Cronos Cats Club

Cronos Cats are not only works of art, it is a utility-focused collection of PFP NFTs. NFTs from this collection will be used for staking, gaming and earnings. In total, the collection contains 5,000 unique NFTs for the minting of which Cronos Cats tokens are awarded.

Cronos Cats tokens are the main tokens of the platform and will be used in the upcoming DEX, NFT Marketplace and also be used to pay commissions for replenishing the prepaid VISA card of the Cronos Cat Club.

When minting NFT 10,000 Cronos Cats tokens are automatically transferred to the wallet. After minting on the Claim page, you can immediately claim cashback. The more NFTs you own, the more rewards you will receive. 15% СRO from each minting will be distributed among all NFT holders. The percentage that each NFT holder can receive is calculated based on the number of NFTs that you own.

After the collection is fully minted on the Claim page, you will be able to stake your NFTs to receive Cronos Cats tokens and we will also activate the Royalty feature.

50% of the funds raised from minting will be used to build CRO-CCT liquidity on DEX. There will also be a launchpad for Сronos Cats Tokens (CCT) and 100% of the funds raised from it will also be added to CRO-CCT liquidity on DEX.

Trading the СС tokens will be possible immediately after the end of the launchpad. Therefore, in a short time, we will announce our own DEX platform. The Cronos Cats Tokens smart-contract contains a limit of 500 million tokens. 50 million will be distributed as rewards to NFT owners. Another part of the tokens will be minted to form liquidity in the DEX and launchpad. The rest of the tokens can be obtained using farming, staking and pools.

The NFT collection will be added to the NFT marketplace to increase trading opportunities. The project team will be doxxed and by the time the prepaid VISA card of our club is launched, platform users will be able to be absolutely confident in our team.

We are building a platform where by owning Cronos Cats NFT users will be able to receive regular rewards on an equal footing with regular trading.

At the moment, you can mint your Cronos Сats on our website and receive 15% cashback and 10 000 Cronos Cats tokens for each mint. After the collection is fully minted, you will be able to increase your rewards.

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