5% Mint Royalty for holders

10% Market Royalty Fee : 5% for Top Traders (Sweep Contest), 5% for project promotion

A lot of Swap contests to get Inventorbots components collections. Get free mint for each: Background, Eyes, Mouth, Body, Head, Ears

Get a 1:1 free mint of the Jewelry 💎 Inventorbots components only for Inventorapes

For every 20 mints Inventorapes you will receive 1 x free mint next AI CrofamLadies collection

Top 15 holders will get Mythic (gif) Inventorapes

Top 100 holders receive an extra guaranteed drop of each 6 component

Take a mint at each stage and get or win Mythic Inventorapes -> check

Get the required Inventorbots components and build a Inventorbots that will be the most powerful NFT of the CrofamLadies / CrofamSpace ecosystem

Owner of Mythic Inventorapes has guaranteed 10 x free mint of Background, Eyes, Mouth, Body, Head, Ears components

More utility coming soon...

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