for holders to join with their CRO Wrestler on our Discord.
  • Factions will compete in monthly Meme contests with the leading faction winning CRO to split among their team as 25% of monthly secondary sales totals will be distributed in CRO to the Team that wins! Whitelist spots for V2 will also be won via the contests.

BugzKG: What a great roadmap! I really like the names of your phases and the well thought out game plan. Mint countdowns are also very effective for holders. Really encourages people to buy! What are your future goals for Cronos Championship Wrestling? Anything exciting down the pipeline?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: We have big plans for sure, the stadium in the cronoverse and a game are definitely exciting. We want to build CCW as a brand as opposed to just a project people look at and say “wow, cool art!”

BugzKG: Branding is very important. Name recognition outside of just a “crypto” project is key. You said it exactly right, cool art is nice, but there’s more to it.

Cronos Championship Wrestling: Couldn’t agree more!

BugzKG: Where can people go to buy your NFTs? How can they support your project?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: We have reached out to Ebisu’s Bay (a while ago now) and given the volume of requests they receive we haven’t heard from them yet, so it will likely be Ebisu’s Bay or live minted from our website directly like a traditional NFT project.  Either way, LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!

BugzKG: Ebisu’s Bay is very reputable! Great choice! Well looking forward to see them up for mint! We’ll make sure to inform crofam when it does get announced! 😊 Last question and probably the most important one. Can you share your socials so others know where to find you?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: Of course! We love new frens!

BugzKG: Everyone please check these links out! Remember to educate yourself about projects before investing. 🔥 Anything else you’d like to share before we start the question portion.

Cronos Championship Wrestling: I think above all I’d like to note the importance of what you just said about educating yourselves before investing. It goes with every project, including ours. We operate under a system of core values, as any good project should, and transparency, trustworthiness, openness is important, but people should always DYOR

BugzKG: That’s great to hear! Love that your team values that and supports research! 👏 Let’s move onto the question segment of our AMA. Cronos Championship Wrestling will answer some submitted questions for us! Any winners will be contacted by the team in their discord as we already have your discord names. Please be patient. Thank you!

Community Questions

Community Question #1:

Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: It helps that our Dev is an absolute wizard and actually has experience in game development. Above all we also aren’t afraid to contract out help where required or invest in our own project’s future. Teams often try the approach of doing it all in house and end up hitting walls. We are always open to what’s best for business.

Community Question #2

Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. what are your specific plans to attract or expand the community and improve the user experience? And does your current project take into account the various inputs and demands of your community?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: Community support is the main pillar of any project. We are very active with our community members on a daily basis and we use a variety of mediums to expand our community such as Twitter, but there’s also something special in the Cronos community; projects actually collaborate with each other and develop real connections. We’ve spoken to a lot of other projects and are really happy to say we’ve solidified some good partnerships with other projects. One of those projects is announcing us as partners tonight on a Twitter spaces, we’ll share once they do :). We also listen to the community and take everything into consideration.

Community Question #3

Will CCW have a special NFT of a real world “fight” event? I mean, a rare or unique NFT? Can we buy or sell CCW NFT on the big marketplaces in the future?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: You know, the Indy wrestling scene is amazing. When people think wrestling they think of WWE, AEW, NJPW, which are all great promotions as well, but we’d love to be involved with territorial promotions where the fan base is fiercely loyal and the wrestling is awesome. In regards to the “big marketplaces”, yes absolutely.

Community Question #4

“I’m curious about the NFTs collections in CCW…Will Cronos Championship Wrestling really be an NFT Ecosystem that will be comprised of a “”Metaverse”” in which NFTs can be traded?”

Cronos Championship Wrestling: That’s the goal! We’re providing staking liquidity for the NFTs because these bigger ideas obviously take more time, and we want holders to experience utility as soon as possible. The stadium in the cronoverse we have big plans for once we get it going, including ad space etc. where a percentage of the revenue generated would be shared among seat holders. But these are things we are aiming for down the line as the project develops and grows 🙂

Community Question #5

What other projects have you guys been involved in on cronos chain? If none, what other blockchains? Why cronos chain for current project?

Cronos Championship Wrestling: We have worked on Ethereum, Polygon, and Stellar (although stellar does not implement smart contracts) primarily. This would be our first Cronos project. We chose Cronos because of the reasons noted in the previous answer a ways back when you asked “why cronos”, but also because we love the community. We all hold Cronos NFTs as well, the community is just awesome.

BugzKG: That’s the final question. What a great way to end the AMA! The Cronos community is awesome! 😊 Thank you so much Cronos Champtionship Wrestling for taking time out of your day to tell us about your project! The AMA recap will be posted in a day or two. So please be on the lookout everyone! Timezones make it hard for people to attend. 😊 Feel free to stay around and chat with the team or jump over to their discord or other socials.

Cronos Championship Wrestling: It was my pleasure! Team members are here and are also in discord to field questions. Thanks for having us!

BugzKG: You’re welcome! If any of you would like more information on Cronos Championship Wrestling and want to learn more please check out their discord and other socials listed above!

Have a wonderful day/night everyone! Unmuting chat now!

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