Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮), cofounder of Minotaur.Money dropped by to talk to ☆CryptoGirlfriend☆ about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win 50 DAI each, totaling 250 DAI!

If you would like more information about Minotaur.Money, please visit their website at https://minotaur.money/#/ and their Telegram at https://t.me/MinotaurMoney.

Minotaur.Money Interview

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: I will be your host today for this AMA. The chat has been muted and users will be able to ask questions at the end after I go through my set of questions with Minotaur.Money. Welcome Minotaur.Money team. Can you introduce yourselves to our TG members?

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): Hi! I am Uranus of Minotaur.Money. We are a 4-person team but I am the one who does most of the talking. You can check us out at minotaur.money or buy tokens here or check out our outside MMF staking program at mm.finance/savanna. We just started staking a day or two ago and our presale sold out in 30 seconds. We like to think of ourselves as the fastest sellout on cronos.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: Super impressive! Can you tell us more about your project? I know you recently launched and you just mentioned you sold out your presale very quickly.

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): Yes we are a dao and decentralized reserve currency and we would also like to serve as a decentralized VC. The form factor of our dao is wonderland (ohm) fork but we have some interesting innovations over the standard wonderland formula. First of all, we have fractionality code which allows us to take out/deploy a larger amount of treasury than a standard wonderland fork. Second, we have a transaction tax that is redistributed to holders. That transaction tax applies only to selling so our reward rate is 0.5% per 8 hours for rebase staking but people have actually been getting 0.73%-2.5%.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: I know those OHM forks have been very popular lately!

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): because of the selling tax but many of those tokens are not new tokens they are tax from sellers so its less inflation. We also have an outside staking program with MMF which looks like this.

💏🏼 MMF partnership announcement: https://minotaurmoney.medium.com/mm-finance-to-provide-staking-utility-for-minotaur-money-7514607043d0 and again you can read more at https://minotaur-money.gitbook.io/minotaur.money/using-minotaur/instructions.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: Thank you for the visuals and more info! Everyone please check out these links.

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): so we have the ability to wrap our staking receipt tokens and then stake them in MMF at mm.finance/savanna. And please do click that savanna link because you can see the APR. That APR for staking on MMF is in addition to the rebase APR because our wrapper that gives wsMINO accounts for all that staking rewards and gives you back the sMINO you earned while wrapped. So you get the rebase rewards AND you also get the MMF rewards for staking wsMINO for mmf tokens. Then you can take the mmf tokens, stake them in that other pool., and earn more MINO. That’s the whole cycle above and that is true bonus APR. You dont lose anything and that amounts to a user reward program. There are many ohmforks out there that have a user reward program that is just like… lotteries

Some of them do things like send a million dollars to 33 random wallets but our outside staking program guarantees you your fair share. You don’t need to worry about corruption or me giving the sweepstakes money to myself you just get your fair share of the MMF rewards and we think that people prefer it that way.

and yes we would like to say that we are already the only ohmfork on cronos with this type of utility and certainly the only one to have it before we even came out

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: It sounds like you have a lot going on here. Obviously the staking, APRs and rewards are a huge incentive to join your project but are there any other features and benefits of Minotaur.Money?

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): Yes we will also be deploying the treasury so the real “purpose” of the DAO is to reinvest the treasury. We believe that we can act as decentralized VCs by getting very early deals or getting into more comprehensive deals with other businesses. Like we could buy whole projects even. Like how the redacted cartel bought votemak. We can maybe also try to get deals for underpriced tokens and that might sound strange but these deals do exist. If you throw around sufficient money and know whom to ask. Some companies like sushi will sell underpriced tokens to VCs.

So we feel that being a part of this dao would give people exposure to deals most people cant make but also it gives a principled grounding to the APY because we feel that we will be able to make nice profits getting good deals on tokens and equity once we have a treasury built up.

Oh yeah we also think of ourselves as the best alternative for ohmforks on cronos. On a chain with over 2b tvl, there are only 6 identified ohmforks and approximately 3 are dead or not launched.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: Tell me about your unique outside staking on MM.Finance.

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): we already described it but doesnt it look beautiful?

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: yes, I love the color scheme too

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): The stake wsMINO —> earn MMF APR is now 490% so that is APR you earn for free in addition to your staking on Minotaur in the main pool. That is a really big apr to be free additional staking. There are some out ther elike wMEMO that can be used for borrowing but you get to borrow a fractional amount of MIM and that isnt going to make you… well 572% apr now… unless youre a real wizard doing high risk stuff. But this is not a high risk pool, this is just a pool on MMF.

