Next-generation DOE protocol that's revolutionizing the world of DeFi.
We are an alternative AMM & DEX where you will be able to earn both active and passive incomes while growing together with our community in this environment full of possibilities and potential waiting to be unleashed by protocols like ours.

The DeFi environment has enormous growth potential but lives with its hands tied due to the current almost exclusively speculative protocols offered; which are unsustainable, easily manipulated and often attributable to Ponzi schemes.

AegisDOE aims to change this trend and create a true value asset.

Through a strong business style approach and the continuous addition of solutions and tools to boost revenues, we will create a growing monthly income which will then be translated into a form similar to the “EPS” (Earnings Per Share) of the financial world, where the shares will be represented by our governance token giving it true computable value.