Procyon Finance

Procyon Finance aims to provide fast, intuitive, secured, and highly efficient financial services.

Procyon AMM

  • Swap or Trade quickly and cheaply.
  • Earn yield from transaction fees and liquidity incentives.
  • Participate in the quality projects launchpad.

Procyon Yield Aggregator

  • Find the best possible exchange rates across all platforms.
  • Earn the highest ROI empowered by the auto-compounding program.

Procyon Stable Exchange

  • A new kind of AMM with lower slippage for stable tokens
  • Higher Scalability and Better User Experience

Procyon Algo Stable

  • Algorithmic price-stable association protocol that enables the creation of stable coins tied to real-world assets or cryptocurrency.

Procyon Lending

  • Earning passive yield and accessing instant-backed loans
  • Enhance your capital efficiency.