Cronos Monkey Business

1000 Cronos Monkey Business soon available on Cronos, Be ready!


We had been thinking for a while about a project that would be different from most NFTs,

Then one day we had an idea :

Why not create our universe?

This is what we decided to do, so our future vision is to create this world around the Cronos Monkey Business, with different roles that some CMB will have.

Of course, this will be the beginning of our adventure on Cronos, because we want to push the spirit of this universe much further, and so we have prepared a scenario with different themes, including territorial wars, gang wars, planetary invasions and more.

So we decided to create a separate roadmap in two parts, and before everything else, we will focus on the first one: The Genesis.

This collection will focus on the apes living on the planet Simos in the year 2222.

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