Rebel Punks - NFT Collection W/ Exclusive Gaming Ecosystem Access

The Rebel Punks is an artistically hand drawn collection, pioneering a new hybrid Gaming Ecosystem, the Metawarz Shooter.

A collection of 5000 algorithmically generated NFTs. The Rebel Punks is an art, utility focused and community driven NFT project. The collection is more than just collectibles, they carry endless possibilities and utilities. The art is derived from one faction of the Metawarz. Thus, they are the cornerstone of Metawarz Shooter ecosystem.

Each Rebel Punk is unique and exclusive based on 220+ traits. The objective is to build a greater inclusion, diverse and a strong community around a gaming ecosystem. A community that will contribute, help build and flourish with one of the most ambitious Play-To-Earn project, the Metawarz Shooter.

Metawarz Shooter is an immersive Cyberpunk themed First Person Shooter game with a unique gaming experience. A hybrid combination of both First-person shooter and Third-person shooter to bring the most optimized experience during the in-game play.

Metawarz Shooter is developing an entertaining and enjoyable First Person Shooter game. Building a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn game that is truly supreme and fun, with appealing gaming graphics, a story-driven game design, and an engaging game experience. Creating real value for Rebel Punk holders by creating robust utilities, and backing the Rebel Punks with a gaming ecosystem.

Your Rebel serves as a membership card, and grants you access to members-only benefits. Including but not limited to:

★ Mystery Box

★ Guaranteed $WARZ Token Private Sale Whitelist (Metawarz In-game currency)

★ Guaranteed Whitelist for all NFTs & In-Game Assets

★ Metawarz Shooter Close Beta-Test Access

★ In-Game Asset Lottery (Holders get a chance to win in-game assets)

★ Royalty Distribution

Remember some Punks are cool, some are novel but some are just legendary. So snatch them up, Play, Earn and Proudly lead the rebellious life forevermore.

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