Bogged Finance

Bogged Finance

AggregatorDecentralized ExchangeInfrastructureInteroperabilityTools & Utilities

Bogged Finance is a suite of trading & analytics tools for DeFi Traders and Teams.


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GamingInteroperabilityMetaverseNFTs & CollectiblesPlay to Earn

D.G.Pals is a collectible, multi-genre NFT game platform project. The D.G.Verse is a multifaceted vision that supports an entire ecosystem on its own. From indie developers to gamers, investors, influencers, streamers or competitive players, each has a significant role in the D.G.Verse to invest themselves in and everyone in this metaverse can play and enjoy it.


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Elk Finance

Elk Finance

Decentralized ExchangeInfrastructureInteroperabilityNFTs & CollectiblesStablecoinTools & UtilitiesYield Farm

Elk Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. The Elk ecosystem makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies and interact with smart contracts seamlessly across networks, bypassing the need for complicated and costly bridges. The Elk Finance motto is: Any chain, anytime, anywhere.


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