SkeletorCroskull from CroSkullNFT dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win 100 CRO each, for a total of 500 CRO.

If you would like more information about CroSkull, please visit their website at and their Twitter at

CroSkull Interview

BugzKG: Welcome everyone to our AMA with Croskull! I will be your host today. Just a few quick things before we get started. There are two portions of this AMA. The interview and the question portion. You are muted for the interview portion. When we’re ready for questions I will unmute chat and you can ask them. @SkeletorCroskull will choose 5 questions to answer and those will be our winners. Each will win 100 CRO each paid by Croskull.

SkeletorCroskull: Hi everyone! It is a pleasure to be here with you on this important day!

BugzKG: Welcome, it’s a pleasure to have you here with us! To start, can you introduce yourself and tell us about the team behind Croskull?

SkeletorCroskull: Let me introduce myself, I’m Skeletor and I’m the Marketing Manager for Croskull. We are a team composed by more than 11 people from all over the Europe, we are experienced people in communication, social-web and graphic design, and this NFTs Project is the first experience we had within this field. 

Dr.JIKO: Founder / Artist, AL CABONES: Smart Contract Developer / Web Designer,  SKULL GAMBERO: Smart Contract Developer / Web Designer,  DR.LUSKY – Communication Executive,  SKULL OSHO: Graphic Designer, SKULL RIDER / SANTA MUERTE / JOLLY ROGER: Community Mod, Dr.SHINBONE: Regional Mod, LION HEART: Marketing Team.

You can follow us on our channels at

BugzKG: What a strong experienced team! I really love your names! 😎 It’s a very important date for your project as you launched your proprietary staking system. Can you tell us about how it works?

SkeletorCroskull: Yes, today is a great day for our project! Let me show you how our system works.

The two pillars of our Staking system are the Tavern and the Adventure. 

The command centre of the CroSkull universe is the Tavern, from here you can send your CroSkulls and EvoSkulls on missions, see information about your Skulls or sell them. 

In the Adventure mode, the heart of the staking system, the Croskull can be sent on an adventure and will passively earn 3$ GRVE every day, for the duration of the season, each season lasts 100 days. 

In addition, each Croskull will earn 1$SOUL for every 30 days of Adventure.⚔️

BugzKG: Interesting! I love the adventure aspect and the whole universe your team created. You told us about your $GRVE token that was recently launched. It would be interesting to know a bit more about its tokenomics…

SkeletorCroskull: Yes, our token $ GRVE was launched just two days ago on MMF ( 

We are planning to adopt a governance system to allow Croskull NFT to become a decentralized autonomous organization. $GRVE will be the governance token for the community to do proposal votings. 

We will start with a centralized operation first, and gradually pivot to a decentralized project to ensure the project starts off strong basis. 

In total there are 6,666 Croskull + 333 Evoskull and a distribution of: 22,995 $GRVE per day, for a total of 2,299,500 MAX $GRVE per season (100 days).

Bear in mind that the $GRVE not redeemed during the Season (CroSkull and EvoSkull not staked) will be burned.

BugzKG: Governance is always popular with project. Really builds and strengthens the community and gains buy-in. Very exciting!

Why should people invest in $GRVE? Do you plan any utility for your token?

SkeletorCroskull: Of course! We developed this token with the specific idea of giving it many utilities. 

First of all, I’m happy to announce the launch of the Pool & Farm at https://MM.Finance: Stake GRVE/MMF LP > Earn MMF and Stake MMF > Earn GRVE. 

In addition, the $GRVE token is used for: 

  • Buying Season Eggs to mint your own combat pets; 
  • Write your personal bio directly in your NFT; 
  • Purchasing in-game assets such as consumables (Weapons, Crystals, Gems, Miscellaneous); 
  • Vote proposal (DAO); 
  • Staking in the Bank to increase yield (Yield Farm).
  • …and we plan to add more utilities in the future! 😊

BugzKG: Wow! So much utility! This is great and so hard to find with NFT based projects. Staking plus everything else. It’s no wonder people love Croskulls! 😊

In the previous question, you mentioned Pets Eggs. Can you explain what they are and their utility?

SkeletorCroskull: Sure! The eggs are on sale exclusively during the seasons, the merchant sells specific eggs exclusive to that adventure in progress, for example during Season 2 you will not be able to buy the eggs of Season 1.

