Punk God, core team member of CronosPunks, dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win 1 Cronospunk each!

If you would like more information about CroDrakesNFT, please visit their website at https://www.cronospunk.net/ and their Twitter at https://twitter.com/PunkCronos.

CronosPunk Interview

BugzKG: Welcome to our AMA with CronosPunks. I’m joined here today with @cronospunkgod!

Punk God: Hello everyone!

BugzKG: Before we get into the interview, I want to let our audience know that during the interview you are muted, but we will open the chat up for questions after. There is 5 NFTs being given away to the top 5 questions. Please pay attention and come up with great questions for the project!

Can you introduce yourself to our tg members?

Punk God: Hello everyone, I’m Matt from the CronosPunk team. II am a French blockchain engineer, working into blockchain for something like one year, but I’ve been investing into crypto for 2 years I think.

I’m in a team of 4 people working on CronosPunk to deliver a great product to the Cronos Network

BugzKG: A blockchain engineer? Nice!! Tons of knowledge here guys! 😊 And only a team of 4!

Can you tell us about CronosPunks? Assume we know nothing please.

Punk God: Yes, I studied Computer Science at school, and and I specialized in blockchain during my last year. Assuming everybody knows what NFTs are, CronosPunk is an NFT collection, inspired by the well-known CryptoPunks. We wanted to bring the cryptopunk vibe and hype on Cronos, and then develop other products in order to provide something in addition to the NFT collection.

BugzKG: Great! You kind of already answered why you brought the Punks to Cronos, but was there any other reason why you decided to launch on Cronos?

Punk God: We got into Cronos on the one hand because we love the crypto.com product, the app, the exchange, their communication, and we’re fan of the community here, everybody is so supportive to each other. Moreover, Cronos is an EVM compatible blockchain, as we code mainly in Solidity, this is a very big advantage. Finally, launching on a new blockchain is really exciting, because of the unexpected, but also from the pleasure of bringing something to a nascent environment, and become pioneers of this new environment.

BugzKG: Great reasons! 😊 Moving onto your NFTs…can you explain some features that set your NFTs apart from others on Cronos?

Punk God: The first thing is certainly our community. We have one of the most supportive community of the Cronos network, they’re really supportive to each others, and they are our greatest strength! We thank them for that! In terms of features, we have developed a yield farm that allows holders to benefit from reduced or zero fees. This yield farm introduces our governance token, the $CPY, which will be the basic pillar of our entire environment.

BugzKG: A strong community is definitely important to have. Let’s talk about your $CPY token. It certainly has been taking off. Can you explain how that works with your NFTs? I heard you can stake your NFTs and earn yield.

Punk God: $CPY is the reward token for our yield farm. You can stake your favourite token, LP token, and soon your CronosPunk to earn $CPY on https://cronosyield.finance . As I said earlier, $CPY is the basic pillar of what we’re building. first of all it’s going to be our DAO governance token. For those who aren’t familiar with DAO governances, a Dao is a decentralized organization, led by token holders. The project will no longer belong to the developers, but to the community. With $CPY, you will be able to make all the decisions of the protocol, as well as earn a part of the protocol’s revenues depending on the number of tokens you own. Moreover, we’re building a launchpad to help projects launch on Cronos, and $CPY will be the token of this launchpad.

BugzKG: With NFTs, utility is important for investors. How will owning a punk benefit them? What can they do with their punk beyond just staking and governance?

Punk God: This question is somewhat related to the previous one. First of all, I think owning a cronospunk is an affirmation of belonging to our community. Besides, CronosPunk are also artistic works, with a certain value, some people want to own a CronosPunk to make an investment. Finally, owning a CronosPunk is an entry in the CronosPunk universe, and will allow you to benefit from $CPY, and thus to benefit from all that I described previously.

BugzKG: What are you future goals for CronosPunks? You mentioned a launchpad. Anything else exciting down the pipeline?

Punk God: Our final goal is to help people in general. In the short term, we want to help people using Cronos, whether they are investors with our portal: https://cronospunk.net/portal , which we want to improve in order to help users avoid scams, or developers, whom we intend to help through our launchpad, technical support, and documentation and tools for all. In a long term vision, we want to help everyone, by donating to charities, and by trying to make this world a better place. We plan to start this vision very soon, for our 20% mints milestone.

