Ghetto Doves and Ghetto-Doves_PM from Ghetto Doves dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, Ghetto Doves allowed participants to submit questions beforehand via a Google Doc and rewarded chosen questions with a whitelist spot.

If you would like more information about Ghetto Doves, please visit their website at and their Twitter at


BugzKG: Welcome everyone to our AMA with Ghetto Doves! I will be your host today. Just a few quick things before we get started. We are trying something new for this AMA. There are two segments. The interview and the question segment. You are muted for both segments. When we get to the question segment, Ghetto Doves will answer questions submitted BEFORE the AMA. This is to prevent bots from winning. Questions will be answered and those chosen winners will win a whitelist spot.

Welcome @Ghetto_Doves and @ghettoDovesPM, it’s a pleasure to have you here with us! To start, can you introduce yourself and tell us about the team behind Ghetto Doves? I sense someone has an art background. 😊

Ghetto Doves: Good morning. Thank you for having us. Lol. yes. I am an Art director in NY for apparel. I work with global brands and properties such as Nike, WB, Disney, Sega, Lucas Folms et etc

BugzKG: Wow! Those are huge brands!

Ghetto Doves: It’s interesting and has been a way to be a part of how brands and properties develop. The styleguides, the story line and how the furure is built out

Ghetto-Doves_PM: Good morning, and thank you for your time. I am the project manager for Ghetto-Doves. I have 24 years of technical and networking  experience as a Senior project manager for development and research.

BugzKG: Tons of great experience from both of you! I’m really excited to hear more! Tell me about Ghetto Doves. How did the project come about?

Ghetto-Doves_PM: A few years back created the characters of the Ghetto-Doves in the thoughts I would create iphone app. The creator shelfed the idea until he had heard about NFTs and crypt currency. It was at that time in Dec of 2022 that he ventured to bring the Ghetto-Doves characters to the NFT Market.

Ghetto Doves: I always thought the Gehtto-doves as a character group was a solid idea. This has been an exciting way to develop the property

BugzKG: I really the characters. They’re so unique! Can you go into detail about the characters? What makes them so unique?

Ghetto Doves: There are 7 characters. 6 male and 1 female. The variety of grey shades utilized in the GD artwork portrays a framework for unity and equality. They are in that 13-14 year old age group where hanging with your friends was never a question. That was your plan all day every day.

I created it thru my lens and in my experience there was always that one cool chic in your crew. That’s Che-Che. All of the characters have their own personality and the community gravitates to them . Or identifies with their character.

BugzKG: I love when projects have stories. It brings the project the life and makes me feel more invested it. They definitely give me the cool vibes. 😎

Ghetto-Doves_PM: Our Crew Principles revolve around creativity, honesty, and respect for all people can be summarized in the 7 young pigeon character friends.

Ghetto Doves: Basically the Goonies in the city. Just edgier lol

BugzKG: Great principles to promote! Friendship is often overlooked in the crypto world. Haha love the goonies reference! Moving on, why did you decide to launch on Cronos of all blockchains?

Ghetto-Doves_PM: GD joined a space on host by Wavy for uncurated artist and was asked to come up in a space to promote the project. The room was at capacity and they DM , GD  and asked him to come and talk about the art, characters, and storyline. It was from that point forward he minted a 50-piece limited collection on CDC which sold out and now launching a 3500 Piece PFP project on Cronos with Ebisubay.

BugzKG: Love how networking influences things we do! Spaces have brought people together and I love how its expanding to Cronos! @TheCronicle should get into Twitter Spaces 👀

Ghetto Doves: So amazing making connections and outreach globally thru these platforms

BugzKG: Definitely! Continuing the discussion of networking and building a community, what interactions have you seen that makes your community unique?

Ghetto-Doves_PM: The networking aspect of our support offers a broad range of topics where we incorporate our work and life experiences to engage within the community .. all leading to a common cronos discussion.

