Shah_of_Prussia, Jan Robert Schutte, and Mark Leenards, from Token of Expertise dropped by to talk to Kahoobb about the exciting stuff they have been working on and to take some questions from the community. To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment at the end were selected to win 50 CRO each, for a total of 250 CRO.

If you would like more information about Token of Expertise, please visit their website at and their Twitter at

Token of Expertise Interview

Kahoobb: Hello everyone, welcome to our AMA with Token of Expertise!

Jan Robert Schutte: Welcome, thank you for having me

Mark Leenards: Hi everybody

Kahoobb: I would like to welcome @Shah_of_Prussia  @dutchcryptotrader and @Trustboss !

Shah_of_Prussia: Thank you for having us 🙂

Kahoobb: Hope everyone is doing good 🙂 Great to have you all. I have some questions for your project, are you ready to begin?

Mark Leenards: Yes 👌🏻

Jan Robert Schutte: Absolutely

Kahoobb: Okay great lets get right into them then. Can you tell us a bit about ToE in general?

Mark Leenards: Sure! The Token of Expertise is an utility token, to be launched on the CRO and BSC chains this year. With the introduction of this token, our aim is to make expertise more accessible, reliable and affordable. The token will be used in the Expert App, that will be launched as well this year. The Expert App will be a community based, blockchain / web3 powered application to find the right expert in the most efficient way. The Token of Expertise will be a method of payment in the app, as well as an instrument to measure expertise.

Jan Robert Schutte: As an example: we have a userbase of more than 85,000 investors in The Netherlands who are seeking advice, services concerning investments

Shah_of_Prussia: It could potentially revolutionize the entire economy of information and knowledge sharing

Jan Robert Schutte: We aim indeed to match demand for investment services of experts in a most efficient way thru the use of the Token of Expertise App. The TOE can be seen as fuel in the system

Mark Leenards: The rating of experts will be based the number of Tokens received, the expert status of the senders of the Tokens, the retention of receiving Tokens from the same senders, the basic post-advice rating giving by the sender and the number of Tokens spent in the Expert App.

So not only receiving, but also spending of Tokens leads to more expertise.

Jan Robert Schutte: With payments in TOE tokens to Experts, one can see how much an Expert earned, thus it is an objective measurement method

Mark Leenards: We believe this is a much more fair system to measure expertise, where current ways to measure status are mostly based on numbers of followers, achievements or referral.

Jan Robert Schutte: Absolutely. this is a fair rating system. nowadays, ratings can be found on Google, Tripadvisor et cetera, only by written reviews, so these can be forged/faked.

Kahoobb: Wow very interesting, sounds pretty cool! I actually have a question about the app but before we get into that, who are the founders of your project?

Mark Leenards: There are four Dutch founders: Harm van Wijk, Harry Klip, Jan Robert and myself. We are all seasoned investors, with different expertises. 

Harm van Wijk is the founder and chief investment expert of, a Dutch community with over 80k members.

Jan Robert Schutte: I, Jan Robert Schutte, am cofounder of Token of Expertise. I have more than 25 years trading experience and since 2017 I am involved in the crypto market as cofounder of The Netherlands. I am crypto trader and also a well known international Keynote speaker on crypto events

Mark Leenards: I have been working with investments and investors for more than twenty years now, and I have seen over and over again how investors are making the same mistakes. They are attracted to slick marketing, scams or taking unresponsible risks themselves. Since I was starting to work with investors I was always determined to help them avoid these costly mistakes.

Kahoobb: I saw there will be an Expert App. Could you tell us about that?

Mark Leenards: The Expert App will be a community based native (Android/iOS) app to find the right expert in the most efficient way.

Given the expertise and network of the founders, the Expert App will launch with investment as the first focus area, with other areas such as health, legal and tax to be added later. The idea is to start with building an Investment Expert App where both novice and seasoned investors can ask experts for help regarding all their investment questions. The app will include the following features:

  1. Asking questions to experts
  2. Expert assistance/assignment based on artificial intelligence, availability and ranking (‘stake’)
  3. Webinars announced with push notifications
  4. Rewarding of experts with Expert Tokens, to be exchanged for cryptocurrency
  5. Personal news feed
  6. Trading simulation and training
  7. Expert reviewing

We will launch a beta version (MVP) in two weeks from now!

Kahoobb: Wow! That is very soon, and the app sounds like it can be very helpful for your average investor.

Mark Leenards: Thanks. And the nice thing is that the expert investors can use his tokens to buy services from, for instance, a lawyer, personal trainer or other expert

Kahoobb: I saw that there’s currently a challenge running that our cronicle community could partake in. Can you elaborate on it?

Mark Leenards: Yes sure, we are running the TOE Viral Challenge, giving away an iPhone13 and 500 ToE to actively participating members.

We invite participants to join our social channels, like and share them and invite new members to the challenge. Each action will be rewarded with points.

With just 50 points, participants will receive 500 ToE. The target price for the IDO for every ToE will be 1 EUR (approx. 1.10 USD)

The winner of the challenge will receive an iPhone 13

Kahoobb: That sounds like an amazing giveaway, a chance at winning ToE and an iphone 13!? 😱

My last question for you is that, Your new strategic round of sale with 500- euro minimum investment starts soon. Can you tell us how users can access it?

