has made a lot of alterations to its Crypto Earn and card reward programs over the past three months. Speaking about the changes, we are not just talking about the positive additions but also the massive reduction in Crypto Earn rate and cashback rewards on cards. For instance, made changes to some selected stablecoins [USDC, USDT, AND DAI]. You will earn as low as 0.5 percent on some of your stablecoin stakes.

However, the recent situation around many of the projects in the DeFi ecosystem has left a question for many DeFi users. Is it better to find a way to survive the crypto market storm or risk it all? While many may not have the answer to this question now, you can bet to select one of the options at the end of this article.

The risk trend in the cryptocurrency ecosystem

It is no new news that the crypto market has experienced a sharp fall over the past few months. This has resulted in panic for both investors and developers. However, just as when the news around crypto was its high volatility, the best of the projects always find a way to survive. Thousands of new projects are launched daily across different crypto networks; the hard fact is many don’t find their feet and fail almost instantly.

A quick recap of the Celsius situation

The same is happening with the current crypto bearish market. Just weeks ago, we did a post on how one of the supposed reliable DeFi platforms, Celsius, restricted all of its payment gateways. Celsius worked with the major aim to excel over traditional banks and build on its flaws. To build a users-first-oriented platform, Celsius offered a high yield on stakes and generated more income to balance payouts through the growth of its native token.

Just like every investment, the higher the ROI,  the greater the risk. While the celsius ecosystem managed to keep its customers happy for some time during the bullish market, the sharp market decline and panic from different crypto investors have changed the narrative. Weeks after Celsius blocked all transactions on its platform, it filed for bankruptcy.

Voyager follows the Celsius trend

Just weeks before the crypto world could digest the fall of Celsius, another crypto platform filed for bankruptcy. A few days ago, Voyager digital filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Voyager digital isn’t categorized as a DeFi platform, it is a trading platform that helps its user to execute trades across different brokers. Voyager digital offers its users monthly interest payments for keeping minimal cryptocurrency amounts.

According to a release by the platform, users with USD in their accounts will have access to their funds after the reconciliation. For users with crypto, other arrangements are being made to cover up their assets.

How does’s decision come into play?

This has left users that have complained about the modifications to the earn rate recently to choose between survival or following a risk approach. The first responsibility of every crypto platform is the security of users’ funds. If a crypto exchange fails to fulfill this responsibility then, most crypto investors on the platform stand a risk to lose their funds.

While’s decision will certainly have hit every user of crypto earn and card cashback rewards hard, it looks like a desperate measure that must be taken to balance the books. has chosen the survival approach in this situation. To make up for the reductions, has added more products and services to make up for the reduction in earning rates and cashback. There is more stablecoin on crypto earn, over 30 more tokens are now available for recurring buy, you can use the DCA tool to smoothen your trading experience and loads of other products and services to explore on the app and DeFi.

Will there be other modifications to earn rewards and cashback? No one can say for certain. But a bullish run might help set things back to an acceptable rate. To check out other options that can help you build your crypto portfolio, follow our posts.

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