Pampered Pandas

The Pampered Pandas is a NFT collection of 8888 unique and fuzzy randomly generated Pandas living on the Cronos chain! The Pampered Pandas come in several colours and with their own distinctive style and personality! With 6 attributes and over 150+ traits you are guaranteed a unique Pampered Panda. This means you can mint a wide range of variety, from a rough Sailor Panda crossing the seven seas to a prestigious King Panda ruling over the bamboo forest.

With a Pampered Panda you will gain access to several benefits in the Pandaverse. For example: get access to The Bamboo Club, a digital environment where your Pampered Panda will be able to interact with other Pandas and where you can get first access to new NFT drops and whitelist opportunities for NFT collections of future partner projects.
Enter the lottery by just holding the Pampered Panda. Holders of at least 3 Pampered Pandas will gain exclusive access to the Pandaverse villain drop (limited supply). Another important benefit is staking: the Pampered Pandas will be able to be staked on Crodex in the future, passive income will be generated through secondary sales on their platform.
Last but not least: when the Pampered Pandas collection is completely minted, a total of $25.000. will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)! We chose this charity because the panda has been the logo since their founding in 1961. From then on the WWF have been committed to protecting the panda and its habitat.