One of the newest and most attentive crypto currencies, CroX, is led by a team of developers and marketing professionals aiming to create the next charting system on the CRONOS network. Ideally, the team aims to create partnerships with other projects on the CRONOS network to use CroX Charting Platform to monitor the growth of their charts.

The CroX Team is a determined group of professionals that are ready to make changes. We know that financial and social capital are essential to be able to make our voices heard. We no longer settle for ways of life that do not fulfill us. CroX aims to allow for financial independence to gain control of our lives and make societal level changes for the better.

CroX will be constantly evolving and allow for real-time changes to happen. Today, if you are not adaptable you become stagnant. We promise to acclimate to whatever challenges present themselves.

While instant gratification continues to grow within the social dynamics, CroX is based on delayed gratification. The CroX Team knows that instant gratification does not lead to long term growth and does not allow for a steady rise to greatness; real progress takes time. We have witnessed many other tokens fall victim to the instant gratification effect; due to this, these tokens and charting systems do not last. The CroX team knows that long term growth allows for more natural evolution and better quality products. We are NOT a trend, but a movement.