Gaming Cro Cats

The first Gaming driven community on Cronos!

Gaming Cro Cats aims to create a space for players where players can be rewarded for their time spent playing while bringing extra benefits to our GCC NFT Holders. We plan on creating a community that likes to play games while rewarding both the best and most active players with frequent airdrops!

Gaming Cro Cats will become a hub for players, as well as the right place for new P2E & Web2 games to look for new enthusiastic players!

​Find & Hold Gold Traits to access unique Airdrops!

NFT Supply

  • ​1500 NFTs 
  • 250 CRO each
  • WL 190 CRO each;

65% of funds will be redirected to the development of the project and it's community events, prize pools and community incentives, kickstarting the Gaming Cro Cats Club Treasury!

20% Will be used for listings and marketing.

15% of funds will be used for small team allocation, to sustain and further develop the project & to ensure long term success.

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