It’s a safe pcs fork with no liquidations so people who use wMEMO to borrow and do (9,9) are being unsafe and so the liquidations lead to large negative price candles. We don’t have that. We just have a pool you stake in and get addicted to the sweet rewards.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: Can you explain your $MINO tokenomics with us? How does one acquire $MINO?

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): Trade link. Our MINO token has liquidity on mm.finance and you can also use any of our bonds at minotaur.money. For those who dont know, we use the mechanic of bonding which is the ability to mint MINO tokens at a given price in exchange for 5-day linear vesting. So those are the two ways to get MINO but there is also a third in that other MMF pool. That other MMF pool also yields MINO tokens. Also staking gives you more and our reward rates have been enhanced by the selling tax.

We feel that all of these considerations, all of the things we have done, have made us a more appealing choice than other ohmfork alternatives on cronos, and we have seen that the top ohmfork on any given chain can get quite big. We feel that people will really enjoy the tax redistribution to holders and also extra staking, making it a very HODL friendly protocol. We wanted to make changes to the standard ohmfork setup to favor holders because we feel that the average ohm fork does not reward or is not favorable enough to holders. But if we differentiate ourselves in that way, we feel that we can make a big difference and have key differentiating aspects that make us the top ohm fork on cronos.

The rewards from MMF staking especially have been very good. It’s already several percent back on presale if you did it. So we think that our rewards are going to be very juicy for quite some time.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: Seems like a wonderful deal for the early investors.

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): https://youtu.be/NWDRC78iWH4. ⛓ Links: ⛓

🌐 Website: https://minotaur.money
✈️ Telegram: https://t.me/MinotaurMoney
🎮 Discord: https://discord.gg/minotaurmoney
📢 Medium: https://minotaurmoney.medium.com/
📚 Docs: https://minotaur-money.gitbook.io/minotaur.money/

💏🏼 MMF partnership announcement: https://minotaurmoney.medium.com/mm-finance-to-provide-staking-utility-for-minotaur-money-7514607043d0

We use (🐮,🐮) as our gang tattoo

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: hehe Well, security is important to token holders. So can you explain how will you ensure your project is safe to invest in?

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): We have KYC through assure defi: https://www.assuredefi.io/projects/minotaur-money. We also have our code which essentially keeps us safe. We were very careful to make only very light changes to the wonderland codebase and obviously the code has not been exploited or i would not be here right now lol. So the proof is in the pudding really no bugs have been discovered.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: People would be hunting you down if you were exploited I’m sure

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): Well, an exploit is one thing and stealing money is another. We wont have either happen we think but we can control not stealing money and we definitely aren’t doing that. We believe that we can make a lot more by honestly investing it for the DAO and i guess if we are talking about the trust that has been put in us. We did run a 250k presale and did not run off with the money, we put 40% into liquidity where it now sits in treasury so please be assured that you are in good hands and if we try anything, we are KYCed through assure defi.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: That’s good to know! I’m sure people trust people that have at least KYCed more than completely anon projects. What are your future goals for Minotaur.Money? Anything exciting down the pipeline?

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): We have so much that we could do, i dont even know where to begin really. We would like to do anything that makes us money. I think it sounds cynical but the dao is truly what it is. It’s an autonomous organization. It exists to make money for itself.

So we will explore stuff like standard yield farming options that most do with treasuries but we are really in search of supremely high alpha. Like investing in extremely important protocols at the earliest level or owning the whole thing. We can also operate making profit on a somewhat smaller scale by operating things like NFT games.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: and is this going to just be on the cronos chain or do you have any aspirations to venture out to other chains?

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): There are too many opportunities almost and not enough people to create things. We believe that most of our outside profit making opportunities would be most profitable on other chains than cronos. Like for example, if you release an NFT game, it is probably going to make the most money on either ETH or solana.

NFTs on other blockchains just are not as profitable, just run the numbers. Once again, we have to look realistically at where we are going to make the most money but there are going to be many opportunities out there. We can invest if we want something low effort. Like for example, if we were going to farm, id have to say that fantom is a great bet right now. We have to keep up with the times and not get too attached to any one thing. But again i think we can also create more projects and side projects, make some acquisitions.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: ETH and Solana had to start somewhere and I see high hopes for Cronos and other chains in GameFi specifically.