The market will have only 2,200 Pets Eggs available during the first Season. These special eggs will be called S1 EGGS, and will spawn a random pet.

Only two eggs can be purchased per wallet at the price of 500 $GRVE each.

Eggs are very rare items and are used to generate a fighter Pet, with pets you can participate in Missions, special event challenges that will allow you to get rich rewards. Also, in the future, you will be able to take your pets into battle against other players. 

Last but not least, Eggs are NFTs, so you can sell or trade them in the Marketplace! 😉

BugzKG: That’s so interesting! I really like the Season aspect. Provides that rarity automatically. And fighter pets? I’m honestly sold on all of this! 😎

I saw in the Ebisu’s Bay market, that in addition to your main collection there are two types of potions for sale: one red and one blue. What are they?

SkeletorCroskull: 😎😎😎

It’s very simple. First of all, the potions are NFTs and have been airdropped to 666 lucky CroSkull-holders. We have given the possibility to our CroSkulls to evolve and acquiring new features. 

As I said, 666 is the total amount of potions available, divided into 333 blue and 333 red, mixing both you will get the special purple potion, which will allow the generation of a new EvoSkull.

BugzKG: Wow! Mixing both blue and red….to get purple. That’s so interesting! It sounds like something no one has ever done before… Can you tell us more about these EvoSkulls? Will they have a utility in the Staking system as well?

SkeletorCroskull: EvoSkulls are a collection of Unique, Animated, 1/1 NFTs on the Cronos blockchain. 

The collection consists of 333 Super-rare Skulls, all 1/1.

Each EvoSkull has a custom made unique animation, body, hat, face and outfit. They are all handmade by our founder Dr. Jiko. 

An EvoSkull is much more powerful than a common CroSkull. 

In the Adventure, they are able to recover 9 $GRVE per day, instead of 3. They also have incredible peculiarities, such as stats, that allow them to face unique missions that are impossible for common CroSkulls.

To summon an EvoSkull, first you need a common CroSkull and two potions, one red and one blue. Once you have all the components, you can enter the laboratory and start the ritual! 

By combining both potions, you will create a rare Purple potion (there will only be 333). 

By setting the potion on fire with a CroSkull, you will be able to summon a powerful and rare EvoSkull. 

In the process, the purple potion will be burned while the CroSkull will remain safe in your wallet!💀

I’m sending you an image that shows this process:

BugzKG: Thanks for the image. This provides great context! I’m imagining a cauldron and potions and out pops an Evoskull! So exciting and how rare! 🔥

SkeletorCroskull: Yes, they will be soooo rare!

BugzKG: Moving onto another topic…I read your Gitbook and saw that you also mention another token, $Soul. What is it and what will it be used for?

SkeletorCroskull: You saw right 😃 $ SOUL is a CRC-20 utility token that can be used for levelling and increasing the power of Evolved Skulls and Pets. 

$ SOUL is needed for all sorts of things in the Underworld, increase the skill level of Pets or Evoskull, enchant Gems, access to some special quests and future gamification features.

Each CroSkull in Adventure earns $ 1 SOUL for every 30 days spent in his Journey.

In the future, you will be able to earn $ SOUL through missions and other activities!

BugzKG: That’s sounds really cool. I’m really blown away by the utility and actual use case of your tokens. As an investor, I want as much return as possible. Your project seems provide that greatly! 😎🔥

I want to ask you the last question before I open up the community comments. If I’m not wrong, you were the fastest sold out project among the collections with over 5000 items. Can you share with us the future plans for the Croskull project?

SkeletorCroskull: As we said, two days ago we launched our token and today our proprietary staking system. 

We’re really happy to made these steps only two months after the mint phase sold out.

Now we’ll work hard on our GameFi idea which we are sure will bring immense value to the ecosystem. 

In addition, we are also working hard on some surprises that we are sure will be greatly appreciated by our community and will take the project to another level. We’ll soon give news about them on our channels! 😉

BugzKG: Exciting! Before we start our question portion of the AMA can you please share your socials so our audience can find more information on your project?

