Juha Huttu and Javi Kant from Icy Squid Game dropped by to talk to us about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were each selected to win 1 free Icy Squid Game NFT!

If you would like more information about Icy Squid Game please visit their website at https://www.icysquidgame.com/ and their Telegram at https://t.me/IcySquidGame.

Icy Squid Game Interview

TheDev100x: Hello @everyone! and welcome to our AMA today with Icy Squid Game!

Today we have Juha Huttu and Javi Kant from the team, welcome to you both! It’s a pleasure to have you with us today! Thank you for choosing The Cronicle to share your awesome project

Could you please start us off by telling us about yourselves?

Juha Huttu: Hello everyone. I am Juha from IcyCRO.org.

We have been running community project since last August and launched own token when Cronos started. Icy Squid Game was launched two weeks ago with Cronoseyez

Javi Kant: Hi! Im JaviKant from @cronoseyezNFT, of the project Cronosart.org and our team developed the Art and the SmartContract for the NFTs on the Icy Squid Game

TheDev100x: Very cool! as a fan of both IcyCro and CronosEyez, it’s a pleasure to meet you both.

Juha Huttu: Nice to meet you also 🙂

TheDev100x: You both come from established, competent teams, so I am intrigued by what you have come up with here with Icy Squid Game.

Javi Kant: thanks , a pleasure also 🙂

TheDev100x: With that said, could you tell us what Icy Squid Game is?

Juha Huttu: Both of us have earlier projects and are well knows, but Icy Squid Game is very new project and is less known. And as we got many completely unique features, it’s nice to have AMA.

Icy Squid Game is completely open game, no gas fees or no time need to be used for it. It’s enough to own a Viking NFT and it automatically takes part to the monthly Icy Squid Game.

We have quite a few things none of the other NFT games have:

  • Well established ICY token that will be used for game economy.
  • We launched Icy Squid Game validator on Crypto.org 10 days ago and it has collected already 5.4M CROs of delegations.  100% of the fees we earn from the validator are added to the prize pool. For the next 9 years. This means we have guaranteed prize pools for the games until 2031 and we aren’t dependant on minting new NFTs.
  • And we use Cronos txhashes for random numbers, so everyone can easily follow the game and knows it’s 100% neutral.

Basically game works like Squid Game. Lot of Vikings will participate and only one of them wins the game and huge prize pool. Other die, but will be alive again for the next game.

Having only one winner would be a bit too extreme, so we always have prizes for the last 10 survivors also.

Javi Kant: The NFTs, have the visual traits and also have stadistics for being used ingame. 

The have different rarities but because of how the games are made and the stats, all of them have a chance to win the game

And of course they have visual rarity which make some of the  more unique than anothers.

TheDev100x: Wow, theres alot to unpack here, all very impressive. So before I unpack, I just want to make sure I understand. So Icy Squid Game will mint out NFTs, buyers of those NFTs are automatically entered into each monthly game to decide who is the ultimate winner (though the last 10 survivors all get a prize), and theres no need to stake the NFTs or risk them in any manner?

Javi Kant: Also they soon we release the villages where people will be able to make work his NFTs between games and get profit on ICYCro

TheDev100x: And I assume this is all based on the in-game attributes, to determine the winners

Juha Huttu: This is very easy and stress free game to participate. No staking needed or no need pay any gas fees. It’s enough to own a Viking and it will participate automatically.

Javi Kant: Yes its based on ingame stats to determine the winners

Javi Kant: yes, its like that, just with own the NFTs you enter in the game automatically, no need to stake or any extra action

Juha Huttu: For example if RNG shows first game is tug of war that needs strength, only the Vikings with STR at least 6 will survive the game and weaker ones will die.

TheDev100x: That’s really cool. Quickly going offtopic, I was working on a similar game in the past, but we were building it out in a way that required the NFTs to be staked in order to “fight”, and I gotta say I REALLY like your idea much better. 

Now with the Icy Squid Game validator behind the scenes earning tokens to fill up the reward pool, thats pretty brilliant as well.

Juha Huttu: Next month we have other features coming also. Farming and mining. Then people can use their Vikings to get continuous ICY income based on the amount of Vikings they have.

TheDev100x: Wow, this sounds like alot of time was spent on the tokenomics and the game mechanics, bravo team. So can you tell me about how the games work, it’s monthly am I right?

Juha Huttu: Last ten surviving Vikings will all get a free house and it can be later expanded to farm that produces ICY.

