WAGMIT - A Secured Messaging and P2P Trading App powered by Cronos.

WAGMIT is a Blockchain messaging and OTC trading app that is decentralized and encrypted. In addition, WAGMIT offers an ecosystem that allows all crypto wallet owners to:

1. Communicate directly and anonymously with any other wallet owner globally via chat, phone, or video, based solely on their wallet addresses.

2. Use an integrated ESC (escrow smart contract) to trade crypto assets and NFTs on a peer-to- peer (P2P) basis.

3. Use a decentralized distributed node network to protect communications, file storage, and transactions against hacking and government censorship.

4. Use the WAG token to earn prizes for using the app and creating content (personalized channels and broadcasts) and pay for extra services and subscriptions.

5. Provide other platform users with premium content (lessons, seminars, influencer videos, etc.) on public channels in exchange for WAG token payments.

The WAGMIT solution offers a number of benefits to users:

Messaging Security - Complete end-to-end encryption, decentralized data complete anonymity,
transfers, and no moderators. Thanks to the node-to-node communication protocol, all user messages are saved on trusted nodes directly on our Cronos-based Blockchain network. In addition, users can sign up using only their wallet addresses validated by the node network, allowing them to remain completely anonymous.

Trading Flexibility – WAGMIT enables crypto owners to do something unprecedented: speak and trade with one another without needing to know each other or have each other's contact information on a contact list. This opens up a world of possibilities for transferring communications, information, and assets amongst previously unconnected people — a huge step toward promoting cryptocurrency adoption and providing market liquidity.

Website is coming soon. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

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