Shah of Prussia, Communications Manager at Dexpad, dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win $20 worth of $DxP each, totaling $100 worth of $DxP.

If you would like more information about Dexpad, please visit their website at and their Twitter at

Dexpad Interview

BugzKG: Welcome everyone to our AMA with Dexpad!! I’ll be your host today. Just a few things before we start. Right now you’re muted for the interview section. Once that’s done I’ll open up the chat for questions. Dexpad will choose 5 questions to answer and those will be our winners! Each winner will receive $20 worth of $DxP each for a total of $100 worth of $DxP.

Welcome Dexpad team. Can you introduce yourselves to our tg members?

Shah of Prussia: Of course. I’m the communications manager at DexPad. I have worked in the past for another crypto project in a similar position. Previous to this, I have made different self-employed experiences as a brand manager and consultant. My specialty lies in communications per se. I’ve been involved in the financial markets since 2016 and I posses a formal business background. I’ve been in crypto for a little over a year.

And to those who have started texting me privately — I will not be picking your questions at the end of this AMA. Everyone will have a fair chance to get the rewards.

The DexPad team, on top of me, is composed of a group of tech developers, an advisory team and a marketing group. Some of my teammates are in this space since the ETH ICO. We’ve got a lot of good expertise in-house 🙂

BugzKG: It’s great to have you here. Love that your team has tons of experience. It’s nice to see that in the crypto space. 😊 Can you tell us about your project? Assume we know nothing please.

Shah of Prussia: DexPad is a decentralized launchpad / IDO platform. Although we are currently cronos-based, we seek to become multichain in the near future. DexPad is aided in its functionality by a complementary project, PhotonSwap, which was onboarded a little after DexPad’s launch.

This makes it so that projects that wish to launch on DexPad also have access to a platform to host their liquidity. This is just a complementary service, however. It is not mandatory for projects that launch to also use PhotonSwap. It does tend to make things easier though in case the projects at hand wish to only deal with the same group of people for a service that they will eventually need.

About DexPad. We say it’s a decentralized launchpad because anyone can launch their token without having any programming knowledge. In this sense, DexPad allows anyone to mint their token and raise a capital through presales.

One of our competitive advantages lies in our Anti-honeypot mechanism. This means that we have a built-in security system that makes it so that dangerous projects with potential honeypot are automatically rejected. Although we restrict the honeypot contracts, we still obviously want our community and retail investors to do their own research about the projects we launch.

Projects that come to DexPad can either launch with a vetted pre-sale or without being vetted. In order to launch and market a project within our community, we make projects to go through a vetting process. I think we will go into the details of what our vetting process entails later in our AMA:)

BugzKG: Wow! Dexpad certainly offers a great platform for projects to launch! I really like your competitive advantage with the anti honey pot mechanism. That feature definitely puts investors minds at ease. Still dyor. Can you share some other features and benefits dexpad has?

Shah of Prussia: Of course. Let’s delve deeper into our features…First of all, our $DXP token, DexPad’s native token, grants people the opportunity to stake their token to have access to presales and other benefits, such as $photon rewards and other multiplying factors for the presales, depending on how long the tokens have been staked for. Simply staking $DXP makes it so that you are entitled to automatic airdrops of the projects that launch on our platform.

We also share token bonuses with DXP  stakers. Last but not least, DXP is deflationary by means of token burns. I encourage you to hop over to our community channel and connect with the people who are in there. We have a truly organic community that is very active. That’s not a built-in code benefit of Dexpad, but it definitely helps!

BugzKG: So many great features! Airdrops, access to pre-sales, token bonuses, and token burns. They all sound pretty great. 😊 Tell me about your vetting process for projects. I know you’re very particular about what projects you allow to launch on your platform.

Shah of Prussia: Sure. We actually had to reject a project just this morning from launching with a vetted presale because we were performing last minute vetting. We only allow projects to do a vetted presale if they have undergone a KYC process. Either with an external third party or internally with us. On top of that, we do different types of  on-chain contract analyses. If you wish to know more specifically about this, I am sure @DexBruce will be happy to explain further! Just send us a message on the community chat here

BugzKG: I love how detailed your vetting process is. Too many rugs and scams these days. Protecting investors should be a priority. Definitely reach out if you want more info guys!

Moving on to your token. Can you explain your $DxP tokenomics with us? How does one acquire $DxP?

Shah of Prussia: One can acquire $DXP on our swap. Find it here There’s a CRO/DXP pool where you can trade:) I believe the tokenomics are best articulated with a picture that has all the relevant details. Here you’ll be able to find out how our tokens are allocated and for what purposes:)

BugzKG: Thanks for the image! That makes it easy! Check it out everyone! Now onto something else. You just partnered with nebkas for infrastructure. Can you tell us more about that and why you decided to partner with them.

