Croala is the cutest meme token on the Cronos Mainnet. 

Croala is a meme token with the overall purpose to take over the meme token market.


Our charity goal is to adopt as many koalas as possible. By adopting these gorgeous koalas, we will be helping their less fortunate wild cousins! Our monthly donations are a twelve month commitment that goes towards the work of helping koalas in the wild.


It works like all other CRC20 tokens, but the team implemented some additional features in the tokenomics in order to benefit early holders who believed in the project and the cause. It also helps grow the team wallet that is dedicated towards our cause of saving koalas. These said features are a 10% tax on every transaction, of which half goes to the liquidity pool (5%) and the other half is distributed to holders (5%), as mentioned below:


Token Supply: 1 Quadrillion


90% Liquidity — 900 Trillion $CROALA went into the liquidity pool on launch along with 12 500 $CRO


5% Presale — 50 Trillion $CROALA were sold during the presale in order to raise the needed liquidity


5% Team — 50 Trillion $CROALA were allocated to the team's wallet for the team’s contribution and expenses, but also charitable causes such as saving koalas.


Max transaction: 1% (10 Trillion tokens)