Shah_of_Prussia: To be explicit, by obtaining sufficient points in the challenge, participants are allocated with certainty 500 TOE 🙂 So by doing sufficient media work worth of 50 points in the challenge, anyone can get 500 TOEs, a total of 550 dollars approx at TGE price!

Kahoobb: Even better!

Mark Leenards: We will launch a special token sale platform with integrated KYC, MetaMask wallet connect, as well as a pooling system. The bigger the pool, the lower the price per token. The price range will be between 40 and 60 eurocents per token.

Whitelisting is possible on our website:

The private sale will start March 28. So if anybody here is interested, you can join together in one pool.

Maybe there are some questions from the community members? I hope everything was clear.

Kahoobb: okay great, sounds good! We will open up questions now for community questions. The first 5 questions to be answered by the Token Of Expertise team will get the AMA prize. Please put an emoji of  🐶 in your question to be eligible for a prize. Thanks 🙂

Chat is opening up now for questions!

Community Questions

Community Question #1:

Jackpot 1M$: Everyone knows, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, you go with your partners, so with Token Of Expertise, which partners will promote and help Your Project reach and achieve the project’s goals? 🐶

Jan Robert Schutte: We have good contacts several communities: Communities and our members help to reach our goals

Community Question #2:

Topis AIA: I’m interested in staking, what benefit can holders obtain in staking on Token Of Expertise? 🐶

Mark Leenards: We have a diferrent approach towards staking as other projects.

Expert Tiers

  • Unlike Levels and Ratings, solely based on the number of TOE received and ‘staked’.

Bronze Tier:

  • A minimum of 1000 TOE earned and staked (held in a wallet that is connected to the expert profile).
  • Service fee for Bronze Tier Experts will be 4% (of which 3% will flow into the Incentive Staking Pool).

Silver Tier

  • A minimum of 5000 TOE earned and staked.
  • Service fee for Silver Tier Experts will be 3% (of which 2% will flow into the Incentive Staking Pool).
  • Silver Tier Experts will be included in a Recommended section in the Expert App and will receive additional marketing tools.

Gold Tier

  • A minimum of 20000 TOE earned and 10000 TOE staked.
  • Service fee for Gold Tier Experts will be 2% (of which 1% will flow into the Incentive Staking Pool).
  • Gold Tier Experts will be included in a Recommended section in the Expert App and will receive additional marketing tools. Furthermore, they will receive a part of 30% of the Incentive Staking Pool, to be equally shared with all Gold Tier Experts every month.

Diamond Tier

  • A minimum of 25000 TOE earned and 50000 TOE staked.
  • Service fee for Diamond Tier Experts will be 1%.
  • Diamond Tier Experts will be put on top in the Recommended section in the Expert App and will receive additional marketing tools. Furthermore, they will receive a part of 70% of the Incentive Staking Pool, to be equally shared with all Diamond Tier Experts every month.
  • Standard service fee without Tier will be 5%, of which 4% will flow into the Incentive Staking Pool.

Incentive Staking Pool

  • Up to 80% of all service fees will flow into the Incentive Staking Pool, a separate Smart Contract that will distribute TOE to all experts with a Gold or Diamond Tier every month.
  • Expertier B.V. will receive a flat fee of 1% of all transactions via the Expert App.

Community Question #3:


Jan Robert Schutte: 1. we have already a userbase of more than 85,000 members. 2. we apply online marketing and 3. Experts can also reach their clients and prospects and point to the platform

Mark Leenards: To elaborate on this: we will use 40% of all proceeds for marketing of the TOE project and the app. We have much experience with events, both live and webinars.

Community Question #4:

Bui Tung: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? @Trustboss @dutchcryptotrader 🐶@Shah_of_Prussia

Shah_of_Prussia: We have a lot of experience already in both investing and community management (over 15 years each for every founder). That makes, hopefully, stand out in the crypto crowd. What also helps is our current community of 85k+ members and strong partnerships with mobile developers.

Community Question #5:

Vạn Phúc: Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term? @Trustboss @dutchcryptotrader @Shah_of_Prussia  🐶 🐶

Mark Leenards: There are three main reasons for TOE owners to hold on to their TOE:

  1. Future spending on Expert App services, like Quick Q&A, Signals or Coaching. If the tokens will rise in value, a deflationary impuls could lead to HODLing of tokens.
  2. Staking (for experts). Experts can increase their Tier by earning and staking tokens. A higher Tier will result in lower fees for offering their services in the App and will open up additional marketing tools. Experts with the highest Tier can earn extra tokens from the Incentive Staking Pool.
  3. Group staking (for all users). A group of users or experts can ‘crowdfund’ tokens to organize an exclusive coaching session or course from an expert of their choice. This will be offered with the label ‘Education on Demand’ and will open the opportunity to launch tradable tokens for specific on demand services.

Jan Robert Schutte: Thank you for your overwhelming reactions. unfortunately we are not able to answer all your questions. Our intention is to host a webinar soon in English, where we would like to present our project and answer your questions also verbally. Announcement and link to register for attending the webinar, will be published asap

Kahoobb: It was a pleasure having you all! Thank you for joining us for this AMA.

Shah_of_Prussia: Guys make sure to connect with us on our socials here: you will find all our platforms, so you get to interact with us in the media of your choice. This is our telegram instead:

Mark Leenards: Thanks everybody! Hope to share more good news with you soon 🙏🏻

Kahoobb: Chat will be opening up again 🙂 Winners will be contacted

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