Nathan Schwermann, Co-Founder of Ebisu’s Bay, dropped by to talk to TheDev100x about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win 4 Cronies and 1 Founding Member NFT!

If you would like more information about Ebisu’s Bay, please visit their website at and their Twitter at

Ebisu’s Bay Interview

TheDev100x: Welcome everyone to our first AMA at The Cronicle, we are so glad to have you all here with us! I am super excited about our first guest Ebisu’s Bay, which is launching the first NFT marketplace! So without further ado, I would like to welcome the project lead @nschwermann and his counterpart and CM @bamboozelus!

Nathan Schwermann: The core team is myself and Bogdan. I am a crypto enthusiast and a passionate nft collector who is also an engineer with over a decade of experience in telecom and payments industry. It has been my mission to build the exact marketplace that I want to use myself as an avid collector and NFT addict. Bogdan is our community manager who is an expert in quality assurance and has a huge knack for orginization and community growth.

TheDev100x: That’s great to hear! Sounds like you have excellent backgrounds and with there being a strong need for an NFT marketplace, I think your timing is excellent! And sounds like this is something you are passionate about

Nathan Schwermann: I agree I am so excited about Cronos and I can’t wait to see all the projects that pop up over this next year. I’m espeically excited for GameFi I think it will be huge on the chain.

TheDev100x: I agree, speaking of features, tell us about your upcoming marketplace. Assume we know nothing please

Nathan Schwermann: We will be having our soft launch this week which will allow our founding members to list their favorite NFTs for sale. Over the course of the next few months we will continue to roll out new features first available to founders such as auctions, advanced filtering, collection listings, and in-store minting with royalties

TheDev100x: NICE! That is sooner than I thought! So at some point will the marketplace be open to anyone that wants to mint a collection, and/or buy/sell their own Cronos based NFTs?

Nathan Schwermann: Yes founders will always get a sneak peak at new and beta features and then we will open them up to general public

TheDev100x: Awesome, speaking of which! I saw the Founders NFTs and they are super cool by the way. I wanted to get one, could you explain how that works? I see there’s Founder and VIP Founder versions.

Nathan Schwermann: Thanks I am really proud of how the art turned out for them and I have more surprises to come 🤫 Founder levels of which there will be 10k total will get you early access to beta features and a 50% discount off of service fees. VIP level has a cap of 1k and gets you the founding level benefits plus it will be stakeable in the service fee rewards pool. 50% of all service fees will go into the pool and divided evenly among stakers every month. It IS possible to stake muliple founder NFTs. Service fees will be 5% for non-founders so 2.5% for founders

TheDev100x: I gotta say that’s pretty cool, how do we get those NFTs? I saw there’s a referral code needed? I think you’re in a great position to succeed, and I got my eyes on one of those VIP Founders 👀And you are right, the artwork is gorgeous.

Nathan Schwermann:You can head on down to and connect with metamask to purchase a founding member nft (Or also a Cronie to commemorate the launch of the Cronos blockchain) A referral code is not needed but if you use a referral code you get 5% off the purchase price and the person who referred you also received 5% of the purchase price.

TheDev100x: Oh very cool! brb I need to secure a VIP before they sell out 😋 So how has building on Cronos been for you and your team so far?

Nathan Schwermann: It has been a blast really, I have never come accross a more supporting and loving community in my entire career

TheDev100x: I couldn’t agree more. The comradrie is commendable, and it seems like most if not all projects are open and willing to work together. Its a great sign for the Cronos ecosystem!

Nathan Schwermann: Agreed I have been in direct contact with developers and team members from every nft project on the chain and I can’t really put into words how great this community. I am honestly tearing up a bit over here ☺️

TheDev100x: Ahhh I am sure thats music to alot of our ears. So many other smart contract blockchains are dog-eat-dog, and its a shame. So i’d like to open up the chat for the community to jump in and ask some questions. Before I do, would you like to share with us your social media links, website, etc.?

Nathan Schwermann: Sure!

TheDev100x: I’d like to also mention, Ebisus Bay is listed in our brand new project directory, so if you’d like to support them, please go give them a vote, comment etc. Great! Thanks for sharing that information!

Nathan Schwermann: my pleasure 🙂

TheDev100x: I want to give a general run-down of how our Q&A segment of the AMA’s typically runs (on our sister sites at least), I am going to un-mute the chat for a few minutes and give the community time to ask questions, Nathan Schwermann please go ahead and choose the top 5 questions you’d like to answer, and those will be the winners of the giveaway today! Ebisus Bay is sponsoring the giveaway and our winners will receive from the prize pool Cronies or a Founder NFT!

I’ll then mute the chat back up for you to answer their Q’s We will DM the winners, and collect their wallet addresses and then we will post tx id’s as soon as our accountant does our weekly payroll. Once the 5 questions have been answered, please feel free to stick around and chat with the community if you’d like, we’d love to have you here 🙂 OK, ready everyone? Let’s do it

Community Questions

Community Question #1

TA: Any plans to get in touch with well known artists to release new NFT sets of theirs?

Nathan Schwermann: Yes we already have 2 artists lined up for drops. We are targeting a February timeline for this and I can not wait to share what they are working on!

Community Question #2

Dirty Water Crypto – Neil: Hi, being first to marketing you have a head start but how you you plan on staying ahead of the competition?

Nathan Schwermann: By listening to the community and providing as much value as we can

Community Question #3

$$: What do you think will be the highest sale price in your first year and will the OG NFT projects on Cronos be going for the highest amount?

Nathan Schwermann: By listening to the community and providing as much value as we canI can only imagine…. I thik the Matt NFTs from CroPunks are going to fetch a very high price 🙂

Community Question #4

Jack Downey: My question about your competitors. Since NFTs are a hot topic right now, we’re seeing a lot of NFT marketplaces. E.g.; Refinable, Binance’s own NFT marketplace, etc – How do you plan to solidify yourselves as the go-to marketplace?

Nathan Schwermann: By listening to the community and providing as much value as we canWe are building the market that we want as passionate collectors and putting the community first

Community Question #5

Marco: The NFT marketplace will be open to the listing of any NFT from within the Cronos smart chain? I am assuming it will not be cross chain. Could you confirm? Thanks.

Bogdan: As long as an NFT is present on the Cronos chain, you will be able to sell it on Ebisu’s Bay. We are constantly looking out for new and existing projects to show support and see how we can help each other. Our philosophy is to create a strong NFT community on the Cronos chain. We have already began to do that with the partnerships that we made so far. More partnerships will be announced in the coming days/weeks. WE want to give them all a chance at exposure

TheDev100x: Great! That’s 5 questions answered, congrats to those 5 winners. Please feel free to answer as many as you’d like though! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to tell us about your project, these NFTs in my wallet are “burning a hole in my pocket” and I wanna trade them, so I am reallt excited about Ebisu’s Bay!

Nathan Schwermann: You’re welcome! Thank you for having me I had a lot of fun!

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