Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT from Reckless Robots dropped by to talk to BugzKG about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, Dr. Boo’s Ghosts allowed participants to submit questions beforehand via a Google Doc and rewarded chosen questions with an NFT!

If you would like more information about Reckless Robots, please visit their website at https://www.recklessrobotsnft.com/ and their Twitter at https://twitter.com/RecklessRobots.


BugzKG: Welcome everyone to our AMA with Reckless Robots! I will be your host today. Just a few quick things before we get started. We are trying something new for this AMA. There are two segments. The interview and the question segment. You are muted for both segments. When we get to the question segment, Reckless Robots will answer questions submitted BEFORE the AMA. This is to prevent bots from winning. 4 questions will be answered and those chosen winners will win one NFT each paid by Reckless Robots in their discord. Please be patient for payment. Thank you.

Welcome Reckless Robots team. Can you introduce yourself to our tg members?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Hey everyone! I’m Overseer, The founder of Reckless Robots. A little from my background: I got in to Crypto about 1,5 – 2 years ago. I started out with trading on Centralized exchanges, mainly doing spot trading and futures. After a while I got interested in decentralized  exchanges and and smaller projects on the BSC side.

I helped in a few projects on that side, taking care of the web sites, TG channel, marketing etc. My friend told me about Cronos in the November of 2021 and I got in to the Cronos scene pretty much straight after that. I had some NFTs from the previous chains, but really got in to them only after getting in to Cronos.

I got in to the CRougar team in the early stages of the project. That has been a significant factor to why I’m here today. On CROugars I handled modding and community management mainly, helping out where ever I could. Working with CROugars gave me the idea and confidence to start my own project.

BugzKG: That’s awesome you started with the Croguar team! I love hearing people’s stories on how they got started. 😊

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Yeah, really hats off to the whole Loot team and Grayson especially 🤩

BugzKG: Yeah they’re great to work with. Can you tell us about Reckless Robots? Assume we know nothing please.

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Sure. So Reckless Robots is a NFT project deployed on the Cronos Chain. Originally our total supply was 2100 NFTs. The most distinctive features of the project have been the ability to stake your NFTs (Passive income), the eliminations (burning of NFTs) and the unique hand-drawn arts. Reckless Robots come in 5 different attributes and 34 traits. The amount of traits has been kept low to preserve the original base character.  

Robots consist of differrent backgrounds, armours, back gears, scarfs and eyes. We have set quite high royalties of 16%. Royalties are divided in the following way: 10% passive income rewards, 5% to eliminations and 1% to team wallet to handle running fees like software and website costs. We have been live now from the end of february, so pretty much for 3 months now. Up until now we have burned 108 NFTs from that supply.  🔥

The eliminations consist of buying NFTs from 2nd sales and burning them. After the burns the fallen Robots are commemorated in our discord. We have been implementing some special events to this process like the sweeping raffles, where all 2nd sales buyers have had the chance to win NFTs, whitelist spots and so on.  Also we have introduced a salvage concept where the community has had the opportunity to vote whether a NFT is burned or given away. There are some significant changes ongoing to the basic concept but maybe we will touch those a bit later?

BugzKG: Great breakdown! Sounds like you’ve been busy and put in tons of work. Very interesting concepts. 😊 Why did you decide to launch on Cronos and not another blockchain?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Thanks, we sure try to deliver daily 😊 I Loved Cronos from the first moments I entered this scene. I believe all of Cronos and CROfam have a very special connection. People from different projects coming together to help eachother out. Also CRO as a native currency is strong and has a lot of potential. ❤️CROfam

BugzKG: The Crofam is definitely a strong community. Projects support one another and collab all the time. It’s refreshing to see! ❤️ Can you explain some features that set Reckless Robots apart from other NFT projects? How will you benefit the Cronos ecosystem?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Good question! There aren’t too many projects that have implemented the burning of NFTs before us. To be exact, when I came up with the idea of combining the eliminations with the staking there were none that offered the same.

Of course now the staking is more like a every project thing. Also the burns have gotten more common. This is why we are stepping up the game to introduce our Passive income concept 2.0.

Yes, well to be exact the staking is something we are changing according to our concept upgrade.  So regarding the mentioned passive income concept, we aim to deliver the rewards collected from the royalties through a smart contract. So very much like reflection tokens, we will airdrop the rewards straight to holders wallets without any fees to holders.

The staking has been awesome and we have been able to provide among the highest APRs on Crodex, but to provide a sustainable and cost-free way of making passive income, we decided to launch the new concept starting on the 1st of June. The rewards will be sent out weekly or twice a month depending on the secondary sales volumes and amounts of royalties collected.

The thing I’m most excited about the concept upgrade is the ability to enjoy passive income while having your NFTs listed on secondary sales and the fact that you can enjoy the passive income and use your NFTs on other web3 DApps 🤖 I think this is something that will be very important when we dive deeper in to the web3 world and find different usecases for NFTs on Cronos.

BugzKG: Ooh! That sounds exciting! I love being able to stake NFTs and the passive income concept is really cool. Crodex is a great platform. Highest APR? 🔥

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: During the last two rounds we have been able to provide around 160-170% APRs on Crodex. However, as mentioned  we will be changing to the passive income concept 2.0 starting from the June 1st and with that we will pause the Crodex staking pools. 🥳

BugzKG: Passive income is awesome 👌

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: For sure!

BugzKG: What other benefits can people expect from your project?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: The accelerated passive income provided through eliminations (burns) and awesome Reckless arts as well as the ability to use your NFTs on various web3 services while enjoingn passive income.

