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AggregatorDecentralized ExchangeDigital CurrencyGamingGovernanceInfrastructureLaunchpadMetaverse

Defira is a blockchain metaverse—the Defiraverse. It is a fusion of DeFi and GameFi, harnessing the synergies of both models to create a DeFi "super app" inside a fantasy game world, which hosts novel and engaging gameplay experiences that fully take advantage of the unique strengths of the blockchain medium. We aim to cultivate the Defiraverse as a multimedia franchise and valuable piece of intellectual property, which is owned and driven by a decentralized community and fandom.


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Procyon Finance

Procyon Finance

AggregatorDecentralized ExchangeLending & BorrowingStablecoinYield Farm

Procyon Finance aims to provide fast, intuitive, secured, and highly efficient financial services.


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Bogged Finance

Bogged Finance

AggregatorDecentralized ExchangeInfrastructureInteroperabilityTools & Utilities

Bogged Finance is a suite of trading & analytics tools for DeFi Traders and Teams.


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AggregatorAuto-liquidityDecentralized ExchangeDigital CurrencyGamblingInteroperabilityLaunchpadNFT MarketplaceNFTs & CollectiblesYield Farm

KryptoDEX: First DEX Agreggator on Cronos powered by InterDeFi with many winning components: such as a DEX and AMM that give users the best return, a launchpad with great IDO track record, a NFT marketplace, unique 3-type referral system and much more!


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Acceleration Finance

Acceleration Finance

AggregatorYield Farm

Acceleration Finance is your all-in-one DeFi hub on the Cronos ecosystem, providing users with an easy way to access different investment strategies for their crypto assets and stablecoins while earning the best returns.


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Crystl Finance

Crystl Finance

AggregatorCommunity TokenDigital CurrencyTools & UtilitiesVaultsYield Optimizer

Crystl Finance is a Premier Vaulting Platform on multiple blockchains bringing Maximized Passive Income to the masses through secure, transparent, and decentralized solutions. Available on Cronos, Polygon, and BNB.


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