To expand: The community has self-identified themselves with the characters and immersing into the story line and ecosystem. Just a few examples are all taking place actively in our discord:

  • Beatz by Nooch – the theme song ; two of our community members have spearheaded along with the project manager to create a safe and educational space for veterans. where the comradery across brothers and sisters of the Navy, Marine and Army
  • A community service channel which allows members to be proud of paying it forward. When sharing they receive a whitelist to the project mint day as an act of service reward.
  • The community is engaged in the development and creativity of what attributes they would like to see with characters.
  • Rap battles where the community writes out their lyrics and rhymes n our discord channel. It’s extremely engaging from a creative perspective.

Another recent fun activity which organically cultivated was , We picked which actors would play the the Ghetto-Doves if it was a Broadway Play  🎬 🍿

Ghetto Doves: 🍿 casting roles: Who we picked to rep the Doves:

Stan, Che-Che, Peanut, Nooch, BKaw, Young Dirty and Kane :🎥

🍿In the running were: 🎥

  • Toby McGuire 
  • Rosie Perez
  • Seth Rogan 
  • Marlon Waynes 
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Mathew McConaughey
  • Denzel Washington

BugzKG: Wow! I love your community interactions! Educational Space, Service Rewards, Development Engagement, and Rap Battles? That’s incredible! I’ve never seen that in a community before

Ghetto-Doves_PM: We welcome everyone to participate in our

BugzKG: Broadway Play? Love everything about this! ❤️

Everyone please check their discord out! If anything, join the rap battles!

Ghetto Doves: We wanted to bring the community into their world a little. It’s fascinating to delve into other places and people. Whether thru movies or music or food. The characters will be traveling in the future!

BugzKG: Engagement is key to keeping a strong and loyal community. Let’s change gears and talk about your plans down the road. Can you tell us a little bit about your roadmap?

Ghetto-Doves_PM: We safe guarded the delivery process by NDA and trademarking the property to also bring an authenticity. The foundation for community awareness was built on the original limited edition 50-piece drop. By allowing investors to get a feel for the characters and be part of how the project evolves.

Immediately following the drop, we rewarded our investors by way of the founder’s GD hood passports and free merch which ended after the first mint on Feb 10, 2022. 

The passports have become a fun rivalry within GD Passports. The community continues to immerse itself in the ecosystem. Provide life long rewards.

In addition to the PFP drop, the Ghetto-Doves™ introduced : Re-Imagination. A series of drops of a new Ghetto-Doves™ collection that will highlight the kids’ playful imagination. 

These specialty drops were announced in discord. Join along with the characters where their imagination leads them. 

The first of the re-imagination series was successfully dropped on March 22, 2022, which immediately sold out followed by our latest drop on April 4, 2022, on the CDC platform.

Do you remember the days of Pokémon or trading Vinyl seemed liked the coolest thing to do . 

We offer the ability to use IRL value trading and gamification aspect to build a collection and level up from the airdrop , aka EB-NFT card . 

Collect 7 characters and 7 characters with matching attributes. 

Their are more details available in our medium page .  

We are very pleased to announce we will be minting on Ebisubay on May 12th 2022.

BugzKG: Thank you for sharing your roadmap! I’m glad to see you have detailed plan in place and have followed through with it! May 12th is coming up! So exciting! I find the innovation and creativity refreshing in the NFT space. So many projects are similar and this one truly feels like one of a kind. 😊

Ghetto-Doves_PM: Thank you.

Ghetto Doves: Thank you. It’s exciting to be here on blockchaindeveloping along side of so many creative projects and super smart financial people and tech innnovators. Whatever shakes from the tree we are growing- we are on this blockchain. Our project. Our ideas. Our contribution at any level is an indelible mark in this renaissance. We are all so important.

BugzKG: On a more serious note and a question lots of people have, with NFTs, investors are always looking for utility. What are your future plans beyond the initial NFT sale?