BugzKG: Perfect! Love these benefits! I do love the art. It’s really well done and unique. Great job team! Can you share your roadmap?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Not to mention the perks and possible usecases  provided through our awesome collaborations such as Crowboys and Cronos Chibis! Sure, i’ll drop it as an image an walk you through it shortly

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Okay so basically this is our upgraded operation plan (or roadmap). We are well on our way on phase 5, having already tested the passive income concept and after announcing the initial Gen2 plans. Next steps are the implementation of the  passive income concept and the preparations for the Gen2. Oh having mentioned the Gen2, mind if I drop a little sneek peak or a leaked blueprint as we call them?

BugzKG: Sure!

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: It’s The Beast! Very happy how the Beast ended up 🤩🤩

BugzKG: It looks awesome! 😊 Going back to before. Can you tell me a bit more about your partnerships?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Sure! So we have made several collabs with awesome projects on Cronos. Among these AliensNFT, MagBrewVikings, BobaNFT, CRomelons, CronoGods, Boomers, Cronos BotSociety, and Cronos Research just to name a few. Our partnerships include Ebisus Bay, Loot Network, Crodex and for the future usecases The Crowboys and Degen Playground and the whole Artemis team

Awesome projects, Would like to thank all of you  for all the support already at this phase 🤩

Last but not least, The Cronos Chibis, our strategic partners

BugzKG: In what ways are they your strategic partner? No lie. They look really cool!

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: I’m a co-founder at the Chibis. We have combined strenghts together. We are currently building both projects. However Chibis is still minting and our common path is still in the beginning.

BugzKG: Awesome! That’s alot of work managing two projects. Great job! What are you future goals for Reckless Robots? Anything exciting down the pipeline? Besides the passive income?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: For sure, but none of this would be possible without our team! Indyskyz, Grim, Lace, Gucci and Fizzle as well as everyone who have been with us from the beginning have made all of this possible ❤️ So currently we are in the process of deploying the passive income concept 2.0. At the same time we have been preparing our Gen2 launch that has been planned to happen on June to September timeline. Taking in to consideration the status of the current market, I believe it’s closer to the end of Summer rather than June.

I’m really looking forward to the Gen2 drop. Gen2 will have 3 different base characters and you will be able to battle them out to achieve Legendary Robots. Gen2 will have the same passive income model implemented as we will have on Gen1. Oh having mentioned the passive income concept, xKSK our newest addition to the team did an amazing job with the contract!

BugzKG: Exciting! Last question. Where can people go to buy your NFTs?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: So for the NFTs, head out to https://app.ebisusbay.com/ or https://www.tofunft.com/ You can also find us now from crypto.com/NFTs

BugzKG: Perfect! Can you share your socials so others know where to find you?

Sure so the easiest place to find all our socials / contacts is from:  https://linktr.ee/recklessrobots

BugzKG: Thank you! Check these out guys! 🔥 Anything else you want to share before we begin the question portion?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: We touched the passive income concept and the math about the Reckless Robots concept only briefly here so I would advice to check out our medium articles if you are interested in finding out more 👍 But other than that, ready for the community questions!

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Also don’t forget to get you Reckless gear from our Merch store! 🥳 https://reckless-shop.myspreadshop.net/  (Europe) and https://reckless-shop.myspreadshop.com/  (US)

BugzKG: Great! Let’s move onto the question segment of our AMA. Reckless Robots will answer some submitted questions for us! Any winners will be contacted by the team in their discord as we already have your discord names. Please be patient.

Community Questions

Community Question #1:

First Question: Because the present market for NFTs is seeing a massive volume drop owing to the bear season, it’s difficult to assign a value to an NFT and maintain it, could you explain how you’ll handle NFT inflation? What methods will you use to ensure the value of reckless robots NFT collections remains stable?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: I believe NFTs hold against the bear market in a bit better way than the tokens in general. NFT prices do not follow the movements of the native currency very accurately. Our strength in this is the reducing total supply plus the built in sweeping funded from the royalties 🔥

Community Question #2:

Second Question: Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product to extend fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I want to know who is your ideal consumer for your product?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: We have an amazing and active community. The RecklessFam is constantly feeding us with ideas. We are open to ideas and are constantly evaluating on which of the ideas can be implemented to provide for the holders. Though have to admit that I’m personally quite strict about keeping the project on it’s track to keep the main course on the passive income powered by the eliminations to achieve the accelerated passive income phase.

For the ideal consumer: Our ideal consumer is someone who likes the arts of our NFTs, values passive income and is willing to hold to see the accelerated passive income kick in.

Community Question #3:

Third Question: While most NFT projects commonly used the 10,000 NFT UNITS , you have the UNIQUE number of 2,100 units.Is there a significant reason why you chose the 2,100 number?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: I wanted to keep the supply low so that the eliminations would have a significant impact to the passive income. The numbers came from running the math with different values in a few different scenarios. You can learn more about the math from the medium articles.🤓

Community Question #4:

Fourth Question: Can you list 1–3 killer features of your project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Definitely the Accelerated passive income, the holding rewards combined with the eliminations. Also our team has been striving to deliver everything that we have stated to. We are open about the project and well available when needs be. Together with our community we form an awesome Reckless Fam 🤩❤️🤖

BugzKG: That’s the final question. Thank you so much Reckless Robots for taking time out of your day to tell us about your project! The AMA recap will be posted later today. So please be on the lookout everyone! Timezones make it hard for people to attend. 😊

Overseer | Reckless Robots NFT: Thank you very much Cronicle team  for the awesome AMA session, everyone for attending and for the good questions! See you all in our discord.

BugzKG: If you would like more information on Reckless Robots and want to learn more please check out their discord and other socials listed above! Have a wonderful day/night everyone! Unmuting chat now!

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