Corgi Studio

Corgi Studio

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Corgi Studio is a decentralized project with Corgi Token as the native token and Corgi Studio NFT Marketplace with Cronos Corgi Club NFT collection.


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A new and hyped meme to utility token. 7 days we reached 2.5m ATH and still going up. We have plans of the first BSC to CRO bridge. The 4 team members all own big call channels in BSC, so this bridge will attract huge attention to the entire Cronos market in general. That is our goal, to get attention brought to Cronos. We have our own custom DAPP, we are whitelisted on MMF and already have a pool going there as well. We have much more listings on our agenda still. We are running ad's on social media, TikTok, google and more. We are trying to bring all eyes to the new market that we are building up. We also have our NFT marketplace coming out. We have more ideas down the road that we are looking to get into, real utility projects that can serve a proper purpose to other cronos chain coins. The sky is the limit with us


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Croshi Inu

Croshi Inu

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Croshi Inu is a decentralized digital asset and the first Shiba Inu-Cronos meme-token that is progressively evolving into a vibrant and engaging ecosystem for the masses. We aim to bridge the gap between retail and crypto by offering a fun, exciting, and engaging investment experience for users. So far, we have released a swap and bridge - with plans to release staking and a P2E game in the coming months.


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