Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos‘s team dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win a whitelist spot and 50 CRO each, for a total of 250 CRO.

If you would like more information about Marie’s Cyborgs, please visit their website at and their Twitter at

Marie’s Cyborgs Interview

BugzKG: Welcome everyone to our AMA with Marie’s Cyborgs! I will be your host today. Just a few quick things before we get started. There are two portions of this AMA. The interview and the question portion. You are muted for the interview portion. When were ready for questions I will unmute chat and you can ask them. The Marie’s Cyborg team will choose 5 questions to answer and those will be our winners. Each will win 1 whitelist spot and 50 CRO each.

Okay let’s get started. Welcome @IamMarieCyborg! The team be responding on one account.😊

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Hello everyone and thank you for inviting us ! 🦾

BugzKG: So excited to hear about your project. So many questions to ask you. My first one…what made you decide to start an NFT project?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Our whole team was gathered around the terrace of a café for a drink and we were discussing the impact of Covid on our lives. Marie told us about her fears about her job.

Merlich and I are both Cronos users and we have seen some great NFT projects come to life.
We explained to Marie what an NFT was and she told us that she had heard of it before. After many drinks we thought it could be super interesting to embark on a project combining Metaverse, NFT and modeling!

BugzKG: Wow! Yeah the pandemic really affected us all. Glad you and Marie could use it as an opportunity to expand to crypto and cronos!

Have you ever done an NFT project before?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: This NFT project is our very first, but we have experience in both project and personnel management.

BugzKG: Amazing! NFTs are certainly popular. Although it’s your first, the experience you bring is very helpful. Why did you guys launch on cronos?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: It really helps us a lot. As I just said, 2 of our members have already been on Cronos for many months. We love this chain and we know the ecosystem well. We sincerely believe that will really grow in the years to come and we want to be part of this success

Cronos fees are lower than many chains as well ! 🙂

BugzKG: Absolutely. Agreed. There’s so much opportunity with Cronos and that supports it fully is definitely a great thing. 😊 Can you introduce us to Marie?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Sure. Marie is a 21-year-old model who was born in the south of France and now lives in Paris. She loves art and fashion. She worked with big names in fashion like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino, Dim and was able to pose for magazines like Vogue Russia for example. She is very surprised by the reaction of the Cronos community, she did not expect so much kindness

Watch her message :

BugzKG: Check it out everyone! Marie sounds lovely. It’s nice to see someone tie their passion into crypto. Fashion is a whole new scene for Cronos! Who is your team made up of?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: 5 members: Marie our model, she also gives us design ideas. Rina our genius designer, incredible things appear in her head and materialize under her fingers. Jacob is our spokesperson and modeling agent. Merlich is our developer and Srb works on marketing & is our community manager

BugzKG: That’s awesome! NFT projects and crypto projects take a lot of work. Glad you have a strong team! 💪

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: more than team members we are friends!

BugzKG: I want to dive into one of your partners listed on your site. Who is SeeModels your main partner?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: a French modeling agency. We will rely on their models to perform our first show in the Metaverse.

BugzKG: Thanks for the link. Learning so many new things today! 😊 Looking at your site, you have a lot planned. Can you tell us about your roadmap?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Our roadmap is divided into 5 main stages which will allow us to know that the community is behind us for the implementation of this innovative project. First we will unlock Discord channels that will allow holders of rare and legendary NFTs to chat with each other & gain access to exclusive giveaways and information.

Then we will get in touch with clothing brands in the Metaverse & we will try to collaborate with Fashion magazines to give exposure to the project and increase its visibility. To continue, we will organize a casting which will allow the community to choose the models who will represent us, in parallel we will create a special collection of 100 NFTs which we will distribute to 100 lucky holders of Rares or Legendaries. To discuss all this we can rely on the expertise of Marie and Jacob who will join us for video call sessions.

In addition, Marie asked us that this project also serve a charitable cause and that is why she will lend her image to a charity for free for 1 year and you will be able to choose from among several projects (1 NFT = vote)

Finally, regarding the end of our roadmap, we will unlock the last of the legendary NFT perks (2% cash back on every NFT sold) and we want to allow our holders to do NFT staking.

This is why I am announcing to you tonight that we will be the first partner to benefit from Chronoswap’s NFT Staking. Chronoswap is a DEX on Cronos that launched on November 8, at Cronos’ inception, and has the full confidence of the community

BugzKG: Wow!! So many innovative things! I love how your project focuses on your community. From casting real models to charity to partnering with ChronoSwap, you guys have such a detailed plan. Thanks for sharing all of that

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: my pleasure!

BugzKG: Fashion never gets talked about in the crypto space or tied to the metaverse. As a matter of fact, what is your opinion about the metaverse?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Since the creation of the internet, our lives and our habits have changed for the better. We are convinced that the Metaverse is the logical step forward. Regarding fashion, the Metaverse has already begun to naturally impose itself, even more since the Covid crisis which limited people’s movements

BugzKG: For sure, the metaverse has taken off and brings so many opportunities. Tell us about the metaverse fashionshow. I’m intrigued.

