Dr. Boo from Dr. Boo’s Ghosts dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, Dr. Boo’s Ghosts allowed participants to submit questions beforehand via a Google Doc and rewarded chosen questions with 50 CRO each!

If you would like more information about Dr. Boo’s Ghosts, please visit their website at https://drbghosts.com/ and their Twitter at https://twitter.com/drbghosts.


BugzKG: Welcome, it’s a pleasure to have you with us! First of all, can you introduce yourself and tell us about the team behind Dr Boo’s Ghosts?

Dr. Boo: The pleasure is mutual! First of all, I would like to thank the whole team at The Cronicle for this interview, which allows us to know more about Dr Boo’s Ghosts (and why not reveal some secrets 😉 )

Behind this project, it’s the story of 5 buddies, all passionate about new technologies and especially the blockchain revolution:

Myself (aka Dr Boo), as a Digital Marketer, I am in charge of building strong relationships with our partners. I also create giveaways and ensure the contact with the winners for the awards (CRO, NFT, WL spots).

Moshi, our designer and the main part of the project, is a creator at heart. He is a born artist and after some hard work with his pencils, the Boo ghosts were born (which we will talk about later). The tools Moshi specializes in: His pencil, 3D Blender and Adobe Illustrator!

Lady Cha, beyond being our favorite Community Manager, is above all the only girl of the project (and a daily happiness). She publishes the project’s content on Twitter, Medium and Discord.

Mike, our Project Leader, carries the vision of the project and defines the elements of the roadmap (in consultation with the team). He also supervises the project’s progress, while channeling Master & Moshi’s crazy ideas!

Finally, Stan is our Lead Dev specialized in web and blockchain. He validates the Smart Contract developed in collaboration with Marie’s Cyborg, our partner on Cronos Chain.

BugzKG: Wow! So many experienced team members! I can tell all of you are dedicated. 😊 You talk about collaboration with Marie’s Cyborg, which we know well since their launch was a real success. Can you tell us what it consists in?

Dr. Boo: Marie’s Cyborg has launched, recently, its own incubator for NFT projects, which we are part of with Monkey Of Arnakey (that you also know I think 😉 ). Concretely, their team accompanies us throughout the adventure, whether it is on marketing, communication, design conception and development of the Smart Contract. We work together in a mutual trust and it’s an honor for Dr Boo’s Ghosts to have access to this springboard.

BugzKG: Building relationships and connections are key to solid growth on the blockchain. Great choice on a partner! What made you decide to launch an NFT project?

Dr. Boo: Since 2017, we have been closely following the evolution of Bitcoin and more globally of cryptocurrencies. We discovered NFTs during their explosion last year. 

During the last few months, we have often been meeting with the team and discussed the creation of a common project. As our skills are complementary, it is quite natural that we joined forces to give birth to Dr Boo’s Ghosts.    

BugzKG: I love when ideas come together! Why did you decide to launch on Cronos? Why not another blockchain?

Dr. Boo: In fact, it’s quite simple: Cronos is, for us, more dynamic and fast in transactions than other blockchains, with reduced transaction costs. It is also more confidential, in the sense that the projects are not drowned in the mass, like on Ethereum or Solana.

Also, it gathers a real community of enthusiasts, and that’s what we like!

BugzKG: Agreed! When people are passionate about a project or active in the community, it really makes the experience so much better. How was the idea of Dr Boo’s Ghosts born?

Dr. Boo: Beyond blockchain, there is a passion that unites the 5 of us: URBEX, which we practice together regularly. 

After exploring hospitals, schools, night club and disused factories, we came across an abandoned mansion by chance. In one of the rooms of the house, I discovered several medical books, one of which was on neurology. I say this because it is one of the things that has marked me (and that is found in the history of the project).

During this expedition, we heard thuds in the basement and upstairs, and even felt various presences. It was unbelievable, well, I would rather call it supernatural!

It was through this experience that we came up with the idea to create the story Dr. Boo’s Ghosts.

BugzKG: Wow! What a unique beginning! To go into detail, your project is unique in that it tells a story. Can you tell us about this and why it is so important to your project?

Dr. Boo: Hmmmm, if we hadn’t visited this mansion, I have to tell you that Dr. Boo’s Ghosts would never have existed. So it is through this story that we wanted to make the readers feel a part of what we experienced (and our emotions), during this expedition. 

Of course, some elements of the story came straight out of our imagination! (laughs) 

It is also the artistic thread of the project, in which the designs of our Boo ghosts are declined.

BugzKG: You update your Twitter with new chapters frequently, right?

Dr. Boo: At the launch of the project, we published a chapter of the story every 2 days, then we spaced the publications with a chapter per week. I can see you’re paying attention, we’re happy about that! Well, it’s especially Lady Cha who is delighted 😊 

By the way and if you have followed well, we have published, to date, 5 chapters. The 6th and final chapter of Dr. Boo’s Ghosts will be revealed soon, during a highlight of the project.