Shah of Prussia: Sure thing. Our development team has a very tight relationship with Nebkas. He is a very good friend of @DexBruce, as well as a validator who is providing an archive node to us to power photonswap and dexpad. So you could say that we chose to partner with them because of our existing relationship with them. In true decentralized fashion 😉 in line with crypto ethos!

BugzKG: Thats awesome! Yes. Capitalize on existing relationships. 😊 What are your future goals for Dexpad? Anything exciting down the pipeline?

Shah of Prussia: As I mentioned in the first question. We are looking to expand to other chains as well. On top of that, our developers have been getting familiar with OHM forks. So we are developing a lot of technical know-how that will prove useful down the line. We look forward to launching many additional projects on DexPad. Providing quality presales is our top priority at this moment!

Soon we will also open a $photon staking pool with DXP rewards. Somewhere in this month. There’s a lot in the making. I urge you to come to our community channel to truly remain up-to-date with every day developments. There’s always a lot happening and it is difficult for me even as an insider to keep up sometimes!

BugzKG: Very exciting! Definitely check out their community! Im intrigued by the technical know-how and of course all the new projects! Can you share your socials so others know where to find you?

Shah of Prussia: Sure. Let me grab a link, These are all the relevant links for DexPad and for Photonswap !

BugzKG: Great. Thank you! Check these links out guys! 😊 Anything else you want to share before we get to the question portion of the ama?

Shah of Prussia: Let me shamelessly post the community channels once more: and We can move on now haha!

BugzKG: Okay I am now going to unmute the chat for a few minutes and give the community a chance to ask questions. After that time is up, @Shah_of_Prussia please go ahead and choose 5 questions to answer. Take you time. We ask that you add a 🎉 emoji to your question to avoid bots. The 5 winning questions will receive $20 worth of $DxP each. 🤯 @Shah_of_Prussia are you ready?

Shah of Prussia: Let’s do this!

Community Questions

Community Question #1

Andy: I see that you are present in 4 blockchains (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Cronos). Do you have plans to continue expanding to other networks such as Avalanche and Fantom? Are there expansion plans also to non-EVM networks?🎉

Shah of Prussia: For now, we are focusing on EVM compatible chains because our contracts are easily deployed on these. Perhaps in the future we might think about others, but I don’t think we have any plans right now. I suggest you ask @DexBruce on our community chat, he will be able to elaborate further.

Community Question #2

King👑 Of Crypto: Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Do you have a special plan to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience? Where are you currently focusing on ? 🙌🙌🙌🤛🤛

Shah of Prussia: An entire marketing group wa sonboarded very recently in the last weeks. We have started with community competitions and we have found a lot of support. On top of that, we have a lot of branding in the works. We’re currently developing DexPad’s own mascotte for sticker and other media purposes. We’re looking to expand on every front so if you have good ideas, let us know! Our community is very active and we encourage participation from every front. We’re very open for feedback.

Community Question #3

Mamat Bellamy: Based on the fact that in each presale on DexPad are spread over several types of project, I would like to ask: What would happen if any of them suffered any vulnerability or hacking? Can you tell us how DexPad reacts to these scenarios? 🎉🎉🎉

Shah of Prussia: We do the best we can when it comes to the security of the projects we vet. However, we are NOT infallible and we always urge our community to do the relevant research. We can do everything we can to provide high quality projects to the community, but the investment risk is always on the side of the individual investor.

Community Question #4

John: @Shah_of_Prussia What type of Benifits will we get , if we Hold $DXP ,  will we get guaranteed allocation or say whitelist spot for participating in Presale ?🎉

Shah of Prussia: By holding, you can farm on PhotonSwap. However, you don’t access other benefits. For the ones I mentioned before, you have to stake your $DXP tokens. There’s different staking opportunities based on how long you wish to lock your tokens for.

Community Question #5

Kang Engkus: Most investors only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long-term. How can Your Project convince users to invest in your platform in the long term?🎉

Shah of Prussia: Most of our investors are locked in the gold locker. This staking has a duration of 2 years. I think this speaks for itself about the confidence DexPad users have in the project over the long run!

BugzKG: That’s 5 questions! Congrats to the winners! I will DM you! You each have won $20 worth of $DxP each! Thank you @Shah_of_Prussia for joining us today and taking time to tell us about Dexpad. It was great hearing about your project!

Shah of Prussia: Thank you for having me! It has been a pleasure to be your guest.

BugzKG: I will unmute chat now. Have a great day everyone! 😊

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