Javi Kant: yes, i also think its pretty cool! We are the only NFT project on Cronos with a Validator 🙂

Juha Huttu: Game is monthly game and always early in month, Friday and Saturday.

First three games are on Friday and who survive Friday will participate to the final fight on Saturday.

We have 11 different games for the Friday and 10 different  options for the final fight. Each need different statistics.

TheDev100x: Ahh thats cool, so each Friday we have something to look forward to, and then once a month something to REALLY look forward too. 

On your website I found this;

  • Winner gets a VIP ticket #096 to the next IcyCRO Jackpot raffle and a guaranteed prize of 5k CRO.
  • All ten Vikings who reach the final fight will get an ICY reward. 500 ICY (85 CRO)

Juha Huttu: It’s about luck, if Vikings get games that are suited for them.

TheDev100x: Those rewards seem really generous

Juha Huttu: Only one weekend per month, not every Friday 🙂

We already have a over 300k CRO Jackpot for the monthly raffle in IcyCRO. Winning Viking will win guaranteed prize of 5k CRO, but get’s also a Jackpot ticket for one month. Depending on the luck, it gives 0-40k+ CRO extra on 15th of the month. 

So the winner will have really exiting time 🙂

TheDev100x: This is intriguing, and should certainly be interesting, there may be many different strategies based on what NFTs you have and the certain game being played that Friday

Javi Kant: Yes, im also very impress with that from the begining. Thanks to Juha for that cause he designed all that system.

The rewards are amazing thanks to the liquidity provided from the validator also, not only from minting and royalties

Juha Huttu: Top of the normal prize pool also, we have free Viking for top 10 survivors and winner gets Legendary Viking.

TheDev100x: Wow. You already sold me on this, but now I am definitely buying 😋

Juha Huttu: And we also have free house for the top 10.

TheDev100x: Yeah that validator earning block rewards to fill the game pool is really a huge advantage. The more tx’s, the more the reward pool gets filled up too, its really well thought out

Juha Huttu: And to make sure more people are happy ending for the first games, we have 50k ICY extra for people who survive the first three games. So people win quite a bit even if they aren’t in the top 10.

TheDev100x: So when you say houses, does that mean there will be a Metaverse aspect to this game?

Juha Huttu: 50k ICY pot is split between everyone who is alive after three games.

TheDev100x: 👀

Juha Huttu: House can be used for the farming, but it also gives some benefits in the future. For example for minting 2nd gen Vikings sometimes later.

Not a metaverse really, but we are making small world with FlowScape so everyone can see their house/farm as part of the world.

TheDev100x: So a 2d visualization of your house in the village?

Juha Huttu: Top10 will get a free house and more can by minted also later with ICY.

TheDev100x: Is that the only way to get a house? to be in the top 10, or will there be other options to acquire one?

Juha Huttu: It will be a 3d world, so it will look quite good and we will model there the building, farms, times of seasons.

Javi Kant: this is an example of the houses

Juha Huttu: At first 20 houses is the maximum. 10 as prizes and 10 more can be minted.

Javi Kant: they will be very very appreciated 🙂

Juha Huttu: In Flowscape world, farms look like this:

TheDev100x: That’s great, I hope to get one, as it looks to be an exclusive little club! 

So when does this all begin? When can we start minting, and when will the games start?

Juha Huttu: Minting has already started and at the moment 480/1000 of the Vikings have been minted. 

First games will be on 11th and 12th of February.

Javi Kant: The minting of the Vikings is already live, can be minted here:


Juha Huttu: Better get your Viking ready for the games before next Friday 🙂

Javi Kant: Yes, the more Vikings you own the more chances to get some prizes

TheDev100x: Thats awesome! On your website I found a detailed page with all the in-depth tokenomics and details for houses and turning them into farms, its quite extensive (and well thought out), if anyone would like a nice read you can find that here (https://www.icysquidgame.com/icy-economics)

Javi Kant: The minting date of the houses will be released soon

Javi Kant: Yes, Juha did a great work detailing all the game aspects on the website 🙂

Juha Huttu: Economics offer quite a few different options and need some thinking where to use your Vikings.

Farms for example work well for people who own plenty of Vikings and mines give better income for you send there strong Vikings with good STR and CON.

Salary of the Vikings is locked in smart contract (token locker) where owner of the Viking can collect it when it is released.

TheDev100x: Cool, so there’s an escrow, and users just need to claim their rewards?

