Christian and Saari – Looneycorns from Looneycorns dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, Looneycorns allowed participants to submit questions beforehand via a Google Doc and rewarded chosen questions with a WL spot! However, due to submissions being botted the decision was made to forgo the question portion of the AMA. To rectify this, anyone who joins the Looneycorns discord for a limited time and mentions they were sent by The Cronicle, will receive a whitelist spot. Thank you to both the Looneycorns team and our community for understanding.

If you would like more information about Looneycorns, please visit their discord at, website and their Twitter at


BugzKG: Welcome everyone to our AMA with Looneycorns! I will be your host today. Just a few quick things before we get started. This AMA will just be the interview portion as the submitted questions did not qualify and most were bots. To make up for this, anyone who joins Looneycorns discord and mentions @TheCronicle sent you will be awarded a WL spot for a limited time. You will be muted throughout the whole AMA. Thank you.

Welcome Looneycorns team. Can you introduce yourself to our tg members?

Christian: Hi everyone, my name is Christian and I am the CO-Founder of the Looneycorns, along with Sari.

We are a total team of 8 people with a vast experience in growing companies such as Google, Bitpanda, Panasonic and other blue-chips.

I also own a marketing company specialising in marketing major technology companies and Sari owns a Blockchain recruitment agency specializing in placing software engineers into big crypto companies so very relevant experience to a project like this!

BugzKG: Wow! So much experience! Love to see that with new projects. That definitely helps with navigating the whole project launch. 😊

Can you tell us about Looneycorns? Assume we know nothing please.

Christian: Sure. Looneycorns, is the first of 5 unique nft/toys from the Lost Toy collection (our project group name) due to be released and minted on the Cronos chain via the Ebisu’s Bay platform on the 26th of May. There is a total of 2,200 Looneycorn NFTs and they are very high-quality 3D art. Each nft/toy character represents a childhood favourite that has been lost over time and needs a new home.

Those who look after their nft/toys will have the opportunity to receive amazing weekly prizes from our ToyBox and earn tokens. This could be to win a night’s stay at the Hilton for two, limited edition trainers or even sought after NFTs! You, our community will decide!

In addition, holders of our NFT’s will have exclusive access to our platform Snipehub designed to help manage your ever-growing NFT portfolio with ease and “snipe” better deals! SnipeHub by the way, will be the 1st NFT Portfolio Management platform on the Cronos chain.

Finally, at Lost Toys we believe that every child deserves a toy to build memories with and for that reason, we plan to also support those in need with toy donations.

BugzKG: What a great mission, toy donations! I really love the toy concept and artwork! The weekly prizes sound amazing. I’ve never seen a project do that before.

Christian: Yea i can share a new sneak peek if you wish? this will be the first first time we show this

BugzKG: Absolutely! So excited to see! Wow! That’s really high quality! The texture and detailing is amazing. I also love the name…bad mofo 😂

Christian: hahah yea he has character that one 😁

BugzKG: Haha love it! Can’t wait to see the collection! Can you tell me a bit more about SnipeHub? This seems like it will greatly benefit cronos users.

Saari – Looneycorns: sure ill take this one. SnipeHub is the First NFT Portfolio Management Platform on Cronos. Our core functions are:

  • BETA Version includes
    • View all of your NFT’s in one place from all wallets
    • Alerts on floor prices
    • Create watchlists
    • Alerts on a collection price increases
    • Staking comparison charts
    • And much more..

If you own one of the Looneycorns NFTs you get exclusive and free access to SnipeHub. Do you have any other questions regarding SnipeHub?

BugzKG: This sounds so useful! I’m sure so many of us have a few to a ton of NFTs in our wallets and need help managing it all. I really like the price alerts. That will be incredibly useful!

Saari – Looneycorns: Thank you note it will work with CDC NFTs as well

BugzKG: That’s good to hear! How can someone get enrolled/registered for SnipeHub? Is there a cost? Or some kind of process?

Saari – Looneycorns: No all you have to do is own a Looneycorns NFT, it will be exclusive to holders and free. A bit of a preview for now, it will be a webapp which is responsive to desktop and mobile

BugzKG: Oh okay. So if you don’t own a looneycorns nft, you won’t get access. Okay good to know! Thanks for clarifying! 😊

Christian: It is worth noting that SnipeHub is only the first of many products which our community of NFT holders will benefit from and gain free access to.

BugzKG: I love the interface! Great design! Simple and easy to use!

Saari – Looneycorns: cheers!

BugzKG: SnipeHub is a great benefit for looneycorns nft holders. Let’s move onto another topic.

Why did you decide to launch on Cronos and not another blockchain? There’s so many to choose from.

Christian: Our vision is to harness the power of our NFT community to solve challenges within the NFT market and as we saw the Cronos chain still relatively in its infancy, we knew the types of “growing pains” which would likely take place. Hence it was the perfect chain to align ourselves with to build software products to overcome these “pains” by leveraging our experience and resources available to us. The community is also so positive compared to many out there! 😅

BugzKG: A positive community can definitely be a game changer.

