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Welcome to the Cronana Club

Our club features 11,000 uniquely generated bananas.

Live on the Cronos Chain. Each Cronana is a single, unique piece with various traits and rarities, giving you the chance to own a truly rare Cronana! How will yours look like?

Your Cronana

All the Cronanas are stored with NFT.storage, a decentralized storage solution based on IPFS. That's why you will never lose access to your Cronana, ever. If you want to transfer or sell your Cronana, you can do so without paying any fees! Your Cronana belongs to you, fully.

Traits and Rarities

Each Cronana is generated from over 100 different traits and rarities, giving you to chance to own a truly rare Cronana. After minting a Cronana, you can always view and download your Cronana, and inspect the traits. Make sure to share your traits with us in our Discord!

Join the growing community and get your Cronana 🍌

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