I know you are all very competent developers, however have you had any outside eyes look at your contracts for any potential attack vectors, or had/will have any audits?

Juha Huttu: We have used Dexpad’s token lockers already for IcyCRO rewards and they works well.

Your token locker belongs to your wallet address, so no-one else can access it. You just can collect the ICY from there as soon as it is released.

ICY token contract is standard token contract from Dexpad and it has been audited and verified. They are only the most reliable launch platforms in Cronos.

TheDev100x: Very cool. I’ve nothing but good things about Dexpad, and that sounds like it will help assuage any anxieties

For too long now we’ve had NFTs that just sat in our wallets, and adding utility and gamefi to them is so exciting. 

Along with your partnership between both IcyCro and CronosEyez, do you have partnerships with any secondary NFT marketplaces for trading?

Javi Kant: Yes of course, they are going to be tradeable at EbisusBay.com and Agoracro.com


TheDev100x: Wonderful! I also gotta say, I loooove the art too by the way!

So can you tell us the price to mint? And do you have expectations for when rarities/rankings will be released?

Javi Kant: Thanks 🙏🏼 I also love love them! ahhaha i find them a mix between scary and funny that really makes me smile when look at them

Javi Kant: The minting price is 350CRO

And the rarities rankings will be released once the 1000 Vikings are minted

TheDev100x: Very cool, fair enough. If you are interested in minting, you can do so by going to;


Javi Kant: Exist 50 Legendary, 150 Epic,250 Rare and 550 Normal, and also some traits are rarer.

You can find more info here: https://www.icysquidgame.com/rarity

TheDev100x: Nice! I didn’t happen to see that yet!

Javi Kant: Still is plenty of chances of minting a Legendary one 🙂

TheDev100x: So, I’ve asked you both quite a few questions, how about we open up the chat to the community to ask some? 

Icy Squid Game has 5 NFTs to giveaway, so make sure you ask some good questions everyone! I am going to turn on 30 second slow mode, and leave the chat open for appx. 1.5 minutes, allowing everyone the ability to ask about 2-3 questions. 

How does that sound guys?

Juha Huttu: That sounds good. We have 5 Vikings ready to go for the best questions.

Javi Kant: sound very good 🙂 let´s go!

TheDev100x: Once the 1.5-ish minutes has expired, i’ll mute the chat again, and we ask that you choose 5 questions to answer, and those 5 will be the winners of the NFTs. You are certainly free to stick around and answer more, as well as leave your own TG link for users to join/visit your group 🙂

Community Questions

Community Question #1

jack Downey: NFT Gaming is the fact that most of the games are pay to win because the more expensive NFT you buy, the easier you can win. How will ICY SQUID GAME make sure that their game isn’t pay to win & fair? This is important so that the game will keep attracting new players?

Javi Kant: Validator fees helps a lot to that

Community Question #2

Dương Nguyễn: the legendary viking will have more chances to win the game than the others right?

Juha Huttu: Legendary Vikings have a bit higher stats than other Vikings so they have better chance to survive until the end. Legendary has highest chance, then epic, rare and finally normal Vikings. 

Still all Vikings can win the game, but normal Vikings just need much more luck to do it.

Community Question #3

Nisansala Gamage: I’m curious if the IcySquid platform is designed specifically for gamers. What about users who aren’t gamers? Can they earn money even if they don’t play your game? If so, what are the other options?

Javi Kant: Everybody can play the game, just need to own an NFT, the game its played automatically so no extra skills are required

Community Question #4

Top Secret: Hi, Epic Viking here, There’s some Viking that where minted as prices for the first winners. Will those vikings be excluded for the first Icy Squid game? Since you don’t have to stake them

Juha Huttu: Vikings are that are minted for promotions, only participate to the game after they have been sent to their new owners. For example those 10 Vikings that are the prize for the top10 won’t participate for the first game.

Community Question #5

wolfrough: Hi to all. I know you plan to add female characters. Viking families will be able to “create” a second generation Viking. What if my viking is gay? Will there be same-sex marriage?

Javi Kant: there´s no limits on the blockchain so dont worry bout that 🙂

TheDev100x: Great, thats 5 questions! Congrats to the winners, @Downey123 @johndk220  @duongnguyen2508 @Nisansala_1 and wolfrough!

Thank you both for joining our community today, and telling us about Icy Squid Game, I am really excited about this, and already picked me up a rare NFT, and will probably keep trying until I get a Legendary 😋

I am going to open the chat back up, thank you all for joining us!

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