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: We are fortunate to work with which proposes to provide models who have a very positive opinion on the Metaverse and NFTs. We imagine this show as the bridge between classic, glamorous fashion shows and the more innovative, free e-world

BugzKG: That sounds awesome! Since fashion is based on brands, what type of brand would you like to partner with to make it happen?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: We have 2 choices, either get closer to a reputable brand or get closer to a clothing brand in the Metaverse

BugzKG: Interesting. That’s a whole new world and sounds like a lot of networking. 😊 Now NFTs typically thrive off collaboration. Will you have partnerships with other NFTs projects for this fashion show?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Excellent question. DRESSX if you read this, call me 🤗📞and why not include references to the most famous NFTs while you’re at it

BugzKG: Haha I love it! ❤️ Before you spoke about rare and legendary NFTs in your collection. NFT collectors love those. Can you tell us about the rare NFTs. What traits will they have?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: The rare NFTs will be representations of one of Marie’s passions: movies. You will find references to Tarentino, Marvel, Disney, and others. Rare NFTs will give benefits: 4% cash back on our first fashion show in the Metaverse (divided among holders)

BugzKG: Movies! 🎬 I love those references! The 4% cash back is also nice. Can you tell us about the ledgendary NFTs?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Trinity is my favorite 😉 Yes sure. The legendary NFTs are our greatest pride. Our name, Marie’s Cyborgs, comes from the story we invented: Marie wants to conquer the worlds. Her experience and charisma will allow her to conquer the human world and she calls on her Cyborgs to help her conquer the digital world! In addition to having the same advantages as Rares, Legendaries will be entitled to 2% cash back on every NFT sold!

BugzKG: What a great backstory! Marie conquering the world. Very unique and definitely will attract investors!

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Glad you like it!

BugzKG: So where can investors find more information about your project? Can you share your socials so others know where to find you?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Ill copy paste from our Discord 😉

BugzKG: Check these out everyone! Make sure to do your research. 😊 Before we start the questions is there anything else you’d like to share with our community?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: To conclude, I would say that this project is an incredible opportunity for Marie. She would like to create a community that would advise her on her career choices. It’s a way of working that has never been seen before in the modeling world!

BugzKG: Super exciting for Marie, the team, and the Cronos community! Very intrigued to see your success! 🥳

Great! Let’s move onto the question portion of our AMA. I’m going to unmute the chat and allow the audience to ask questions for a few minutes. It will be on slow mode and we ask that you add a 🦾 to your question to avoid bots. After a few minutes, I’ll mute chat and the team will choose 5 questions to answer. Please respect their choices. Do not DM me or any of us complaining. Thank you.

@IamMarieCyborg are you ready?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: More than ready!

Community Questions

Community Question #1:

Zeratul | FRENS: 🦾 Hello fren! ❤️‍🔥 I absolutely love Marie’s Cyborgs as you know. It is refreshing to see an NFT project with such beautiful art and an ambitious vision to match. Metaverse is a hot trend right now and you are pioneers bringing a real life model, Marie, into this space.

Many frens will be curious to know how many Rare and Legendary Cyborgs there will be in total out of the 2500 NFTs. After all, they have such interesting perks. Can you give us any sneak peek insight into this? 👀

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Hi Fren! That’s a question we didn’t want to answer right away because our designer is passionate about creating more and more extraordinary Rares and Legendaries every day. 😄 At the moment I would say there will be about 2100 Fashions with very distinct rarity items (rings, necklaces, glasses, outfits, hair color, haircut, etc.), probably 350 rares & 50 legendaries. But again, these numbers change daily! We will communicate about it soon !

Community Question #2:

B.N.: Will Marie be the only NFT model for your NFT project or will you consider onboarding other models as well for future NFTs for example with a gen2 NFT collection? Your partner platform “seemodels” are also having lots of other models as well. Love Marie and looking forward to the drop! 🦾

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Marie will indeed be our first model in the Metaverse. The goal of the game for us will be to quickly organize a show in the Metaverse in which other models (from See Models or elsewhere) will appear. These models will be pre-selected by us but the final selection (about 30 models+) will be done through the vote of NFT owners (1 Vote = 1 NFT). A second generation of NFT will be produced from the models selected for the show.

Community Question #3:

hello: Where can i buy $Marie’s Cyborgs token? And give 3 reasons for the benefits I get when holding these tokens for a long term?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Marie’s NFT’s will be available on our website in “White-List” mode and on ebisusbay for public sale. The reasons to buy these NFTs are to “bet” on the evolution of Marie’s career in the real world and in the metaverse. If Marie becomes one of the most famous models in the Metaverse tomorrow, how much do you think her NFT will be worth? Moreover, and in a shorter time horizon, the “special” NFTs (legendary or rare) will give direct cash-back on the profits made by Marie in the Metaverse

Community Question #4:

Marjerlin Buitrago: Will we see the #NFT Stake on Marie’s Cyborgs in the future? I mean, can we win while Staking with #NFT or something similar? it would be great 💕🦾

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: We know that it will be long and hard to do, but we particularly like the idea. We will surround ourselves with competent people!

Community Question #5:

karx00: Will you try to market to traditional investors? How does the fashion industry feel about NFTs and the metaverse?

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Indeed we will also contact traditional (non-crypto) investors. Traditional clothing brands already have the ambition (or are already) to go into the Metaverse and could be very interested in Marie’s NFT project. Collaborations between models and clothing brands will be created very quickly in the Metaverse.

BugzKG: Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me about your project! Very exciting the first model in the metaverse! Launches Jan 30th! Winners I will DM you and then forward the winners to @IamMarieCyborg for prize payment. Have a wonderful day/night! 😊 Unmuting chat now!

Marie’s Cyborgs – NFT on Cronos: Thank you for hosted us! We really enjoyed it!

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