The first CryptoShoujo NFT collection on Cronos, developed by Hibiki Finance, was fully minted in under 20 hours! In fact, 900 waifus were minted in the first hour. CryptoShoujo is the first PvE game on Cronos. Mint waifu NFTs and use them to battle to earn $HIBIKI! If you are confident in her strength, you can leverage up to 5x the prize pool!

How to Play

**Requirements to play is to own 1000 Hibiki and at least one Cryptoshoujo waifu to fight**

How to mint a CryptShoujo Waifu:

Go to and click mint NFT/View Collection, input how many NFT’s you’d like to mint!

How to fight:

  • Click ‘Fight PVE’ then connect your wallet. From the drop-down menu select your waifu and choose your fighting option.
  • Training does not increase stats, it’s purely to play test your waifu and test her winrate against other waifus
  • Fight for real will have you compete against another minted NFT waifu, 10 Hibiki per fight will be wagered.
  • With no leverage, only the 10 wagered hibiki will be gone after a loss.
  • If using leverage you will be betting the rewards of the battle itself not the starting 10 per fight. Some people have lost 1000+ Hibiki in this way, so be responsible and fight leverage with only your strongest waifus!

CryptoShoujo Battle

Minting a waifu will randomly generate a rarity, personality type, name, character stats and appearance which you can use in the P2E game. Below is the interface you’ll see.

Rarity Break

  • Rarity break prices will be as follow:
    • Common to uncommon 50 $HIBIKI
    • Uncommon to rare 100 $HIBIKI
    • Rare to epic 500 $HIBIKI
    • Epic to legendary 1250 $HIBIKI
    • Legendary to Mythic 5000 $HIBIKI

The other option, Serious fight, is participating in the P2E game. Every CryptoShoujo can fight once every eleven and half hours as long as you have energy.

You must hold at least 1,000 $HIBIKI to participate. If you lose the fight, you will lose 10 $HIBIKI. If you win the fight, you will win a prize according to the current prize pool size and the difficulty of the fight:

Type chart

Each girl has a different personality. This works as a typem where some are stronger or weaker against others in battles.


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