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Superhero for Cronos Chain

All-in-one tool to trade and analyze tokens on Cronos, live streaming charts, swap, market explorer, wallet tracker. Support for all available liquidity providers.


The story of CroMarket begins in late 2021, when we started working on the first version of the app. The idea was simple - maximum needed features for traders along with support for all liquidity providers.

Thus, on January 21, the first version of CroMarket.app was launched. Basic tools were made available that allowed traders to simultaneously trade and analyze tokens. Candlestick charts, swap function, transaction history, liquidity list, financial details - all in one place, on a subpage dedicated to each token. In the meantime, we receive very motivating feedback from the community and build a network with our partners.

On February 12 we released an update that completed the application with missing features that were, unfortunately, missing at the very beginning. We have added among others like e.g. day/night theme or support for DeFi crypto.com wallet. In addition to these changes, we have introduced a number of fixes and improvements, as well as fixed bugs reported by users. There is no time for a break - on February 13, we started working on completing phase 1 and the update that opened phase 2 with a bang.

On February 21, we released a very important update that added a market explorer and wallet tracker.


Today, CroMarket.app has regular users. This is just the beginning of what we can offer to the Cronos community, to that end we are launching private and public sales that will open a new chapter in CroMarket's history. The funds raised will allow us to grow CroMarket.app and expand further. The launch of the CroMarket token will allow us to connect the Cronos chain to other blockchains.

Invest in a project with a working dApp and a constantly evolving ecosystem.

Gateway for Cronos to other chains

Main CroMarket Token utility is cooperation with other chains. We want to offer new communities a simplified investment process on Cronos Chain. The first and most important Token utility will be the bridge between BSC and Cronos. Swap tokens between chains via CroMarket Bridge and start trading on CroMarket - simple!


The two biggest challenges facing Cronos Chain are a deficit of investment tools and openness to new investors.


CroMarket has successfully solved the first problem - the deficit of investment tools. The best proof of these words is the app you are using right now. The funds raised will allow us to fill the second gap - openness to new investors.


Upcoming big features

CroMarket is the first element of our ecosystem. Private and public sales will allow us to continue to grow. Learn more about the next major features of the ecosystem:

Multi-chain bridge as gateway for Cronos chain

Cronos is currently a blockchain isolated for new investors (from more advanced blockchains). With the development of CroMarket, we are simplifying the path for new investors, from other blockchains. A bridge will first be opened between BSC and Cronos. The opening of the bridge to BSC will allow us to connect the CroMarket Token on BSC with its counterpart on the Cronos Chain. Ultimately, we also plan to open a bridge between Ether and Cronos to simplify the migration to Cronos from Ethereum.

#cromart - NFT market with arts, game and sport content based on Cronos

Initial work on Cromart has already begun. The app opens up a new perspective on NFT trading in arts, game content and sports content. The first marketplace created in the concept of e-commerce, only for Cronos.

#crosale - First scalable launchpad system for tokens based on Cronos

The next step in the development of Cronos is the Crosale app. We want to create a stable crowdfunding platform for Cronos. A stable crowdfunding platform will allow us to attract new investors from other blockchains. The best example of how much Cronos needs this solution is our complicated private and public sale process.

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