BugzKG: I love the long term vision and the charity aspect! Let’s move onto a another topic. Security is important to token and NFT holders. How will you ensure your project is safe to invest in? Any audits in the works? Or future audits?

Punk God: In terms of NFT mint, no security holes are really possible. Concerning the yield farm, we have tested the contracts in order to avoid bugs, but concerning the vulnerabilities we plan to do an audit soon, probably with Solidity Finance. If you want to read our contracts in order to make your own opinion, everything is available on the blockchain, the links are in our doc.

BugzKG: Great. Check out their docs! Can you share your socials so others know where to find you?

Punk God: Sure!

BugzKG: These are great resources. Please go check them out! Anything else you want to share @cronospunkgod before we jump into the question portion?

Punk God: No, I look forward to answering your questions!

BugzKG: Okay I am now going to unmute the chat for a few minutes and give the community a chance to ask questions. After that time is up, @cronospunkgod please go ahead and choose 5 questions to answer. Take you time. We ask that you add a 😎 emoji to your question to avoid bots. The 5 winning questions will receive 1 CronosPunk each. Are you ready @cronospunkgod?

Punk God: Yes!

BugzKG: Unmuting the chat now!

Community Questions

Community Question #1

jack downey: NFT is the mainstream of the current market economy, so will CRONOSPUNKS focus on developing it in the long term or will it be considered as a trend that needs to be joined to avoid falling behind compared to other platforms? ☠️☠️☠️☠️

Punk God: NFT is a big trend yes, but I personally don’t think that this trend will be reversed. Although most of the poor quality projects will collapse, the serious projects will continue. That’s where we’re coming from, and we want to build a whole environment around these NFTs in order to last.

Community Question #2

Poupipou: Do you plan to create an utility token, like, CPYx let’s say to support crypto punks activities and other apps additionnally to main CPY token which is supposed to be the DAO token of the company due to very low supply (100k token max)? 😎

Punk God: No, creating another token would not really be optimal for our early investors, who have invested in CPY. The low supply is not very disturbing as far as the token has 18 decimal places, the token will simply have a very high price. However, we will most likely introduce another token, which will probably be an ERC-20, which will allow tokenizing CronosPunk, and thus making it liquid. More info will come later, but this token will not compete with the CPY in any way, and will have a totally different purpose.

Community Question #3

Rysa Fyn: In your opinion, If the NFT boom continues on Cronos chain, do you see yourself expanding your team to provide dedicated support or devs to focus on marketplace quality or improvement?😎

Punk God: You have all this info in our doc on https://cronosyield.finance . Tokens are minted by the masterchef contract, which is the only one that can mint $CPY. The masterchef mint 0.1 CPY per new block on the Cronos network. It then distributes them in different pools, where people have stake their tokens. This is how the supply is distributed. The team has locked the initial liquidity, and receives $CPY which will be used to airdrop to holders at the end of the CronosPunk mint.

Community Question #4

crypto Eser: Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team? 😎

Punk God: It is much more a hypothesis, Cronos is only at its beginning! We are going to develop a lot of dapps that will benefit the cronospunk community and if we can’t keep up with the growth of the blockchain, we will of course expand our team. Right now we are working on a NFT marketplace, we will release a first beta version and if it is used a lot we will put all the means to increase its quality.

Community Question #5

JOHN BARNES: Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set.
What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to Your platform and keep them long term ?

Punk God: We are currently very active on twitter, our wonderful community plays an active role in our marketing, having their Cronospunk profile pictures and sharing our posts. We also want to hire new team members to be present on Reddit and why not other social networks. We will develop a whole ecosystem around CronosPunk and all future users will have a real advantage to own a Cronospunk and be part of the community

BugzKG: That’s 5 questions!! Thank you so much @cronospunkgod for taking time out of your day to tell us about your project! It will be interesting to see how your project grows! The recap will be posted tomorrow! Feel free to stick around and answer any more questions if you’d like! It might be late there too, regardless have a great day/night! 😊

Punk God: Thanks a lot for your time! It was great to be here! Don’t forget to follow us and join us on discord if you want to ask us something !

BugzKG: The winners have been DMd. Prize payments will be made the following Monday by end of day EST! We will post the tx ids here for transparency. Thank you everyone for attending our AMA! I hope you all learned something new! Have a great day/night! I will unmute chat now! 😊

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