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Crowboys Online

The first Western NFT-Metaverse Game-Fi on Cronos!

Futuristic and community focused Long-Term Game-Finance project in western theme, consisting of Defi, NFTs(with many utilities), Metaverse(with many events) and a FreeToPlay&CompeteToEarn FPS Game for multiple platforms.


Crowboys will be a virtual western world, where people can interact with each others in gun duels and many other fun activities between the games! All of that in our West City!


Play casually, compete with others, earn and spend WILD and WEST tokens to become the Most Wanted crowboy in the West City!

🌵NFTs with utilities

Equip, Stake and Gamble! Genesis crate(already in progress), avatars, weapons, skins and properties! More details soon.


Giveaways, Airdrops, Events, Votings, Contests. Behind every project stands the community. We are very aware of that. We want to give you the ability to create with us and reward the most dedicated people!


The idea of the project came up, because the owner, who is a fps video games lover couldn’t find this kind of project! Actually there aren’t many western games in video games at all! The team itself can’t wait to play with others!


It’s just the beginning of our long journey. The Cronos chain is just gaining its position and we are going to rise with it!


We want to be as transparent as possible, giving the updates to our community at least each end of the week with short development/marketing/brainstorming summaries. We want the community to be informed about everything, what is going on in the project, especially when many things are coming!


We believe it’s better to cooperate than fight, that’s why we are very open to every partnership with other crypto projects. We want to extend our possibilities, not to live closed in our small world, so we all can live in a better environment!

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