BugzKG: Oh, how exciting! I noticed three different types of ghosts on your site. Can you tell us more about each of them and how they are unique?

Dr. Boo: I’d love to! So the ghosts are divided into 3 categories, which show the evolution of Dr. BOO’s appearance as a ghost:

COMMON, this is the common ghost, which could be described as cute and nice. He has basic and common characteristics.

RARE is BOO who transforms himself, with unusual elements and accessories 

EPIC is the evil and terrifying ghost, the one you don’t want to meet in your life. He has exclusive and unique attributes!

BugzKG: I’m really loving this project. Thanks for sharing. I like the different categories. What are the perks of each?

Dr. Boo: In the team, we thought it was important that each of these categories have a use for those who have them: 

For COMMON, each holder will be automatically registered on the WL of our next collection (stay connected 😛 ) + drop of 1 NFT Dr Boo’s yellow poison

On the RARE category, same advantage as COMMON + drop of 1 NFT Dr Boo’s poison green + access to a secret Discord channel allowing to access exclusive info and specific giveways (from 500 NFTs sold). The latter will allow you to win a NFT EPIC! 

Finally and most expected and advantageous in the collection: EPIC. Each holder will benefit from the previous advantages + drop of 1 NFT Dr Boo’s black poison + 2% of the project distributed between them (CRO collected during the mint, from 2111 NFTs sold)

BugzKG: Wow! Tons of great perks! And the roadmap, can you tell us more about it?

Dr. Boo: Of course, I will detail everything and don’t hesitate to tell me if there are elements you want to dig.

So the project roadmap is divided into 4 steps, each corresponding to a number of NFTs sold.

As soon as 500 NFTs are sold, we will open the secret Discord channel mentioned before (for RARE and EPIC holders) and we will distribute 1 NFT Dr Boo’s poison to all holders of 1 NFT Dr Boo’s Ghosts. Each NFT Dr Boo’s poison, will allow to mint the next collection in preview, plus another utility that I will reveal just after.

Starting at 1,000 NFTs, we’ll start creating a crazy 111 NFTs of new ghosts, with crazier appearances than ever!

We’ll also start big giveaways with significant rewards for all holders.

For the first 500 NFTs, we will randomly distribute the 111 NFTs created earlier to the first 500 holders. Rewards will also be distributed to active members on our Twitter and Discord.

Finally, for the last stage of 2,111 NFTs, we’ve decided to go big! We’ll be introducing NFT Staking for everyone. EPIC holders will be privileged, through the redistribution of 2% of the project and a DAO dedicated to them, in order to decide how the royalties from Ebisu’s Bay will be used.

Pillar of the story, we will finally reveal the face of Dr. Boo.

BugzKG: What a detailed roadmap! Very well thought out and I love the face reveal at the end. What are your future plans beyond the initial sale of NFT? You mentioned NFT Staking. Can you tell us about it?

Dr. Boo: An NFT project must first and foremost be useful to the community if it is to survive. In this context, the NFT staking is essential and allows to reward the members for the conservation of their NFT Boo. 

Thanks to Marie’s Cyborg / Cyborg BH incubator, of which we are a part, it is quite natural that we turn to Crodex, whose quality of service and reputation are no longer to be made.

After the mint, we have great ambitions, which I reveal to you here in exclusivity: We entered in discussion with The Cronoverse (who welcomed us and are very nice by the way), with the aim of acquiring a land and this, in order to offer the possibility to the only holders of Dr Boo’s poison to reach the Manor H! This one, currently in the 3D design phase, will allow everyone to go and collect items on a daily basis. 

What is not said in the story, because we wanted to keep it secret until now, is that Dr Boo was conducting terrifying experiments in his laboratory. Indeed, he was already thinking of making crazy characters! These items recovered from the Manor will be used to create a new ghost, which will be called Boo FRK (for Frankeinstein). Each Boo FRK will have to collect 9 items to create an NFT (background, body, eyes, headware, eyeswear, jewelry, mouth, outfit, wings). Some items will be rarer than others and can only be collected between 8PM and 10 PM UTC.

Important point, each color of poison will allow to get a certain number of items / day in the Manor:

  • Yellow : 2 items / day
  • Green : 3 items / day
  • Black : 5 items / day

We are really looking forward to it!

BugzKG: That’s really interesting. Let’s move on to the NFTs. Where can you buy a Dr. Boo’s Ghosts NFT and why are there only 2111 coins to hit? Any particular reason?

Dr. Boo: Everyone will be able to buy our NFTs on Ebisu’s Bay marketplace on May 15, 2022 (8 PM UTC).

