Buythedipnhodl from Pixel City dropped by to talk to kahoobb about the exciting stuff they have been working on.

If you would like more information about Pixel City, please visit their website at and their Twitter at

Kahoobb: Welcome everyone to our AMA with pixel city! @buythedipnhodl2021 are you ready to get started?

Buythedipnhodl: Hello everyone, yes and thank you for having me!

Kahoobb: Awesome, sounds good!  You are very welcome here! So can you please give a summary generalization of what pixel city is?

Buythedipnhodl: Pixel City is a collection of 1000 NFT’s living on the Cronos chain, the project is based out of Las Vegas. What that means is we are looking to bring a real world utility to our NFT by opening NFT Museum and NFT launchpad in Las Vegas and providing our holders with some of the most exclusive rewards that include revenue sharing, airdrops and much more.

Kahoobb: Wow amazing! Thank you for that introductory to pixel city.

Kahoobb: I have some questions for you about your project, are you ready to get started?

Buythedipnhodl: Yes I am looking forward to sharing more about Pixel City with this great community.

Kahoobb: Okay great.

Kahoobb: Please tell us about the NFT Launchpad that is in the works, how will it work and who will benefit from using it?

Buythedipnhodl: We are currently working on the launchpad and expect for it to go live next month. We believe the NFT launchpad will be one of our biggest revenue generators, it is going to work very similar to NFT launchpads already out, basically if you hold our NFT you will be able to mint any upcoming projects on our platform for a discounted price. The launchpad will benefit our holders as we will be sharing 50% of the revenue made, it will also benefit anyone looking to launch a project as we will be helping out with the smart contract and the try and make the process as easy as possible for creators.

Kahoobb: Amazing! It sounds like this Launchpad will benefit everyone involved. Investors and project owners alike. Sounds very interesting.

Buythedipnhodl: Yes a big goal is to make it so we all win with this project.

Kahoobb: I noticed you are creating an nft marketplace aswell, how will this differ from other cronos nft marketplaces?

Buythedipnhodl: The NFT marketplace is something we plan to open later on in the roadmap, it’s going to be a multichain marketplace which means we will support the leading NFT blockchains like Eth, Solana and CRO. We will aim to integrate the marketplace with our museum and make it possible to buy directly from the museum floor.

Kahoobb: Awesome! That is cool to hear it will be multichain, and buying directly from the museum floor sounds very interesting.

 Kahoobb: What utility does buying the Pixel City NFT bring for its holders?

Buythedipnhodl: Here at Pixel City we made it a mission to bring the most lucrative passive income available to the NFT world. We will be sharing 50% of the revenue made from our NFT museum and launchpad, free entry to the museum, airdrops and entry to holder only events. A good example is we are currently working on making a 3D Model of Pixel City and will airdrop them to anyone holding 2 or more of our Pixel City NFT’s.

Kahoobb: Wow that sounds like a ton of great benefits for pixel city nft holders! Very lucrative. I am super interested!

Buythedipnhodl: Yes we are very excited for the short and long term future of this project.

Kahoobb: So it says pixel city will be the first NFT Museum in Las Vegas Nevada, will this be an in person location or in the metaverse?

Buythedipnhodl: We are realistically aiming to open a real world museum by the end of this year or early next year. To give everyone here a better understanding we are going to rent a location and model the location similar to the Seattle NFT museum. A long term vision we have is to partner with local business and help them launch their NFT’s on our platform. We also plan to integrate our launchpad and marketplace with the museum and build an ecosystem that doesn’t rely on one source of revenue.

Kahoobb: Wow that is really exciting! That will be really cool to see when it opens.  Also building a bigger ecosystem within pixel city seems like it could definitely benefit its nft investors!

Buythedipnhodl: Yes we strongly believe the same and plan to reward all our early believers and supporters.

Kahoobb: Last question, On stage 2 of the roadmap, I am interested in hearing more about the staking platform, is there any info you can give to us about what that will be or how it will work?

Buythedipnhodl: Yes we have partnered with Crodex, which is a one of the leading decentralized exchanges on the Cronos chain and we will be using their NFT staking platform to share revenue with our holders which will go live once we finish minting. The way the staking will work is every week we will add funds to the pool and everyone that is staking will get their share of the rewards. We believe this will also benefit our holders because it will cause less NFT’s to be available in the marketplace as most of the supply will be locked up staking.

Kahoobb: Wow! Amazing. I love nfts with staking features so that will be really nice!

Kahoobb: Is there anything you would like to add before we open up the chat to community questions?

Kahoobb: Also please share your projects social medias here.

Buythedipnhodl: Yes just want to say thank you for having us and we appreciate the chance to speak on your platform and to your community members. Minting is live and we have currently sold 30% of the supply!

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