Crowboys Online

The first Western NFT-Metaverse Game-Fi on Cronos!

Crowboys - The low poly West World - first Western Metaverse NFT Game-Fi. 🏜️ 🤠 🎮

The low poly West World focusing on Community and Utility!
Earn by playing a blockchain video game! Western theme, Metaverse, NFT, Game-Fi, First Person Shooter, Multi Token System.
Join Crowboys now, THE FUTURE IS WILD!

Brief intro:
Project consists of following main aspects:


Multi-token system, with two tokens $Wild (governance, dex) and $West(in-game)


Genesis, Avatars, Weapons, Horses, Properties, Wearables, and more, all 3D models importable into the game with their own utilities!


For NFT holders as a community WestCity World between competitive gaming (with many events like robbing the bank, possibilities and interactions like gun duels)

FPS game

PC and Mobile low poly western themed first person shooter game. Free to play in casual mode, to fight in the Top Wanted ranking and grab the bounty in competitive mode, players need their NFT equipment and $West deposits. We want to bring regular players into the blockchain world and encourage them to step into our Metaverse where they can earn by competing and having fun,

Community events

We know that community is the most important thing when developing a project. That's why we want to provide as many features and events for the community as possible! Play to earn even before the game!

The idea is to create easy to learn and hard to master game, giving the possibility to monetise your gaming skills, however still open for PC and Mobile users that are not yet involved in cryptocurrencies, and bring the block-chain beauty to them.

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