Christian: yup

BugzKG: To go off that, how has the downturn in the crypto market affected your project and launch? How have you handled it?

Christian: Clearly, as with most projects minting soon we have relooked at our financial plan and adapted our mint price slightly to ensure all elements of the projects are delivered on time as promised. We announced this change yesterday and it has been well received by all so far.

BugzKG: That’s great to hear. A strong team can overcome the markets and adjust accordingly. I’m glad your community is receptive! 😊

Moving on, can you explain some features that set Looneycorns apart from other NFT projects? How will you benefit the Cronos ecosystem?


  1. The calibre, experience and resources of the team
  2. We are confident in saying this will be the best 3D art to hit the chain
  3. We bring the first NFT Portfolio management platform to the chain saving time for the chain users and making them more money
  4. The bigger that the chain gets the more essential our platform becomes and therefore the more valuable our NFTs will be as the key to access the platform 
  5. We are giving the community the ability to work with us in creating future products to enhance everyone’s experience on the chain

BugzKG: What a great list of features! These for sure set you apart from others. Excited to see you grow!

Christian: thanks

BugzKG: You mentioned this before but so everyone knows, where can people go to buy your NFTs? And what’s the mint price?

Saari – Looneycorns: We mint on Ebisu’s Bay on the 26th of May at 8PM UTC

  • 425 CRO is the WL price (WL can access pre-sale and mint 3)
  • 425 CRO is the Ebisus Bay Founding member holders price but no pre-sale and uncapped
  • 475 CRO is the public mint price and uncapped

BugzKG: Thank you! May 26th is almost here! Can’t wait!

Saari – Looneycorns: yess we are very excited!!

BugzKG: Utility is important to investors. What kinds of benefits can one expect to get with this project? You mentioned SnipeHub, but is there anything else?

Saari – Looneycorns: We have 8 core utilities 

  • PLATFORM ACCESS- Exclusive free access to our platform SnipeHub and future applications
  • DAO- “DAO style” voting on future Toys, SnipeHub features, ToyBox Stock etc
  • DISCOUNTS- Holders of our toys and Ebisu’s Bay FM holders will receive a discount on future mints
  • AIRDROPS- Collectors of our NFTs will receive multiple airdrops see Roadmap for further details
  • TOKENIZATION- Holders will be able to stake our NFTs to earn tokens to make raffle purchases
  • TOYBOX REWARDS- Holders will be entered into a weekly raffle
  • CHARITY TOY DONATIONS- We will be toys on a monthly basis to those less for children via The Toy Project Charity 
  • REAL LIFE TOYS- We will be sending to NFT holders of all 5 of our NFT’s a real-life collectable toy

BugzKG: Love the project utility! I like how you kept each of them realistic with the goal of meeting your mission of toy donation.

Christian: exactly

BugzKG: I especially like the collectible toy! 😊

Christian: yes and we are making them from 100% recycled materials

Saari – Looneycorns: You can checkout our roadmap by going to

Christian: as we have a lot of details to this project

BugzKG: That’s amazing! I love the idea of using recycled materials. Really sets you apart in the nft space! Check out their roadmap everyone!

What are you future goals for Looneycorns? Anything exciting down the pipeline? Besides your mint day 😅

Christian: We are looking at few additional utilities at the moment such as staking and we are all clearly excited to know what next 4 characters will be once the community votes! People have have come up with all sorts of ideas already

BugzKG: Very exciting! Well I can’t wait to see what you do!

Christian: What toy character do you think we should make? Did you have a favourite toy growing up?

BugzKG: Hmm….I really love cats 😊

Saari – Looneycorns: how many wallets do you have? for your NFTS?

BugzKG: For myself, I have two.

Saari – Looneycorns: Great so you need something like SnipeHub to keep track of your NFTs and get more intelligent data to buy new NFTs which are worth your while

BugzKG: Definitely! I think the majority of people need this. It’s really common sense. I love data! Very helpful!

Saari – Looneycorns: Exactly and we want to build stuff for the community which are real products that people use

BugzKG: To wrap this up, can you share your socials so others know where to find you? I’m sure so many people want to find more info on your project!

Saari – Looneycorns: If people come to our discord and say Cronicle sent me on the general get whitelisted Thank you so much really enjoyed it!

BugzKG: Check their discord out guys! They have a Twitter as well! Remember if you join their discord and mention @TheCronicle sent you, you will be awarded a WL spot for limited time!

Thank you so much Looneycorns for taking time out of your day to tell us about your project! The AMA recap will be posted later today. So please be on the lookout everyone! Timezones make it hard for people to attend. 😊

Christian: Thank you very much for your time today!

BugzKG: You’re welcome! Thank you for a great AMA! If you would like more information on Looneycorns and want to learn more please check out their discord and other socials listed above!

Have a wonderful day/night everyone! Unmuting chat now!

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