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ClubCRO is a conglomerate who share a belief that everyone should have control over their money, data and identity. We understand the mission of CRO within the context of mass adoption and the wider financial landscape.

Our Story:

ClubCRO is headed by two experts in their respective fields who came together through crypto in 2017. Ken provides the technological advice and execution of the project, with ITK spearheading the financial side.

ITK has over a decade of experience in Traditional Finance. As a Senior Financial Consultant having specialised in Pension, Investment & Monetary mechanics, the pathway into Cryptocurrency was already paved. His experience with Traditional Financial Models and Investment Vehicles have afforded him the insight to bring the best that TradFi can bring to the DeFi ecosystem, to maintain a structure and compliance that investors can rely on, while offering the rewards that on only DeFi can provide.

Ken has been a software engineer since 2015 and led teams at small startups through to the largest FTSE 100 companies. He has a magnitude of commercial experience delivering high quality software to solve the most complex of business problems. Ken has been actively involved in web3 since 2016, writing smart contracts since 2017 and hosting Europe's largest cryptocurrency podcast: Crypto Weekly. He also led the team that built the world's first user curated generative art NFT: Eponym.

Our Mission:

To give the community the rewards which they have come to expect from Crypto.com through merging various aspects of decentralised infrastructure. We combine the decentralised finance aspect of the Crypto.org chain and proof of membership through on-chain NFTs to create a community who can live within crypto with confidence that the benefits of membership will not be stripped away from them, will not be reduced and will hold its value.

ClubCRO will be limited to 1,500 members. As part of our launch, we are giving away over 150,000 CRO to our members. 15 Members will instantly 2x their purchase price.

Every ClubCRO member will be included in weekly giveaways where they can 1.5x, 1x or 0.5x their purchase price. Each week 3 members will share 15,000 CRO.