SkeletorCroskull: Of course! We preferred to organize all of our contacts on Linktree to make things easier: Lots of people are entering, I’m happy about that! 😃

BugzKG: Check these out guys! Let’s move onto the question portion of our AMA. I’m going to unmute the chat and allow the audience to ask questions for a few minutes. It will be on slow mode and we ask that you add a 💀 to your question to avoid/reduce bots. Yes, people may copy and paste, but anyone can. The point is, it’s difficult to police that. 

Yes, tons of BOTS just joined. I am aware. 😡

After a few minutes, I’ll mute chat and @skeletorcroskull will choose 5 questions to answer. Please respect his choices. Do not DM us complaining. Thank you.

@SkeletorCroskull are you ready?

SkeletorCroskull: Yes!

Community Questions

Community Question #1

Rodriguez: According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? Do you have enough funds and strong community to achieve the goal?? 💀

SkeletorCroskull: As next priority we wanna increase the Croskull’s Ecosystem, adding step by step new features. After launching $GRVE and the Staking system, our attentions will focus on EvoSkulls and on the development of our Gamification idea. The first of all will be the “Lab opening”: our holders will be able to merge the potions, summon the EvoSkulls and open the eggs to reveal the pets.

After that, we will launch the actual game that will allow people to participate in battles and, of course, earn $GRVE! ⚔️

Community Question #2

Keaundra: So what motivated you and your team to start this project?? 💀

SkeletorCroskull: Our main goal has always been to create a project that is sustainable in the long run and brings value to the entire Cronos Chain ecosystem. 

That’s why both the funds of the mint phase and those of the secondary market are reinvested in the development of our ecosystem. 

In addition, we have added other people in our team with different skills that we are sure will help us a lot. 🤝

Community Question #3

Monya: Which do you think is more important thing?Community,Investors or Token Price? which should come first? 💀

SkeletorCroskull: I’m not very good at making rankings. Every single aspect is crucial to have a strong and healthy project. 💪🏼 I often see projects focused on just one aspect that lose sight of the only really important thing: creating a useful project for the people who support it. 

The community as I’ve always said is fundamental, as well as investors who can accelerate the development.

Also, having a token with a high price incentivizes people to Staking their NFTs allowing them to receive an interesting rewards every season. 🤑

If each of these components is happy, the project will have a great future! 🤗

Community Question #4:

Maggie Quent: Can you tell us more about your partners and the positives changes these partnerships have brought for Croskull?💀

SkeletorCroskull: For us, the “Crofam”, as the Cronos community is called, has been and continues to be an important part of our success. 🤝

We really enjoy this healthy community that is ready to support its members and that gives true value to all projects within the Cronos chain. 

We have done a lot of partnerships to support new projects in the Cronos chain that propose innovation and new utilities.

👉🏻 Specifically, our partners are: 

  • Ebisus Bay, the largest marketplace in the Cronos Chain, 
  •, a validator on the Cronos chain
  • CyborgSwap, an NFT oriented DEX on Cronos Chain

In addition, we have formed many partnerships with other valuable NFT projects, such as Cronos Slothy, B.A.D., Founding Member F1… just to name a few! 😊

Community Question #5:

Tolly: Token Burn and BuyBack program play an important role in increaing token value. Do you have a token burn or buyback program plan to attract investors?💀

SkeletorCroskull: When we created the token we immediately realized that making it deflationary would be ideal. That is why within our system the token $GRVE is continuously burned. 🔥

To give an example: to mint an Egg’s Pet costs 500 $GRVE and all the GRVE obtained will be burned. Or, as I said in the AMA the $GRVE not redeemed during the Season (CroSkull and EvoSkull not staked) will be burned. 

These are just two examples, I could give you many more! 

The supply of $GRVE as the project goes on will be more and more scarce… I told you so! 😜

BugzKG: That’s 5 questions!! Please respect his choices. He has final say. Again we try our best to fight bots and copy pasters, but they happen. Anyone can do it, so to police that is difficult. Do not DM any of us complaining. Thank you.

Thank you so much @SkeletorCroSkull for taking time out of your day to tell us about your project! 😊

The recap will be posted in a day or two! Feel free to stick around and answer any more questions if you’d like! Or anyone can head over to croskull’s socials. Have a great day/night! 😊

SkeletorCroskull: Thank you so much guys! Have a great day/night!

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