Ghetto Doves: Beyong roadmap 1.0 and its utility in airdrop, IRL gamification and how that airdop transforms into future storyline benefits we have some opportunities for investors of the project in 2.0. The main thing is this drop facilitating investment in future plans we hope to develop. As well as building this property beyond NFT as a licensed property, which is my background. The speed of this platform allows projects like ours to engage in new development items almost monthly. We are excited to gain flexibility in investing in these thiings.

BugzKG: Great to hear. Thank you for sharing! I know that’s a difficult question sometimes, but it really builds people’s trust in a project when a plan is in place. 😊

Ghetto Doves: We always stay aware of only sharing the development we have locked. We have great things we intend to do and find business in that white space but until we know we can comit we are careful with what we reveal only for the protectio of the property and its investors.

BugzKG: That’s always a good call. Being transparent while also keeping things realistic is key.

Ghetto Doves: and my fingers apologize for all the typos!!

BugzKG: Typos are fine! No worries! Last question, anything exciting coming down the pipeline? I know we talked about a few things, what else can people expect from the Ghetto Doves team?

Ghetto-Doves_PM: People want to know what their getting and from who .. personal identity helps people feel that someone is supportive and real . Not only are they receiving the ability to own the IP rights ( as long as their are no mutations to the original art ) they have the ability to utilize the artwork for their own business as long as it maintains the dignity and value of the brand. More will be expanded in these avenues as we continue to pivot to elevate the product through community engagement.

BugzKG: I love the concept of owning IP rights! The artwork is something else and to share it with the world is a great opportunity.

Ghetto Doves: Theres no shortage of ideas, just time

BugzKG: Awesome! You made it through my questions! Before we start the next segment of the AMA can you please share your socials so our audience can find more information on your project? Also anything else you’d like to share before you start answering some questions?

Ghetto Doves:

BugzKG: No worries! And also your discord? Where most the fun happens!

Ghetto Doves: Rap battles!!! The GD theme song is in there too

BugzKG: Check these out guys! Let’s move onto the question segment of our AMA. Ghetto Doves will answer some submitted questions for us! Any winners will be contacted by the Ghetto Doves team in their discord.

Community Question

(From ToniVF#7540): what network will Ghetto Doves use and how to make members believe that Ghetto Doves is a good project?

Ghetto-Doves_PM: Ghetto-Doves will be minting on Cronos with Ebisubay . * The value of the Ghetto-Doves NFT  comes from an artistic and licensing background. Spot market trend, branding and return on investment from a research and design aspect. With the characters theirs is the ability to expand the story line, so there is no shortage of ideas in future development which drives innovation and delivery by using a scaled agile methodology. * We safe guarded the delivery process by NDA and trademarking the property to bring an authenticity to the property.

Ghetto Doves: Great question. I will answer that from different angles. If you grade a project on art and creativity we feel we have amazing art and storyline. Clean looks with edgy and humor. It’s well thought out with unlimited possibilities and future opportunities. If you grade a project on a collection or thru branding  we have provided an elevated brand experience with IRL items in an impressive execution all the way down to the packaging details. We will always commit to clever and innovative ideas. If you grade a project on experience we have 40+ years upper management experience in creative and tech innovation with some of the largest global brands. Most important we live and breath this project. We love it and the community. We live by two things, I always say this: 1-think elevated 2-there is no finish line.

Ghetto-Doves_PM: Mark you calendars and get ready for a mint day : May 12, 2022 💎🎉

BugzKG: Great answers! May 12th everyone! Get ready for mint day!

Ghetto Doves: Thank you for having us. Thank you for letting us share our project and story.

BugzKG: Today that was the only qualifying question. Thank you so much Ghetto Doves for taking time out of your day to tell us about your project and answering some questions! The AMA recap will be posted in a day or two. So please be on the lookout everyone! Timezones make it hard for people to attend. 😊

Also thank you to the community with being patient with us as we try a new format for questions.

If you would like more information on Ghetto Doves and want to learn more please check out their discord and other socials listed above!

Join a rap battle! Please 😅

Have a wonderful day/night everyone! Unmuting chat now!

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