Making a huge collection is not our goal. We prefer to work on a small volume, limited to 2111 NFTs. This number is not insignificant, because it refers to 9:11 PM, the time when Dr. Boo’s heart stopped beating.

BugzKG: Last question. Anything exciting coming up in the pipeline? You told us about your roadmap and your main goal, but what else? What can people expect from the Dr. Boo’s Ghosts team?

Dr. Boo: There are plenty of other surprises we are working on, which will be proposed at the DAO, for the sake and sustainability of Dr Boo’s Ghosts. Too often we see projects that lose their luster over time and the community fades away. Beyond our current 200% involvement in this collection, we will remain fully committed over time, so that the family that has been created continues to grow with new ideas and above all fun!

We are convinced that the upcoming opening of Manor H, in the metaverse, will offer unlimited possibilities of evolution to our ghosts, for better… and for worse!

BugzKG: Haha I love it! Before we begin with the question segment, can you share your socials so people know where to find more information?

Dr. Boo:

BugzKG: Check these out guys! Let’s move onto the question segment of our AMA. Dr. Boo’s Ghosts will answer some submitted questions for us! Any winners will be contacted by the team in their discord as we already have your discord names. Please be patient. Are you ready?

Dr. Boo: Yes, we can go there 😀

Community Questions

Community Question #1

Question #1: Project names always attract attention and one wonders why they were chosen. How did you decide your project name? what is the meaning and importance of this name that defines your project in one word?

Dr Boo: The name of the project alone synthesizes the story of Dr Boo, a neurologist who went completely crazy following an infection by the Black Death… before dying a few weeks later (spoiler)… to transform into countless ghosts (more exactly 2111 👻), from the most common appearance to the most terrifying and crazy! 😱

Community Question #2

Question #2: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Dr. Boo: Rather than one, I see 2 major advantages that will allow us to take important market shares, or even dominate it: The first is the incubation by Marie’s Cyborg / Cyborg BH, which allows us to be propelled and highlighted thanks to a strong support on communication / marketing / technical on our project.

The 2nd one is the partnerships that will take place tomorrow, with important actors on Cronos, such as Crodex (NFT Staking) and Cronoverse (recovery of items in the Manor H, creating a new NFT)

Community Question #3

Question #3: Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. what are your specific plans to attract or expand the community and improve the user experience? And does your current project take into account the various inputs and demands of your community?

Dr. Boo: I completely agree, the community is the most important thing in a project. It is even essential to take care of everyone, whether it is on Discord, Twitter or other social networks.

To make our community grow, it is first of all the partnerships we have with other Cronos projects (Reckless Robots, CROmeleons…), which make us known. Also, we regularly organize contests on our Discord, which allow everyone to have a good time, to come back and help newcomers if needed, in their questioning.

Every suggestion from the community is carefully studied: we discuss it with the project team, the MODs. If this suggestion can bring to the project and the community, then we implement it.

Community Question #4

Question #4: Most DeFi projects especially those ones offering yield farming are driven up by hype and scarcity, so when the hype dies the project dies. What’s the key to sustaining Your Project yield farming?

Dr. Boo: For us, a project that lasts over time must have a stable team and projects that are focused on the future (which we discussed earlier).

To maintain the return, we plan to reinject the majority of the CRO received from the sale of Dr Boo’s Ghosts NFTs. In this way, the project will be self-sustaining and, most importantly, will be able to fairly redistribute what the community has invested.

Community Question #5

Question #5: On your website I see that DR BOO’S GHOST Roadmap is up “Dr. Boo’s Resurrection” (Metaverse), but it is curious that there is no date… So, do you plan to fulfill the complete mission and vision in this “Phase” or will we have more updates for the RoadMap soon (Changes after the complete this Phase)?

Dr Boo: Very good question!

There is no date, simply because the creation of the Manor H in the metaverse is conditioned by the sale of 2,111 NFTs Dr Boo’s Ghosts.

Thus, the majority of the CRO received from the sale will allow us to finance the purchase of land in Cronoverse, the creation of the Mansion, with many details in the graphics, allowing a total immersion during the expeditions in the mansion, to retrieve the items.

This will take time, but we will keep the community updated regularly, with the hope that it will be completed by the end of 2022.

BugzKG: Well that finishes up the question segment! 😊

Thank you so much Dr Boo for taking time out of your day to tell us about your project and answering some questions! The AMA recap will be posted in a day or two. So please be on the lookout everyone! Timezones make it hard for people to attend. 😊

Dr. Boo: I hope I answered correctly, it was a nice exercise and I’m glad I could answer the questions of the community. Thanks to you @BugzKG !

BugzKG: Also thank you to the community with being patient with us as we try a new format for questions.

If you would like more information on Dr. Boo’s Ghosts and want to learn more please check out their discord and other socials listed above!

Have a wonderful day/night everyone! Unmuting chat now!

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