The Cronicle is a for-profit cryptocurrency media outlet focused primarily on the burgeoning Cronos Chain, providing industry news, real-time market data, project updates, project interviews (AMA’s), market research, upcoming events, press releases and much more.

Because The Cronicle has costs including technological (servers, platforms, licenses), manpower and expertise (journalism, market research), legal and accounting costs, business insurance, employee salaries and more, we offer advertising packages to our customers to cover our operational costs. Due to the nature of the labor involved with our work, we have a strict no refunds policy.

All applicable laws regarding disclosures and disclaimers for all paid content and affiliate marketing are always followed, and we always directly disclose the nature of the business being done on our website. The Cronicle has very stringent policies regarding screening all potential advertisers, however it is impossible to guarantee we catch all bad actors. Our policies are to not engage with advertisers that want to display content that could be harmful, could be a pump-and-dump, or offer guaranteed returns.

The Cronicle strongly encourages all of our readers to do extensive research whenever investing, and to always use caution when taking advice. When investing, it’s always recommended you seek a professional investment advisor before making any decisions.


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