Established on 5th of July 2022. Sumeriyen is the decentralized cryptonic asset of the sumeriyen ecosystem. It is the most trustworthy decentralized asset developed on more than 12+ popular blockchain networks, and some of them have the speed of finalizing a transaction in 3 seconds compared to other blockchain networks.

We're come up to provide a massive profit to our token holders, and buyers, and to do so, we'll develop:

Stable Coins
Sumeriyen NFTs
P2P DApp
Sumeriyen DEx
NFT Marketplace
Sumeriyen CEx
Sumeriyen Blockchain

and many other Apps, Games & DApps under the roof of the sumeriyen ecosystem. 10% profit from all the products and apps listed above goes to sumeriyen token liquidity until it reaches the supply of 24.4 million. Once the total supply reaches 24.4 million, a 10% profit of the sumeriyen ecosystem will be used to buy sumeriyen tokens. And both methods will massively increase the token price, which will immensely benefit our holders and buyers.

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