Blockchain Bingo Balls

Blockchain Bingo Balls is the only Bingo Themed Project on Cronos!

This project has been created to benefit the entire Cronos Chain NFT scene! We aim to invigorate marketplaces through strategic project partnership schemes whilst bringing the good old times to the chain!

Blockchain Bingo Balls is an NFT based bingo game which will bring entertainment, fun and prizes galore to its community of 'dabbers'. Our product will include an online Bingo Gift Shop which will use our very own token (non-monetary) to allow players to save tokens and redeem for prizes! Just through being active in the community!

We also bring PFPs to our community with various rewarding utilities! Croback, exclusive access to events and more!

Long term Blockchain Bingo Balls aims to go Cross Chain and also establish itself through the various Metaverses through strategic partnerships, lending of IP and Exclusive Events within chosen Meta Realms!!

Our core mission is to ensure everyone who engages with Blockchain Bingo Balls receives something back and doesn't just hold useless NFTs!! This stands for other Cronos and soon Cross Chain NFTs!

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