Croke NFTs Evolving CSR Project

Our Mission 🚀
We aim to draw attention to the dangers of narcotics through the power of art & NFTs, and support organizations fighting for this cause. At 25% mint we are donating $25k to a rehabilitation center!

How will we reach this?: 🤔
The unique point of our NFTs are the evolving aspect, #Snorter-to-Sober. After 100% mint, we will announce the start date of evolving NFTs. Holders can then place their NFTs into our website’s transformer to check their eligibility for evolving. There will be 3 evolutions:

Phase 1️⃣ Release // Casual Snorter

Phase 2️⃣ Evolving NFTs 1 // Addict (90% evolve chance, 2x staking multiplier)

Phase 3️⃣ Evolving NFTs 2 // Sober (40% evolve chance, 3x staking multiplier)

Picture Gallery