Bogged Finance

Bogged Finance is a suite of trading & analytics tools for DeFi Traders and Teams.

They currently operate on 10 chains with plans to expand to more.

Current Products on CRONOS:
- BogSwap - DEX aggregator including routing through 8 DEXes for best price and optimal stable swaps.
- BogPriceBot - free custom bot for up to date token price in telegram grouos. Summon ANY token info.

Products elsewhere:
- Limit orders,stop losses & trailing stop losses (BSC)
- High speed charting with trade plots and more (BSC & POLYGON)
- Portfolio tracking (BSC)
- Launch Sniper (BSC)
- NFT collection (BSC)
- BogPriceBot & BogSwap (ALL CHAINS)

Future plans?
-BogBridge -is in beta and under audit. Once live will allow $BOG deployment on new chains + will facilitate cross chain swapping
- Limit Order & Stop Loss migration to new chains where there is significant demand.

Bogged Finance aim to make DeFI trading on all chains simple, accessible and reliable.

Bogged Finance are always open to collaberation. If you are a DEX or StableSwap seeking integration all requests are welcome. For token teams seeking advice on tools or enquiring about collaberation there is a dedicated teams telegram:

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