Baby Ape Art Club

a continuing collection of the "Crayon Ape Art Club". The 2nd collection from the Crayon Ape Team

2,000 generated Baby Ape NFTs coming to Cronos in crayon art style that everyone familiar with.

By taking care of these babies, entitles you to staking them and get your reward + more of benefits.

From a colorful PFP only project, Baby Ape Art Club is here to expand our crayon universe and utilities.
You'll be able to staking Baby Ape to earn CRO and other prizes in the future.
These babies will be airdropped to holder of Crayon Ape for their previous support as well!

Everyone probably has childhood memories of drawing a square house with mountain backdrop. Don't forget to draw the sun in the corner!
Bring those memories back with crayon art style from this joyful collection for those who love APE & ART

Picture Gallery