Z E E Z, Lead Web Developer and Community Moderator of CrownosNFT, dropped by to talk to Kahoobb about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win 5 NFTs!

If you would like more information about CrownosNFT, please visit their website at https://crownosnft.com/ and their Twitter at https://twitter.com/CrownosNFT.

CrownosNFT Interview

Kahoobb: Welcome everyone to our Crownos NFT AMA! I would like to welcome @Zeez0321.

Z E E Z : Heyooo

Kahoobb: Can you give us a little introduction about what your project entails and what your role is in it.

Z E E Z : Our project is split into a token and an NFT. Crownos NFT are a collection of 3333 algorithmically generated crows living on the Cronos Blockchain. $CROW is our native governance token that form the foundation of our ecosystem and allows us to reward NFT holders. My role is the lead web developer and community moderator.

Kahoobb: Great, sounds very interesting. I always like it when an NFT project has its own token as well! Speaking of the $CROW Token, how does it or will it benefit it’s NFT holders?

Z E E Z : $CROW allows us to reward our holders through token airdrops for all our NFT holders and later, after selling out NFT staking, allowing our holders to gain passive income through simply holding a Crownos NFT.

Kahoobb: Wow, it’s always great to see a project think about it’s NFT buyers as investors and not only as sales. Sounds like the creation of the $CROW token came due to Crownos caring about its community in a way!

When it comes to our Crownos NFT though, what else can we look at to determine if it has any specific rarities other than its ranking? I noticed on the website it says there are 65+ total crow traits, can you give any examples?

Z E E Z : Yep exactly right! On our website we have an inbuilt collection tab where you can enter your wallet address and receive all sorts of information about your Crownos NFT including its ranking, traits and Unique ID. over the coming week we will be updating this tab to include trait specific rarities (in percentage form) much like OpenSea. Later when we are integrated in different NFT marketplaces on Cronos you will be able to search by trait and truly see the diversity and variation of crows in our NFT collection.

Kahoobb: Very exciting! Always great to have more details to know exactly how rare my NFT is. How did your $CROW launch go, was it successful, and is the liquidity locked on it?

Z E E Z : All things considered $CROW launch went pretty smoothly. The contract behaved as expected (which is no surprise since our dev team tested it extensively) with no hiccups. We had some issues verifying our contract but that was simply due to the cronos block explorer. Liquidity was locked via hibiki finance.

Kahoobb: That’s good to hear, sounds like it was taken very serious and the locked liquidity shows that even more. Glad it went well!

Once all 3,333 crownos NFTs have been bought and the 12% tax reduces to 5%, does this mean there will be less buybacks and marketing as that’s what it is currently going towards, or what can we expect to see once all NFTs have been sold?

Z E E Z : Once all NFTs have sold out we will progress to the next stage and enable staking within our platform because of this increased volume, we will be able to decrease the fees, as at this level they will still be able to support healthy buybacks, and marketing to help the project continue to grow.

Kahoobb: Awesome, so reducing the taxes will give the community more ways to earn $CROW while also having the marketing and buybacks aswell. Sounds great to me!

Can we expect to ever see any more NFTs minted from crownos NFT other than the 3,333 current ones?

Z E E Z : We chose to make Crownos NFT a 3333 piece collection to maintain its exclusivity. It is our belief that as the Cronos blockchain continues to develop our collection will remain a permanent and valuable part of its history. For that reason there will only ever be 3333 Crownos NFT’s, however we are definitely open to creating NEW and exclusive NFT collections accessible to our holders (much like BAYC did with MAYC).

Kahoobb: That’s great to know and I completely agree with you that it is a big part of Cronos’ beginning history! Lastly I would like to ask for everyone who doesn’t know, what are your tokenomics of $CROW?

Z E E Z : $CROW has a 12% tax on buys and sells (6% is contributed to our marketing wallet and 6% is contributed to our buyback wallet). Once all Crownos NFT’s are sold out this tax will be reduced to 5%.

Kahoobb: Cool! Before we go to the community’s questions, would you like to share with us your social media links, website, etc.?

Z E E Z :

Kahoobb: Crownos is also listed in our project directory, if you’d like to support them, you can go give them a vote, comment etc. https://thecronicle.com/cronosprojects/

Z E E Z : Appreciate it !

Kahoobb: I am now going to unmute the chat for a bit so the community can ask questions, @Zeez0321 please go ahead and choose the top 5 questions you’d like to answer, and those will be the winners of the giveaway today! Crownos NFT is sponsoring the giveaway and our winners will receive from the prize pool of Crownos NFTs

I’ll then mute the chat back up for you to answer their questions! We will DM the winners, and collect their wallet addresses, and then we will post tx id’s as soon as our accountant does our weekly payroll.

Kahoobb: Once the 5 questions have been answered, feel free to stick around and chat with the community if you’d like, we’d love to have you here! 🙂

Z E E Z : Will do, thankyou !

Kahoobb: Alright everyone, when asking your questions, please put this 🦅 emoji 🦅 in your question so we know you aren’t a bot. Thanks! Chat is opening up now!

Community Questions

Community Question #1

Playa Beavs: 🦅 What upcoming plans for Crownos are you most excited about?

Z E E Z : We are most excited to be listed on NFT marketplaces ! We believe this will showcase our collection to a larger audience and attract new investors to join our flock. CAW CAW !

Community Question #2

$ $: What do you ideally see from a marketing perspective to grow the community? More organic growth from the holders or hype on the rarity and quality for prospective owners and resale? 🦅

Z E E Z : We believe that organic growth is the most effective by far ! Sure, hype is great but from what we’ve seen hype generally attracts short-term flippers and profit takers who are not really concerned in the longevity of the project. Slow organic growth allows us to move forward with a solid community who we can rely on to increase our NFT’s value over time.

Community Question #3

TA: Any reason you chose the cronos network vs the eth or bsc network? 🦅

Z E E Z : We chose the Cronos Blockchain as it is a new chain and somewhere we can really cement our collection in history. We believe our earliness add to our value and that is something we wouldn’t be able to do on BSC or Eth since they’ve been around for so long already.

Community Question #4

Perla Albarran: Has there been any challenges within crownos? 🦅

Z E E Z : I think our biggest challenge in Crownos compared to other NFT collections is the fact that it is on a new chain. The Cronos community is still quite small and it is our goal to convince investors that it is okay if everything doesn’t sell instantly. We will continue to work behind the scenes and attract new investors who are interested in the longevity of our project.

Community Question #5

A B: What should I name my Crowno? 🦅

Z E E Z : I think this was a joke, but it has inspired an idea.. Perhaps we could introduce custom naming attributes into our metadata, I will have a chat with the team and work out the specifics then pose the question to our community !

Also to answer your second question we will most likely be listing on hibiki NFT marketplace first.

Kahoobb: Thanks, that is 5 question, feel free to answer any more if you’d like, the 5 winners have been chosen! Thanks for coming here for an ama! @Zeez0321. Chat will reopen again 🙂

Z E E Z : Appreciate all of the questions guys! And thankyou for listening everyone! Feel free to pop into our tg or discord for a chat

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