Dr Boo's Ghosts


Desperate and unsure of how to survive without his people, he had resigned himself to the only way out that could bring them together forever. James had, on one of the small shelves in the lab, an assortment of very potent poisons, one of which was composed of several elements, from the ordinary to the most surprising: arsenic, marshmallow, snake venom, cyanide, licorice, phenol, caramel and sarin.

This speciality, which could be called a potion, was only administered in cases of extreme emergency. Dr. BOO used it to conduct experiments on certain animals and knew that the consequences could be dramatic on humans.

Dr. BOO never woke up. After his last breath, a first soul rose above his body and then, surprisingly, a second. This was followed by a third, fourth and fifth in a frantic rhythm, until no less than 2,111 specters were created in the laboratory of the family home.
The appearance of each of them turned out to be unique. Basic for one and remarkable for the other, Dr. BOO’s ghosts had not only taken up residence inside the mansion, but also, and more importantly, in every corner of Firewell!

Picture Gallery

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