The Crocean is an NFT project that started the Crowhales collection (OG – sold out). The project will initially include 3 collections. You will not experience empty promises as in typical NFT projects about metaverse, P2E, exclusiveness, uniqueness or that your picture becomes threatening when the lights go out. The facts are that everyone wants to sell at higher price than when we minted. The first collection will be 1111 Crosharks (3 types of sharks – Cranger, Crovouge, Crofaw). Simply having one of them will make it possible to recover investments through staking NFT or $CRO airdrops.

The remaining benefits for holders:
– 50% of the mints liqudity will be into farms to earn $CRO;
– staking NFTs to earn $CRO;
– 50% from royalities will be distributed to holders;
– rest from will be used to increasing pools;
– holders of 3 types CS will get NFT from next collections;
– gifts for growing the community;
– rarity;
– voting rights (future plans, choosing partnerships).

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