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): We just need the treasury. Yes, I believe that there are some games that actually have to be deployed on polygon believe it or not. Because polygon is the only affordable blockchain for chainlink VRF. So if you want to make a game that uses chainlink VRF, you literally have no choice other than polygon. That is just one example. I believe that gamefi will be successful on many chains.

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: well, it’s not my favorite chain, that is for sure. Before we get into the user questions, is there anything else you want to share with us? and please share your socials again.

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): Well, just that we have put in an extreme effort to make this the best ohmfork on cronos. We believe that in only our second day of operation, we offer the best utility out of any ohmfork on cronos. We have been the most serious about putting together user benefits that matter. We have a video.

💰 About Minotaur Money 💰

  • 💵 Minotaur.Money is a reserve currency and decentralized VC on the Cronos Network
  • 🪙 Minotaur employs transaction tax redistribution to stakers as a holding incentive!
  • 🧺 Fractionality enables Treasury deployment to make profit for the DAO.
  • 🥩 Additional staking of wsMINO tokens at MMF provides extra rewards for MINO stakers!
  • 🔗 Dynamics of staking and minting (aka bonding) create a crypto-denominated reserve currency in the Cronos ecosystem.
  • 🌐 Website: https://minotaur.money

⛓ Links: ⛓

🌐 Website: https://minotaur.money
✈️ Telegram: https://t.me/MinotaurMoney
🎮 Discord: https://discord.gg/minotaurmoney
📢 Medium: https://minotaurmoney.medium.com/
📚 Docs: https://minotaur-money.gitbook.io/minotaur.money/

💏🏼 MMF partnership announcement: https://minotaurmoney.medium.com/mm-finance-to-provide-staking-utility-for-minotaur-money-7514607043d0

We hope to be very agile about deploying the treasury to make more money for the holders. It’s kind of like farming as a service but we actually will do a lot more. Anyway thanks very much, are there any other questions?

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: Let’s get into the questions from the users. This is how the user question portion will work. I will unmute the chat for a few mins and you can ask your question. Your question must include a cow or bull emoji in order for your question to be considered. 5 questions will then be selected and each one will win $50. Ready?

Community Questions

Community Question #1

J. Marin: How do you intend to maintain adequate TVL values in MinoTaur Treasury to ensure that the Vault is profitable for both partners and yourselves? Especially with CRONOS fees🐄🐮🐂

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): we do have our eye on cronos fees, but its less than $1 per tx. also they have the option of changing that

Community Question #2

J smith: Hi @Minotaur_Money 🐮Why you build Minotaur on this blockchain? Any plan to move on other blockchain , multichain or mainnet?

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): we chose Cronos because it is the fastest growing blockchain right now

Community Question #3

Euna Leach: Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term? 🐮

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): i agree that there is a lot of obsession with short term price and yield, but we are setting up fundamental mechanisms to keep people in it for the long run

Community Question #4

Adelaida Barton:🐮How can I buy this token? Is it available on any exchange?

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): yes here is the link to buy, only on Cronos network: https://mm.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x3A1138075bd97a33F23A87824b811146FA44288E

Community Question #5

Baxy *LOVE CRYPTO 69: Could you please tell me just a little more about Minotaur team and some of their backgrounds? I have personally seen many projects launch with inexperienced team members, and some of those didn’t go so well due to easily avoidable mistakes? .🐄

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): Its definitely true that some projects have struggled to launch because of inexperienced team members. but we did everything successfully and on time

☆CryptoGirlfriend☆: Thank you @Minotaur_Money for being with us today. I’m going to end our portion of the AMA but you are welcome to continue answering as many questions as you’d like and I will open up the chat again

Uranus (Minotaur.Money) (🐮,🐮): I think that covers most of it! Thank you for having me! Take care everyone and please join our group chat if you’d like to ask more questions. I know we didnt have time for all. Thank you so much for having us!

⛓ Links: ⛓ https://youtu.be/NWDRC78iWH4

🌐 Website: https://minotaur.money
✈️ Telegram: https://t.me/MinotaurMoney
🎮 Discord: https://discord.gg/minotaurmoney
📢 Medium: https://minotaurmoney.medium.com/
📚 Docs: https://minotaur-money.gitbook.io/minotaur.money/

💏🏼 MMF partnership announcement: https://minotaurmoney.medium.com/mm-finance-to-provide-staking-utility-for-minotaur-money-7514607043d0

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