Why should one invest in Crotanuki?
1) A different project from those currently in circulation in that it is the first that has the profit behind the game as the center of its activity. (all nationalities can participate in these games as it is not necessary to know the English language).
2) The earnings compared to the investment are much higher as by purchasing a simple nft with a current value of $3 you could get $30 simply by winning a game.
3) We have a broad view of our roadmap and the importance of our NFTs. To counteract the decay of 1st gen we have inserted a utility for those who, at the exit of 2nd gen, hold both.
4) Before simple earnings, solid foundations are needed. We firmly believe that first of all we need to build a self-sustainable project. For this reason we have decided that from the sale of the 1st gen the team will use the entire sum for collaboration and to create daily income.
5) We are a project that is willing to participate in all the events that will be undertaken by crofam projects.
6) Half of the royalties will go to the holders.
7) We will introduce the possibility for crotanuki holders to sell their nft without going through secondary markets through games and not the usual lotteries. This will allow sellers to earn by putting the simple floor price on the royalite percentage.

This is Crotanuki. A project that has a long vision and intends to grow in the cronos chain

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