The Laboratory

The Laboratory aims to be a complete ecosystem on Cronos with NFT utility at the center of it all. The Crazy Scientists NFT will be our genesis collection. Holders of the Crazy Scientists will be able to access our ecosystem and provide the best value to our community through the following:

1. Our play to earn game Lab Verse, will allow players to login in with their scientist and play our turn-based RPG with opportunities to win in-game rewards

2. Launchpad. Projects will be able to apply through the Laboratory team to launch their cryptocurrency or NFT project through our platform. Projects will be vetted and if approved, have the opportunity to meet the Laboratory community.

3. The Laboratory plans to reward its holders with DeFi and Yield farm rewarding long term holders

4. The Laboratory is going to provide a platform for its users to swap through its automated market marker, allowing members to swap tokens via the Cronos Network.

Within the Laboratory, we have a distinct focus on community. The Laboratory is allocating resources to building its community, so we have a section in our Discord dedicated to our Cronos Research Group separate from our actual project. A place where members can trust and rely on others in finding opportunities both in crypto and NFTs.

Check out our Crazy Scientists via our website or post mint check our scientists on Ebisu's Bay

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